DY And Bank: OSU Recruiting Offense

The spring game has concluded and even though Ohio State did not land any commitments, the groundwork has been laid to add recruits down the road. Where do things with recruiting on the offensive side of the ball? Derek Young and Bill Greene take a look.

Ohio State has two early commits in their 2015 recruiting class, and there are several candidates at each position group.

This is absolutely not an attempt to predict the 2015 class, which would be foolishly impossible at this time, but rather a current snapshot at each position group.

Let's take a look at the offensive side of the football in this article:

QUARTERBACK: Things seem to change almost daily with Brandon Wimbush, and I think it goes to Torrance Gibson. I think down deep he wants to be at Ohio State, but the Gibson thing creates a lot of doubt. If he visits soon, I think they can land him and I think they want him in the class. - Young.

Torrance Gibson is still the Man for Ohio State, and the next 6-8 weeks are going to tell us a LOT about his recruitment. I still believe the summer visit takes place, and that's the next thing to watch. With a summer visit, I would probably shoot Ohio State up to clear favorite. Without that visit they're still in the game, but it will get a lot tougher to land him. - Greene.

RUNNINGBACK: Things seem to be trending Ohio State's way with Damien Harris, and the spring game visit was huge for the Buckeyes. I think he will want to stay close to home, which helps Ohio State a lot. I can see Mike Weber trending to Michigan. - Young.

I have L.J. Scott as close to a lock for Michigan State as can be. He will be back there this coming weekend for yet another unofficial visit, although I don't think he will be committing. I think Ohio State has about six weeks to make their case with Scott, and I'm not optimistic at all. For Damien Harris? They rarely go back to the original school after the de-commit, so I do not see him at Michigan at all. - Greene.

WIDE RECEIVER: I believe Van Jefferson is as near a commit as possible, and I think he's a really good player. The next visit to Ohio State should result in a commitment, I'm guessing. I'm not real sure much has changed with any other wideouts in the past week or so. - Young.

They need a bigger, outside receiver and Jefferson fills the bill. Still have Lakewood St. Edward wide receiver Alex Stump as a Buckeye possibility with a strong camp, and he could be the best wideout in the state. The Eric Glover-Williams situation still could go either way, so it's too soon to say what happens with his spot. - Greene.

TIGHT END: This position changes weekly, so it's really tough to pin down at this point. I still think they can land Hale Hentges, but that's more of a battle now. Look out for Florida State and Alabama for Hentges. Chris Clark is a real wild card, and he says Ohio State and Michigan are his top two, but he says that all the time about every school. Jackson Harris is a taker, but I don't see them getting him. - Young.

I know things look bad for C.J. Conrad and Ohio State, but if they lose out on their top guys I'm not positive that relationship can't be salvaged. The offer to Miles Boykin certainly damaged the trust factor with Ohio State, but I've seen people kiss and make up before. Maybe this class ends up being Clark/Hentges and then Boykin/Conrad? - Greene.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Things are going really well at this position group, and they are set to have another top haul here. Sterling Jenkins is down to Ohio State and Penn State, but I still see the Nittany Lions landing him. Matthew Burrell recently visited and loved Ohio State, so that one looks good. Drew Richmond is still right there for Ohio State. Patrick Allen might be trending toward Florida State, but Austin Clark is a player they can get for sure. Clark is in the top three for sure. - Young.

In-state, James Daniels is a battle, but I still think it's winnable fight. At the end of the day, I think Auburn could be too far distance-wise. Then it comes down to beating Iowa, and older brother LeShun Daniels is a freshman there. I would favor Ohio State for Daniels, but it's no lock by any means. I also have Drew Richmond as a Buckeye. - Greene.

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