Nike Camp: OSU Flavor

Nike brought their football training camp to Columbus Sunday, and there were several Ohio State targets on hand. How could the Buckeye recruiting effort be aided by Nike?

- Damien Harris did not work out at Nike and is recovering from a minor injury, but he was present. Harris conducted several interviews and was very cautious about his recruitment. He has another visit scheduled to Kentucky, and he speaks well of Michigan, but I think Ohio State is the favorite for Harris. I still have L.J. Scott headed to Michigan State, and see the Buckeyes landing Harris late in the process.

- Justin Hilliard was there with his father, and appeared to be very comfortable with the Ohio State surroundings. Don't really have a super-strong feel one way or the other for his eventual choice, but I can report it's coming soon. Can also report that the player is definitely tiring of the recruiting process. Think this comes down to Ohio State or Notre Dame, with Iowa lurking. Gun-to-my-head, I would pick Ohio State for Hilliard, but not a Bankable pick just yet.

- Matthew Burrell did not work out at Nike but came to Columbus a day early to check out the Buckeyes. The Saturday visit was a big hit, and Ohio State is squarely in the mix for Burrell. From talking yo the player and those with him, I think the Buckeyes could be the favorite here. He also passes the eye test with ease, and is a physically imposing player.

- One of my favorites of the players that worked out was defensive end Darius Fullwood, out of Maryland. He has the size and is a speed player off the edge. Fullwood also competed at 150 MPH, which is always something I look for. There is no doubting his interest in Ohio State and he will be back in Columbus soon for camp. This one will probably come down to Ohio State taking him or not, rather than the player choosing the Buckeyes. Without knowing the exact makeup of the recruiting board it's tough to say, but he sure caught my eye as a fit at the highest level.

- It was my first time seeing quarterback commit Joey Burrow, and both Allen Trieu and myself liked what we saw. We will see him again tomorrow, so there was no need to spend a lot of time on QB's, but the best word for me to describe Burrow would be "solid." Look forward to seeing a lot more of him tomorrow at Elite-11, but there was nothing sticking out today of the negative variety.

- Of the 2016 in-state prospects, there were four that stuck out as early offer types to me. Linebacker Brendan Ferns, defensive end Jonathon Cooper, tight end Jake Hausmann (already offered) and wide receiver Justin Layne. Feel pretty confident that Hausman will be a Buckeye at the end of the day, and THAT one you can Take to the Bank. Also see the other three at Ohio State if/when offered.

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