DY And Bank: OSU Update

Ohio State has added several commits to their 2015 recruiting class this past month, and they now have 12 in the commit column. As things quiet down for two weeks, where do things stand before the July 25 Friday Night Lights Camp? Derek Young and Bill Greene take a look.

Ohio State recruiting is still going forward even though we are now into the dead period and no on campus visits are permitted. The Buckeyes now have 12 commits in the 2015 class, and the past month has seen a flurry of new commits.

In a class that should number around 20, who is left on the board for Ohio State? What prospects are close to deciding? Obviously, Jerome Baker will be selecting his school this coming Friday.

EGW UPDATE: Haven't wanted to say much until things settled down a bit, but there is new information to report on Eric Glover-Williams. There were a few negative issues this year that impacted this commitment, and two months ago there was no doubting Eric's status with Ohio State was in dire straits. Canton McKinley hired a new head coach, Thom McDaniels, who is a long-time friend of Urban Meyer. Ohio State, after ignoring Glover-Williams throughout the spring evaluation period, will leave everything up to McDaniels and listen to his recommendation. Safe to say a thumbs-up or thumbs-down from McDaniels will tell the tale here, but there is now hope. There will be no transfer from Canton McKinley. It can also be reported that Glover-Williams "should" be making an appearance at Friday Night Lights, which would be his first public showing with the Buckeye team. He did not attend any of Ohio State's eight summer camp days. There is now a window of hope, where prior to the McDaniels hiring there was zero. -Bill Greene.

RUNNINGBACK: It looks like they could be taking two, if it's the right two. I think Ohio State is going to land Damien Harris, and it could be fairly soon. -Derek Young.

I feel good about Ohio State landing both backs in L.J. Scott and Damien Harris. Should Harris commit first, I think they would still take Scott if he committed by August 1. If Scott commits first, they would Chase Harris forever.-Bill Greene.

TIGHT END: Josh Moore will be coming to Friday Night Lights, and he could be the tight end in this class. You also never know about Chris Clark. -Derek Young.

They could pass on tight end and see how Sam Hubbard does at the position. Ohio State could try to chase two in Jake Hausmann and Luke Farrell for 2016.-Bill Greene.

WIDE RECEIVER: I have three in the mix right now in Van Jefferson, Christian Kirk and Brian Cole. I think they need two, especially if Glover-Williams makes it. I think they can get Jefferson in another week, and chase Kirk as long as you can.-Derek Young.

OFFENSIVE LINE: There are candidates still available, and they could take five if it's the right group. I feel Matthew Burrell is really close to being in. Patrick Allen and Drew Richmond are still in the mix. Not real sure on Mirko Jurkovich. I'm thinking Iowa could land James Daniels, but who knows?-Derek Young.

I also have Burrell as in the class, and it should be fairly soon. Have no feeling on Daniels one way or the other, but Iowa could win this one. James is VERY close to older brother LeShun, who loves being at Iowa. That could be the tipping point in the equation here. I do not see Daniels heading to Auburn or Alabama at all. Have always felt good about Richmond to Ohio State.-Bill Greene.

DEFENSIVE LINE: They are now swinging for home runs on the D-line, and they're in on a few top guys. I think they can get Josh Sweat, and you never know about Tim Settle. Then you have two players like Christian Wilkins and Neville Gallimore, so they are set up well with the three already committed.-Derek Young.

Landing Josh Sweat would be a coup, and this is a Larry Johnson special. Adding Tim Settle would be the Daily Double on the defensive line. If they miss on Wilkins and Settle, Neville Gallimore is one heck of a consolation prize. This area is always an easy position group for Ohio State, and is the opposite of the offensive line recruiting.-Bill Greene.

LINEBACKER: I'm tentatively sticking with Jerome Baker to Ohio State, but see the reason for concern with him. If they lose Baker, both Malik Jefferson and Ricky DeBerry are still out there.-Derek Young.

I'm feeling Baker to Florida could be a very real outcome. At that point, Ohio State could take a look at the position and reshuffle the deck to see what direction they want to go. They could very well live with Nick Conner and Justin Hilliard and move on.-Bill Greene.

DEFENSIVE BACK: There are players like Rashad Roundtree and Jordan Whitehead still out there, but I'm not real high on Ohio State landing either. They have three good ones committed, and could sit tight with them.-Derek Young.

Damon Arnette is a new name for Ohio State, and he will be performing at Friday Night Lights. He'd better blow the Buckeye staff away too, because he is not a taker today. He must work out, and he must be really good, or they will pass him to South Carolina. With a real offer, Arnette could be in this class.-Bill Greene.

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