Buzz Chillers

You no longer need to down bland beers to survive that rare (yeah, right) marathon drinking session. Craft brewers are now making flavor-packed low alcohol-level libations. Here are three to tip.

Yards Brewing’s Brawler

Made specifically for “going a few rounds,” this ruby-hued brew boasts caramel and malt notes and enough of a hops bite to let you know this is a real beer.

Booze-o-meter: 4.2 percent alcohol (same as Natty Light)

Founders’ All-Day IPA

With its hoppy bitterness and bold citrus flavors, you’d never know this brew packs a lightweight brain punch. Unlike many of its boozier brethren, this one is a powerful thirst-quencher and, as its name implies, perfect for summertime day drinking.

Booze-o-meter: 4.7 percent alcohol (same as MGD)

Evil Twin Brewing’s Nomader Weisse

A tasty mix of yeast, malt, and grapefruit and orange flavors, this classic wheat beer has plenty of mouthwatering acidity, so skip the douchey orange peel. Instead, be a man drink it with tangy BBQ.

Booze-o-meter: 5 percent alcohol (same as Coors)

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