OSU Instant Impact: Dante Booker

Another of the members of the Ohio State 2014 recruiting class has faxed his letter of intent to the Buckeye coaching staff. Dante Booker is officially a Buckeye.

Dante Booker

SCHOOL: Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary

SIZE: 6-foot-3, 220-pounds

POSITION: Linebacker


POSITION RANKING: Number-four outside linebacker

SCOUTING REPORT: Dante Booker aces the look test like no other linebacker commit the past few classes, with the exception of Mike Mitchell. The size/speed/athleticism is at the top of the charts. I envision him playing outside linebacker, more than likely the WIL spot in the Buckeye defense. His strength would be the ability to come forward in a hurry, so he could be the blitzer that fills the role of Ryan Shazier in that defense. I haven't seen too much of Booker in pass coverage, but he has every trait needed to succeed in that area. Booker could factor on special teams right off the bat if needed, or take a redshirt year and learn the system. Regardless, he is a player that is talented enough to be on the field early if Luke Fickell wants that.

WHY Ohio State: His relationship with linebacker's coach Luke Fickell played a big part in Booker choosing Ohio State over Notre Dame last summer.

"We have a great relationship and I respect him a lot," he explained. "He tells I have a chance to play next year if I come in and work hard, and I like that he's not promising me anything. I'm going to try to be in the rotation, but if I have to redshirt I would be alright with that."

"Coach Fickell was one of the reasons I chose Ohio State, and I think a lot of him as a coach, so I trust what he says," Booker continued. "I know if I earn the right to be on the field next year he's going to play me. There were other reasons for me choosing Ohio State, and another big one was just the fact that it always felt like home to me."

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