OSU Recruiting Update: Ten Points

The news of tight end Hale Hentges committing to Alabama was not a welcome sight in Ohio State circles, as he was a player the Buckeyes felt they were going to get at one point. Where does this class go from here?

1- Recruiting has not gone all that well to this point, and there's no way any logical person could say otherwise. As of late May, things aren't going good. But late May isn't really a watershed date that recruiting has to be going good, to be honest. Long way from panic time. It is eyebrow raising time however.

2- They have gotten beat on a few out of state players we all thought they were getting. There are still a lot of their "first-choices" left on the board, and they're in good shape with most of them. They haven't gotten to the point overall where QB recruiting got to last year. They are not taking bodies to fill spots, knowing you will have to recruit over those kids immediately. That is not happening right now.

3- There IS momentum trending their way in-state, and they have made major moves on players I thought were either long gone or nearly gone. Now folks can argue whether they should be in all these battles for Ohio guys, but it is what it is. As long as you get the signature in February nobody will care how hard you had to fight to get it.

4- The one thing having to fight for all these Ohio guys does hurt is that it spreads you so thin with your time and energy. If you had 5-6 Ohio kids locked up right now, you would save those man hours to concentrate on your out of state targets.

5- One of the Jim Tressel recruiting strengths was the ability to lock up several in state players early in the process. Their recruitment consisted of "You have the offer. We will see you on campus two weeks after you graduate. Welcome to the Buckeye Family." In a 24-man class, not having to recruit six or seven players more than casually gives you more time to spend in areas of concern.

6- Even though Ohio State might have misplayed a few of these in-state prospects, the truth is that this is not an ordinary year for Ohio seniors. None of the players offered early are in any rush to be Buckeyes, save for Eric Glover-Williams, and this is unusual. I still see Ohio State landing Dre'Mont Jones, Jerome Baker and probably James Daniels, but the truth is they are having to recruit these players as hard as they're recruiting Torrance Gibson or Damien Harris. This is not normal, but welcome to Ohio's 2015 class.

7- There are still in state players on the board that Ohio State has realistic chances of landing, but there is work still to be done. Elijah Taylor, Justin Hilliard, L.J. Scott and Shaun Crawford could all change the perception of the 2015 recruiting by committing to Ohio State. Land two or three of this group, then add in Baker, Jones and Daniels, and all the sudden the negativity starts to fade away. Bring in Drew Richmond, Van Jefferson, Sh'mar Kilby-Lane and/or Christian Wilkins and watch recruiting excitement grow. Land Torrance Gibson and/or Damien Harris late and you now have another Top-five class.

8- Ohio State has several camp days in June, with the first one starting June 8. I expect to see several uncommitted Ohioans trying to earn offers from the Buckeye staff. Names like Denzel Ward, Reggie Rogers, Darrin Hall, Rob Dowdy, Nick Conner, Anthony McKee, Chris Green, C.J. Stalker, and others are in the mix to be offered with break out showings.

9- The big Nike Camp is in Columbus this coming week and I expect several highly-rated players to visit Ohio State while they are in town. Watch to see if any big news comes out of that camp, as there will be many big time prospects in Columbus for the Nike event.

10- There is still plenty of time for Ohio State to put together a highly-rated class, and there are still a lot of their "first-choices" favoring Ohio State. I think this class will number 19-20 when all is said and done, and that's big enough to still crack the Top-five in overall recruiting rankings.

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