Whispers: Next Level Nation Combine

HYATTSVILLE, Md. -- Over 100 local recruits showed out and performed at the offseason's first major combine March 9 at the Soccer Dome in Prince George's County. Several of those prospects are prime Terps targets, while others are squarely on the radar.

HYATTSVILLE, Md. -- Over 100 local recruits showed out and performed at the offseason's first major combine March 9 at the Soccer Dome in Prince George's County. Several of those prospects are prime Terps targets, while others are squarely on the radar.

We caught up with a few of them during the combine. Check out what they had to say below:

Adam McLean, DT, Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, Md.): My most recent visits were to Penn State and South Carolina. I like Penn State. The new coaching staff is good for that program, and Coach [James] Franklin is really energetic. I got a great vibe there. And South Carolina, they treat their players very well and it's a football town…. I don't have any upcoming visits right now. I want to concentrate on school for this marking period and then in the fourth marking period I'll start up again. On March 20 I think I'm getting up to Notre Dame, but that's all I know right now… In the summer, I know I'm doing a big bus tour with [elite recruits] Tim Settle, Matthew Burrell, Marcus Lewis, Darius Fullwood and a couple others. We're starting in the South and we're working our way up. We're seeing Florida State, Miami, Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas A&M, schools like that… Alabama, Florida, Michigan State, Ohio State, they're in my head right now. I have a budding relationship with the coaches; Alabama, I've been building with them since they offered; Michigan State they've been on me since my sophomore year; and Ohio State they're been in touch a lot too. I haven't talked to FSU as much as I'd like to, but I know those guys and [FSU nose tackle] Eddie Goldman is my guy … I was just at Maryland for the Syracuse game, but I plan to get back for a spring practice … Maryland, it's a school that's picked up a little bit. I really enjoyed the visit for the Syracuse game and the one-on-one time I got with the coaches. I really enjoyed that, you know. And talking to Stefon Diggs, Wes Brown, all those guys, it was real good. They were giving me the real deal, and they said nothing is going to change there if the hometown guys don't stay. So it put a thought in my head, but we'll see… I'm looking to make my decision early next season. I think I'll know by late summer or early fall where I want to go. I might still need to take officials after that, but I think I'll have a pretty good idea in the next few months.

Dionte Austin, CB, Calvert Hall (Towson, Md.): I might be getting close to a Syracuse offer; they've been hitting me up on Facebook a lot… I have a top five right now of Maryland, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Indiana and Georgia Tech. It's possibly others could get in there, but I'm satisfied with those five. I'm not looking for anymore offers or anything like that… I just added Wake and Pitt to my list. Wake, I just went down there for their junior day and they offered me. I really liked what I saw and what the coaches had to tell me, so that's why they're one of my tops. And with Pitt, the coach got back in touch with me and they're showing more interest again, so they're back on the list… I'm hopefully going back down to Wake Forest soon, and probably Georgia Tech too. … Maryland is very high because when I went down there and talked to their coaches I really liked what they had to say. They're coming up with some nice things in the next couple years with the new facilities, the Big Ten move and all that. I really like what I'm hearing from them…. It also means a lot that at Maryland I could play early, which is something I really want to do. I know they played a freshman at corner last year, so I know I'll have the opportunity. … Maryland also has really nice uniforms and my family wants me to stay home, so that means something to me too… I was just at Maryland for their junior day and I'm talking to the coaches about getting back for a practice. … I'm looking to commit before my senior season. I might wait it out, but ideally I'd like to have my mind made up early.

Quarvez Boulware, OL, Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.): My latest offer was from Boston College, and that's 13 now. Wake Forest and Auburn were in recently too…. I've got a visit to Wake Forest on [March] 29. I'm not sure about any others, but I'll probably see some other places too. … I was at Maryland for the basketball game [against Syracuse] and had a real good time as always. Then I was there again last Monday, and I talked to Coach [Mike] Locksley for a little bit. He's just saying the same things to me, how they want me there and how the hometown guys need to stay local…. I'm going back to Maryland for the spring game. I might get to a spring practice too. … I don't have any leaders at this point. I have to see some other schools first… I don't plan on deciding [on a school] until after my senior year, maybe on Signing Day.

