OSU Recruiting Update: Momentum Building?

The 2015 recruiting class is not exactly a beautiful sight at this point in time with only two commits, but the past week has seen Ohio State pick up some momentum that could lay the groundwork for another top class. What happened of a positive nature recently?

- First off, let's get the bad news out of the way early. While Ohio State technically still has two commits, I'm not at all optimistic that Eric Glover-Williams is still a part of this class. I do not see him signing with Ohio State next February and expect to see his recruitment open up in the next month or so.

- Although I have not heard directly from him yet, I have Shaun Crawford as an uncommitted recruit at this point in time. He has taken a visit to Notre Dame, has one upcoming with Ohio State, and will probably take more going forward. I know there is a connection between Crawford and Urban Meyer that started last fall and went into winter, and they have spoken often. I think Ohio State could be the favorite right now to land Crawford.

- The Justin Hilliard saga keeps getting interesting for Ohio State, and he keeps showing up for visits. I would think Notre Dame and Iowa are also high on his list, and he visits them also, but there are rumblings that Ohio State might have really improved their standing with Hilliard lately.

- With Elijah Taylor slipping back into Columbus for yet another visit recently, this one seems to be swinging back to Ohio State. A person close to Taylor has been telling me Ohio State has been behind Notre Dame for a while, but I'm going by the "watch what they do, not what they say" mantra. His actions indicate a course correction in favor of Ohio State.

- Quarterback recruiting is tough for me to comment on too much, because I haven't seen this next group of guys in person. Going off film only, I really like what I saw out of Travis Waller. He is visiting on his dime, so you have to think it has been communicated to him that if he visits he gets a commitable offer. If they miss on Waller, Joey Burrow would be a decent PLAN-B option, but I don't think they're at that point yet. The Torrance Gibson deal probably won't be decided for a while, and Ohio State is still in the picture. It makes sense to lock up a quarterback now.

- I've always liked where they stand with offensive line recruiting, and still feel that way. James Daniels is up in the air between Ohio State and Iowa, and you have to think playing where your father played can trump playing with your brother. I've always had Drew Richmond in this class, and I still have him there. They are in on other offensive tackles too, so I'm not worried about this group.

- I know it's taking a while and longer than usual for in-state prospects Dre'Mont Jones and Jerome Baker, but I still have both in this class at the end of the day. No change for either player in my mind.

- The recent offer to Syracuse commit Davante Davis is an OFFER, and this is a player Ohio State wants badly and will recruit hard. This is a South Florida Express 7on7 player, and that never hurts Ohio State. This is a Luke Fickell find.

- Ohio State is in far better shape with the in-state 2016 players than they are with the 2015 gang, and it's because they are targeting them earlier and OFFERING them. There's been a strategy shift, and it can be filed under a live-and-learn process. They went too slow with the 2015 guys they liked, and that's why they're in catch-up mode today. Won't be that way with 2016 Ohioans.

- Derek Young and I have never wavered that this is still going to be a top-rated class, and both of us still feel that way today. They have several key camp/visit dates approaching, and I think this recruiting class will have a different look by July.

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