Bank Blog: Last Recruiting Weekend

We are down to the final hours of 2014 recruiting and National Signing Day is only days away, so how is Ohio State approaching the final visit weekend? How will they look to finish?

Ohio State is still working hard to close out the 2014 recruiting class, and while this is not going to be a finish that rivals the past two classes under Urban Meyer, there is still a lot to watch for over the next few days.

- The Jamarco Jones saga is interesting for sure, and not because Ohio State could potentially lose him, but because of how this one is trending. We have STILL yet to hear from the player that he will visit Michigan State this weekend, and that remains telling to me. Two questions pop up for me in all of this? Why have we not heard from Jamarco? Why is EVERYONE so positive he IS visiting MSU?

- Obviously, Jamarco Jones could end all of this by just saying "I'm not taking any visits", but where did this visit info come from, if not from him directly? I have a few thoughts on this, but they are irrelevant at this point in time. Only one question remains for me: Will Jones visit Michigan State? With Ohio State, and Ed Warriner primarily, speaking to Jones today, I'm guessing we will learn a lot more in the next 24 hours, including where things stand with the potential visit.

- The bottom line on Jones? If there's no visit, then there's been no story all week long, and the Buckeyes end up with one heck of an O-line haul. If he does visit, that DOES NOT mean he's off to play football at Michigan State, but it definitely will be cause for concern. By Friday morning things should be a lot clearer than they are now. Make no mistake, Ohio State needs to keep Jamarco Jones in the fold. I'm not seeing Chukwuma Okorafor as a viable option as a replacement for Jones at this time. If Ohio State gets bad vibes from Jones today, maybe they look for that fifth lineman. They DO NOT want to consider that option.

- The Malik McDowell story is just as fascinating as the Jamarco Jones deal, but in a different way. McDowell has been a big-time recruit for over two years now, and he STILL does not know where he's going to attend college. That's crazy, and I TRULY believe he is undecided. Parents want him at Michigan. Player wants to be at Michigan State. Mom won't sign off on Ohio State or Michigan State. Dad does not want Michigan State, but might sign off on Ohio State. Maybe the player runs off to Florida State to escape the drama?

- Why visit Ohio State for the final official visit? Why? There has to be a reason, but other than the dad and player TRULY considering the Buckeyes I'm not seeing it. I have to believe if Ohio State can sell the player and the dad, then they go back and convince mom that her baby needs to spend the next four years in Columbus. DO NOT count out Larry Johnson showing people why Urban Meyer hired him in this one. Do I expect McDowell to be a Buckeye? Not really, but I do not think this is all that far fetched.

- The other defensive line option was Derrick Nnadi, and he has not spoken to the press about his trip to Ohio State. No problem there, because he is not signing with Ohio State anyway.

- The forgotten man this weekend would be David Njoku, and if that visit indeed takes place I have him in this class. Marcus Baugh has pretty much convinced Ohio State that they need another tight end, and even though Njoku is not really a tight end, they have to take one. They could not convince Mike Gesicki to reconsider, so if they bring in Njoku, and that is not confirmed, it will be to add a body now and go recruit two big time tight ends in the class of 2015. If Ohio State does not cancel the visit and they do bring in David Njoku it will be because he is a taker. Not sure that's been decided at this point.

BIGGEST RECRUIT LEFT? It is definitely Jamarco Jones, and if they secure him the class is a huge success, even if they don't sign one more player. Offensive line and quarterback were two pressing needs in this class, and losing Jones would drop Ohio State to just "OK" in both categories for 2014. Keeping Jones would mean O-line recruiting was a success. Jamarco Jones swings the rating from above average to highly successful. He's THAT important to this class.

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