BSB Q&A: Erick Smith had the chance recently to catch up with one of the Buckeyes' newest defensive backs, Erick Smith of Cleveland Glenville, to get his thoughts on arriving at OSU and other topics. had a chance to catch up with new Ohio State safety Erick Smith before last weekend's Ohio-Michigan Border Classic. Here's what Smith – who is now on campus with the rest of the class of 2014 – had to say about his upcoming arrival at OSU and life in general.

Is there anything you want to major in?
This whole week I've been thinking about what I can major in, but right now, I have sociology, psychology, that field.

What draws you into those types of fields?
In the future, I would really like to coach. That would help me interact with people more.

What excites you most about going to Ohio State?
Just really getting into the system. I got a touch of the system when I went down on a few visits, but I haven't really gotten a feel for the system yet. Once I get acclimated to the system, I'm waiting for that. I can't wait.

When did you know Ohio State was the place for you?
Really, like my junior year. It's always where I wanted to go. Once my other offers came in I wanted to see what the rest of the country was like, but Ohio State was always the school I really wanted to go to.

This spring Urban Meyer talked about you a lot. What goals do you have for yourself at OSU?
Just making the best of my opportunities every chance I get. I'm going to seize it. Just to not back down because some people think that I will probably go in as a true freshman and I won't be able to step up to it. I just look at that as motivation.

What kind of player are you?
Fearless. I've been playing football too long to be scared. I'm ready to step up out there whenever they're ready to put me out there. I just have to remain patient.

What's your favorite football memory?
Probably when Marshon (Lattimore) blocked that kick against Solon for the game winner (last September). I've never been in a game like that. The rush of emotion I was feeling, it was just amazing.

Is there an opposing stadium or anything like that you're looking forward to experiencing?
Playing the team up north, playing in that stadium, feeling that atmosphere. I know it's going to be intense. I just can't wait to play there.

Are there any other guys in the 2014 class you've become close to?
Damon Webb, Jalyn Holmes. A few of the guys that were at the Army game with me – Johnnie Dixon, Curtis Samuel. We were all down there and established a nice relationship. A few of those guys enrolled already. All the guys at the Army game, I got to know pretty well.

Do you have any hidden skills that people might not expect to hear?
I can draw. Before I went to Glenville, I was at an art school, so I can draw.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Telepathy. Psychic powers. Like Xavier, yeah.

What will you miss most about Cleveland?
Just growing up, it's a family atmosphere. It's a community at Glenville, so I'm going to miss all the family and everything, but I'm pretty sure I'll establish a family in Columbus so that'll be OK.

What sports teams do you support?
Browns, Cavs, all Cleveland teams. Gladiators. I am faithful to Cleveland.

What do you think about Johnny Manziel?
I like how he's embracing the city. I'm following right behind him.

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