DY And Bank: OSU Recruiting Overall

Ohio State has two commits for their 2015 recruiting class right now, and that is a surprisingly low number for this point in time. What is the outlook for this class? Derek Young and Bill Greene take a look at where things are standing today.

Coming off consecutive impressive recruiting classes, expectations are sky-high for the 2015 Ohio State recruiting class.

With a class expecting to number 20 or 21, it is a bit surprising to see the Buckeyes only having two commits at this point in time.

As the Buckeye coaching staff heads into the spring evaluation period, what does the long term outlook look like for the 2015 class?

Derek Young: I know people are concerned with the low number of commits, and it seems like things are going backwards, but I don't think there's any reason for panic at all at this point in time.

It might sound silly, but I still think they are set up to have a great class, even though I don't see any commitments coming real soon. They might go into the fall with less than five commits, but they are in on so many great players, that I think this could be a class that is Alabama-like, if everything falls their way.

Their offensive line possibilities looks good, and like the other position groups, they are reaching for the stars. With Damien Harris, Torrance Gibson and Christian Kirk, you have three five-star players.

They are going to get one of the top tight ends, two good linebackers, and I like where they're at with the offensive linemen. They still have a great shot at the top quarterbacks, and they're going to get a top runningback. That leaves the defensive line and the defensive backs as problem areas, but they have time to address both. I still think this ends up being a class with a very high star average, and still a Top-ten class.

Bill Greene: First off, there's just no way to say recruiting is going great right now, because it certainly isn't. But I've been around long enough to know all that matters is who you sign on the first Wednesday in February, not who you have committed in the spring.

I think this class is bogged down with in-state players that are going through the process slowly. Dre'Mont Jones, Jerome Baker and James Daniels are all prospects I see in Ohio State's class, and my confidence level in each would be in the order they're listed. I do not see L.J. Scott, Elijah Taylor, Justin Hilliard or Shaun Crawford in this class, and that eliminates four quality Ohio players. There are other in-state players that could earn offers with big camp performances, and that group would include guys that would commit almost on the spot.

Of the out of state guys, I agree with Derek that the offensive line is set up for a nice haul. I think they take four, and that really shores up an area that is below average in both depth and talent currently. Tight end is another spot I believe will be just fine. Linebacker will be excellent with Jerome Baker and Sh'mar Kilby-Lane, with the possibility of adding a third highly-rated player.

Torrance Gibson is number-one overall on their board, but as I've been saying for months, his recruitment has just started. The fluff about Ohio State from winter was just that. Now, Ohio State has a shot, but they're in amongst the best right now, and the other schools have a proximity advantage. There had better be a summer visit, or the chances go way down here. Even with a summer visit, it's going to be really tough.

I do think L.J. Scott goes to Michigan State, Mike Weber heads to Michigan, and Damien Harris goes to Ohio State, so everybody is happy with their tailbacks.

Overall, I also think this will end up being a Top-ten class, and I think guys like Kilby-Lane, Jones and Baker will be commits in the two months or so. The Eric Glover-Williams saga should also decided one way or the other soon, and keeping him in the fold is yet another four-star player. This should be a smaller class, maybe 20, but as Derek said, the star average should be very impressive.

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