Grant Wins Spring Game Race

Doran Grant edged out James Clark and Ohio State student Malcolm Branson to win the finals of the fastest Buckeye competition at the Ohio State spring game Saturday.

Ohio State senior cornerback Doran Grant took advantage of a second opportunity to beat Ohio State student Malcolm Branson after the initial race was called a tie. James Clark also raced in the final.

"I knew I was catching up to everyone," Branson said. "I started slow, but I knew it was catching up to Doran. By the time I caught him it was too late. It is what it is."

Although he didn't play in the spring game, Grant made the most of his opportunity today by picking up the victory.

"Yeah, that was fun," he said. "Racing against the students and having the team there and having the whole stadium watching, that was a lot of fun."

He punctuated his triumph with a back flip celebration near midfield.

"I was juiced up, so I said, ‘Yeah, I'm gonna go for it,'" Grant said.


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