Friday Night Lights Recap

Ohio State held their third Friday Night Lights camp under Urban Meyer, and this latest edition was clearly the most successful to date. There were several highly rated players on hand, and Ohio State landed two commits.

- The most anticipated visitor was Torrance Gibson, and the visit was EVERYTHING Ohio State wanted it to be. This was the visit we've been saying had to happen since last winter, and I will repeat: this visit HAD to have occurred or it was over for the Buckeyes. Torrance was blown away, and while I've been urging restraint, there is cause for controlled optimism today. There will be an official visit to come, and that will become the next MUST-VISIT. Friday night, Ohio State went from pretender to contender in this race. Stay tuned, because the real fun won't start for a while.

Josh Moore is a huge looking player, and although he did not work out, he sure looked good walking around. They now have their tight end, and he certainly looks the part. Moore has a great story, and you have to root hard for a cancer survivor.

I was stunned they landed Josh Alabi, but they must have liked what they saw and they always love taking players from the state of Michigan. He could play either side of the football, and I'm guessing he's an offensive lineman in the Ohio State system. He is a wide body and very physical. This makes two years in a row they've landed a Detroit Cass Tech player, which I'm sure thrills the staff to no end.

C.J. Conrad would appear to be the guy that got the short straw, but this is business and he was not promised anything coming in. He knew, or should have known, that. I believe he was brought in to be the second tight end, should Moore not commit. His performance meant nothing, because Moore committed within the first few minutes. I think he was there so Ohio State could tell Moore "either you take the spot, or that kid over there gets the spot." Once Moore came aboard, Conrad was toast. At least he will not have any regrets 25 years from now, and he did everything Ohio State asked of him. Things do not always work out, but he should have a great career at Kentucky.

Defensive back Damon Arnette was there, and the South Carolina commit was okay. He would flip to Ohio State, but I didn't think he was all that impressive and I don't think they pursue him heavily.

Wide receiver Lawrence Cager is an impressive looking player, and the Ohio State offer certainly excited him. This could be their outside receiver in this class, and we have to see how hard they chase him going forward. I liked what I saw, and I think they can land him.

Brendan Ferns might be the top player in the junior class in Ohio, and although he did not work out, he jumped off a plane and made it to Ohio State after vacation. He also returns next week to talk to the academic staff, At this point, it's hard to see him anywhere but Ohio State, but we shall see.

2017 wide receiver Trevon Grimes is a name we are going to hear a lot about going forward, and the St. Thomas Aquinas prospect could be Danny Clark's top target in 5-6 years. This is another bigger, outside receiver.

Much like the Gibson visit had to occur, Eric Glover-Williams needed last night's visit just as badly. I think he is now officially back in the fold, and if he does all the right things he should be in this class. The talent is amazing, and sometimes we forget that. He starred at defensive back as well as wide receiver Friday, and this is a kid that has primarily played quarterback to date.

I love Demario McCall and he is a Glover-Williams clone. He can play runningback, wide receiver, cornerback, kick returner, whatever. He impresses more and more, every time you watch him.

I also like Luke Farrell, the junior tight end, very much and he had a great night. Jake Hausmann did not work out, but he is the top tight end in the country, with Farrell not far behind for 2016.

Kierre Hawkins would be the third tight end in Ohio for 2016, and he has a chance to be a national recruit, like Hausmann and Farrell. I see Ohio State taking two of these three and smiling broadly. Three great prospects.

I've been raving about junior defensive end/linebacker Jonathon Cooper for months, and he had a great night and earned his offer. He will be a Buckeye, and it's only a question of when he makes it official. It's done.

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