DY And Bank: OSU Recruiting Offense

Although early recruiting has been mostly issuing camp invitation offers and setting the table for spring visits, Ohio State's 2015 class is starting to take shape. Who are the contenders, and who are the pretenders? Derek Young and Bill Greene take look at Ohio State's early recruiting effort.

Ohio State has three early commits in their 2015 recruiting class, and there are several candidates at each position group.

This is absolutely not an attempt to predict the 2015 class, which would be foolishly impossible at this time, but rather a current snapshot at each position group.

Let's take a look at the offensive side of the football in this article:

QUARTERBACK: 1 or 2 Every quarterback in the country knows Ohio State is recruiting Torrance Gibson hard, including Brandon Wimbush. I think Gibson's recruitment goes on a long time. Wimbush told me Ohio State is recruiting him the hardest, so they're trying to get a quarterback locked up right now. He knows about Gibson, but Ohio State is getting him to visit supposedly. Penn State has done great with him, but if he visits Ohio State he must not be worried about Gibson, and not be a lock to James Franklin. The visit in two weeks is the key for Wimbush. - Young

I know Torrance Gibson will not be affected by a Brandon Wimbush commit to Ohio State, so those are separate issues altogether. The Gibson recruitment has now started, and the unofficial visits were the official beginning. Several southern schools have fired the first shots, and Ohio State will look to get Gibson on campus this summer. Just as the potential Wimbush visit is huge, so would a Gibson summer trip. If it occurs, Ohio State moves back up near the top. Without one, things get really tougher to land Torrance Gibson. - Greene

RUNNINGBACK: 1 Runningback this year could be like quarterback was last year, but there are still options available. This could be a domino factor with Damien Harris, Mike Weber and L.J. Scott. If Scott commits to Michigan State soon, that could push Weber to Michigan, which would leave Ohio State fighting for Harris. His recruitment has him looking harder at SEC schools right now, so this will be interesting to watch. Don't rule out Jordan Cronkrite, but I'm not too sure they would take him today, but they might. - Young

I think it could be three runningbacks for three schools also, but the one I feel strongest about would be L.J. Scott to Michigan State, although I do not think it's a done deal yet at all. If Scott and Weber commit soon, that would leave the third school in a fight for their lives with Harris, to not get shut out completely on the top backs. I can see Scott to Michigan State, Weber to Michigan, and Ohio State battling, but landing, Damien Harris. - Greene

WIDE RECEIVER: 3 If Van Jefferson would get back to Ohio State soon, you think he might finally commit. I believe he is a taker for them. Christian Kirk is being sought by everyone, and the California schools have big-time quarterbacks committed. That will be tough, but they have a chance. There are still guys out there they can get in on, so it is still really early. - Young

They probably aren't getting Brian Cole, and I would have Ohio State third behind Michigan and Michigan State. David Dowell has visited, but was not offered. I do not see Devante Peete in the class, and I think they can get better. I also think the wide receiver position is deep across the country, and more names will emerge. - Greene

TIGHT END: 2 I think Hale Hentges is probably IN, but Michigan has given him something to think about. Chris Clark will visit this month as well, but I think Hentges is their guy. They won't get both guys, so I'm going with Hentges at Ohio State. - Young

Things will clarify soon, with Hentges and Clark having completed Ohio State visits, and I think that will put C.J. Conrad on the clock. I do not see Clark at Ohio State, but also think they land Hentges. They want two, and Conrad would be a great #2 option. - Greene

OFFENSIVE LINE: 4 I like Drew Richmond, and I think they're in good shape with Patrick Allen, but he has a Florida State visit coming and that concerns me. I like Austin Clark a lot too, and think he is better than people think. James Daniels is right there for Ohio State. I also really like Matthew Burrell a lot, and they have a good shot at him too. - Young

I think Drew Richmond, Patrick Allen, James Daniels are all close to being Buckeyes, in that order too. They are chasing others that can play, so I see them taking four in a very strong group. Daniels visiting with his dad for the spring game is huge, and maybe papa feels the magic of being a former player, which trickles down to James. Not worried about O-line recruiting at all at this point in time. - Greene

FINAL THOUGHT OFFENSE: Still think it's too soon to start identifying all the targets at this point in time. The spring evaluation period starts in another week, and prospects will pop up as the coaching staff hits the road across the country watching these players.

Quarterback is always going to be fun to watch with Gibson bringing the Terrelle Pryor circus atmosphere back to the position. Runningback is also interesting to watch, and L.J. Scott committing to Michigan State soon could set off a chain reaction.

Wide receiver seems like a mixed bag right now, and I see new names showing up at that group over the next few months. I like where offensive line recruiting is right now, and see no worries there at all. Want to see things end with C.J. Conrad getting the Ohio State offer, because he is good enough and he wants it very badly.- Greene.

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