Crankin' White Bass

White bass are highly overlooked, but for no good reason: They eat good and fight like mad! Now is the time to get in on the action.

In this video, Devils Lake, ND guide and pro Jason Feldner reveals a pattern for finding and catching numbers of white bass.

For starters, Feldner suggests targeting windblown shores and covering a lot of water with cranks. "You can cover a ton of water with a crankbait like the Lindy Shadling and vary the depth by adjusting the angle of your rod tip. Find where the wind has blown in forage like fathead minnows or young-of-the-year—and chances are you'll find schools of white bass."

In the case of famed multi-species fishery Devils Lake, North Dakota, he says the tactic is also a great way to catch walleyes, which are often found in and around the schools of white bass along the same gravel-bottom shorelines.

"It's not uncommon to catch 50-100 white bass in a day and your limit of walleyes," says Feldner. "It's a real hoot. White bass are the hardest-fighting fish I know for their size, which makes for great family fishing. Plus, they're awesome table fare."

He suggests a medium-action spinning rod and reel combo spooled with braid and a few crankbaits, typically perch, shiner and shad colors to mimic whatever predominant forage exists in your waters. "I like braid because it telegraphs so well what the bait's doing, plus these 3- to 4-pound white bass are big fighters, almost like saltwater fish. You'll need it!"

Stay tuned for a video next week, in which Jason demonstrates the best way to clean white bass for the table.

Jason Feldner, Perch Eyes Guide Service . Learn more about fishingDevils Lake, North Dakota

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