Ohio Stadium Addition Coming Along

Construction on Ohio Stadium continues with the university, having finished the work on the playing field, now focusing on the seating addition to the South Stands.

Ohio Stadium is in the midst of some sprucing up this spring, and perhaps the most talked-about addition is starting to take shape.

The 2,522-seat addition to the South Stands is now under way, with the shape now clearly seen in photographs, including the following put out by Ohio State on Tuesday.

The seating additions in each corner of the South Stands will extend farther out but won't jeopardize the famous horseshoe design. The sides on the south end will still be 12-15 feet apart from the original structure, allowing OSU to keep the shape intact.

"We are not going to have the stadium enclosed on the south end with the renovations," OSU director of facilities Don Patko said. "It is a difficult process. We do work very hard with different committees and the Ohio Historical Society. We are on the National Register of Historic Places. One of the things we don't want to do ever is close the Horseshoe."

But at least now we have a much clearer picture of what exactly the new additions, which have resulted in the removal of the tunnel from the OSU locker room to the field, will look like.

The stadium's official capacity will be 104,851 at the conclusion of the construction.

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