David Robbins, OG, Glenelg (Md.): I have a few visits lined up in the near future. Florida State, Auburn and Alabama will be part of a five-day weekend and I'll hit them one after the other. Then I'm seeing Ohio State soon after that on a separate trip… So far I've visited Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers, NC State and Virginia…. Georgia really caught my eye. I really felt a sense of community there, and Athens is a very nice town. I'm going back down there for a camp, so hopefully I'll get the offer then… I've been talking to Wake Forest, Maryland and Kentucky a lot right now. Boston College also got in touch recently… I have [firm] offers from Kentucky, Illinois, Cal, Maryland and Wake Forest. … Right now I'm keeping all my options open. I don't have any favorites or anything. … I'm really looking for a school with a community atmosphere and a place with energetic coaches. Just a place where the coaches are into it and are really dedicated…. Maryland, I was up there for the junior day and the first spring practice, and I'll probably get back for the spring game. I like what they have to offer there. Coach [Greg] Studrawa, the way he works with the line, I could learn a lot from him. He'd be a great guy to play for. It was cool watching how the O-line worked and just Coach Stud's style of teaching… Also, Coach [Keith] Dudzinski, who recruits me, is a really nice guy. I actually played against his son who is at Reservoir, and that was kind of cool… Staying home, I've thought about that. It would be nice for my mom and dad to come to games. But at the same time, I'd like to get out and experience different things too. I haven't completely decided [on whether he wants to stay local or not] yet. …. I'm not sure when I want to decide [on a college]. I'm thinking I'll trim my list in the summer and then see where I am after that. I'm not in a rush.

Patrick Allen, OT, Franklin (Reisterstown, Md.): My most recent visits were West Virginia a couple weeks ago and then Maryland. I might possibly get to Ohio State, and that should be set once my coach finalizes everything. I'm trying to get to Tennessee and Florida State after that… Florida State and Ohio State are like the top two going at it in my head. Those are two great programs, and I'm trying to pick out the pros and cons of each one. FSU is like family down there, and the coaches are great. And Ohio State, I love the tradition there, Coach [Urban] Meyer and just how that program is … I'm looking to get some interest from some Midwest schools and West schools like USC -- I want to visit them – and I want to get to Georgia possibly. The thing with Georgia is they have a lot of linemen there, and I do want to be able to play when I go to college. I'm not sure I'd get much time there… West Virginia, their new O-line coach seemed really cool, and I enjoyed myself when I visited. I'd like to get back… Maryland, they tell me they have a lot of interest in me, but they want to see something more. To me, that's motivation to get better and I respect them. When I first met Coach [Randy] Edsall he was truthful with me, and I liked that about him. … I most likely have to go to a camp to get the Maryland offer. My coach said our whole team should be going, so I should be up there and hopefully I'll get [the scholarship] after that…. If Maryland offered I'd look at them. It would be helpful to my family if I went there. We're always uprooting and moving, and it would be good to stay around. I want to be close to my mom, and if my mom stays around here, I'd like to be around here too. I want to make her proud and for her to see me play.

Kareem McDonald, LB, Wilson (Washington, D.C.): I'm a huge Terps guy; I've been liking Maryland for a long time. I love all the coaches there, the school is great, the program is great. I have a lot of friends there like Yannick Ngakoue, Cavon Carter and Jermaine Carter. It's just like a family there and I'd love to be part of it… I don't know if I'd commit to Maryland on the spot, but they definitely have the inside edge…. Coach [Mike] Locksley tells me to keep working hard and the offer could be there. They want me to come to a camp and perform, and hopefully I'll get the offer after that. I know they like me as a hybrid guy, like a standup end who can rush the passer and also play some coverage… I have one offer from Toledo, and Nebraska, Michigan State, Clemson, Maryland, Kentucky, ODU and Temple are in touch. I think Temple and ODU might offer next …. I've been to NC State and Maryland, and I have Temple this weekend and ODU next weekend. I'm getting out to Arizona in the summer too.

