Emerging junior linebacker in Ohio

Dublin (OH) Scioto junior linebacker Nick Conner is a top 10 player in Ohio but could continue to climb up the rankings. He won the linebacker award at the Best of the Midwest combine and is hearing from plenty of top programs.

Dublin (OH) Scioto linebacker Nick Conner put together a strong case yesterday to be considered the top linebacker in Ohio for the 2015 class. Conner deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as other top prospects Justin Hilliard and Jerome Baker.

Conner showed good quickness, excellent explosion, range, and the size and speed combination that many look for in a middle linebacker. He should be a national recruit before it is all said and done, as other big-time offers will be coming his way.

The four-star was recently on the Ohio State campus and discussed the details of the trip.

"I just walked in with Coach Meyer into his office," he said. "We all sat down with my family. We got to know each other. He said I had a great family and I know he does too. He'd love to see me again on campus and working on football so he can see me personally. Coach Meyer said that he would like to see me improve my speed and my footwork. He thinks those aspects of my game can be worked on."

"I also met with Coach Fickell," he added. "He's a great guy and wants to continue to build the relationship with me and my family. He'll continue to recruit me and he wants me to perform at camp. They all want to see me at camp to determine if they want to offer."

Conner performed in front of the Ohio State staff at the Friday Night Lights camp in July as well.

Another visit to campus is planned for next month.

"I'm going back to visit Ohio State for a practice in March," Conner mentioned. "Coach Meyer wants me to come and walk around with him and Coach Fickell so we can continue to get to know each other."

Another school under consideration that has yet to offer Conner is the Spartans.

"I'm also looking at Michigan State and hoping for that offer," he told Scout. "They are a really good Big Ten team. It's a close school that my family wouldn't have a problem with me going to. I'd like to get to know the school a little more. I'll be visiting them soon."

"Last season stood out to me," he continued about Michigan state. "Everyone knows that they're known for defense and that appeals to me."

The program pursuing Conner the hardest is Kentucky under the guidance of assistant coach Vince Marrow.

"Kentucky is the school I've visited the most," he admitted. "They're recruiting me the hardest out of everyone. I have a great relationship with Coach Marrow and he wants me pretty badly. I've also been hearing more from Indiana recently. I'm keeping my options open though. I don't have a preferable time I want to decide. It will depend on what happens and what is best for me."

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