Lawrence Cager, WR, Calvert Hall: Toledo, Oregon State and ODU have offered, and I'm close to getting Wake Forest. I went to Wake with my teammates, and I'm feeling good about them. … Oregon State, I got that one when me, Rahshaun Smith and Juantez McRae went out for a camp last year, and the coaches said they wanted us in their program. I'm interested in them, but it's so far away I'm not sure I'd want to go out there… Wake, Missouri, Michigan State, Pitt and Ohio State have talked to me. I think Wake will come in next, and then after that Pitt is in touch the most… I've got a Pitt visit coming up. I've already been to Wake Forest, Oregon State, Toledo and Ohio State… Maryland has said a little bit to me but nothing major. I haven't really talked to Coach [Keith] Dudzinski since the 7-on-7 last summer…. If Maryland got involved they'd be right up there. They're moving into a great conference, it's the hometown school, and as you can see, I'm wearing a Terps hat (laughs). I'm a fan… [Maryland might not have offered yet] because I didn't produce much last year. I had a concussion and that knocked me out. Also, I'm running a 4.6 [40-yard dash], so they may question my speed. … I could probably play tight end in college because of my height. I wouldn't mind playing that position. As long as I have a chance, I don't care what position I play.

Eric Assoua, OLB, St. John's (Washington, D.C.): With the recruiting stuff, I have the two offers from Western Michigan and Toledo… I'm working on my third one from Rutgers, but Virginia Tech is keeping an eye on me, Penn State is keeping an eye on me, Maryland is keeping an eye on me. … But Rutgers is showing the most interest right now, and I'm going back up there on [March 29] for their junior day … Rutgers is the main school standing out right now because they're showing the most love. Chop Nation, they're on my Twitter all the time showing a whole lot of love. I really want to get up there… As far as other visits, I'm planning on going up to Western Michigan for a spring practice since they offered, and I'll get up to Toledo too. I also want to get to Penn State for a camp and see what they're about. … With Maryland [Mike Locksley] hasn't talked to me yet, but he talks to my coaches, so I hear everything through them. I know Maryland wants me back up there soon to look at the facilities, see the school again and just take in the environment. I was just up there for the junior day and got to see everything, try on the jerseys, stuff like that. I really like it up there… I'll probably be back up at Maryland for a spring practice. You know, my coach went there, my teammate Will Ulmer is going there, so I'll be there for some games and spring practices… If Maryland offered, it would be big for me. It's right down the street, close to home, and my parents could see whatever game they want. It's kind of nice… They're recruiting me as an outside linebacker like everyone else, and that's what I plan on playing in college.

Devin Phelps, WR, St. Frances (Baltimore, Md.): I have firm offers from Maryland and West Virginia…. WVU offered me at their camp last year and they've just been talking to me about grades and things like that… Maryland has been in touch the most, both Coach [Andre] Powell and Coach [Mike] Locksley. They're just saying keep my grades up, stay in touch and they like me. … I think Maryland is a good school, and they stress academics and sports. I'm really considering Maryland. They've produced good receivers, they have good coaches and they get their guys ready … I was at Maryland for the Syracuse [football] game and I plan on being at the spring game in April… I grew up a Florida fan. They're No. 1, but that's a tough one [to get offered by]…. I get a lot of letters from schools, but only Maryland and WVU have really been talking to me. I'm going to some camps, though, so I should see things pick up.

Juantez McRae, ATH, Calvert Hall (2016): I actually just reclassified to 2016 because I feel like I need another year to get ready for college and prepare myself mentally. I'm also transferring to St. Frances after this school year, so that will be a change for me…. I just got a new offer from ODU, and Marshall and Boston College came in too. So that makes 12 offers for me. I also have Oregon State, NC State, Miami, Cincinnati, Illinois, Georgia Tech and a few others are on the table. … Pitt has been talking to me a lot, and Penn State has said a little bit to me… I'm not sure where every school stands with me now that I'm reclassifying, but I'm not really worried about it. I'm going to work hard, do what I do, and the recruiting will be fine…. I like Oregon State and NC State [in terms of schools that have offered], but now that I'm in 2016 I have a lot of time to think about all that. I don't have any favorites right now… Maryland has invited me to junior days and visits, things like that. I haven't been able to make it out though with school, SATs, and other things going on… If Maryland did offer I'd be interested. Everybody is an option right now, so Maryland would be there with everyone else… I like Maryland. They're going to the Big Ten and that's great competition. I really like Stefon Diggs, some of the players there, and just the school in general… I visited NC State recently, and this summer I'll go to a bunch of colleges. I don't really know where yet, but I'll hit a few places.

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