Bank's First Mailbag: Page-One

The football season is just a few short weeks of beginning, and in honor of that special time Bill Greene has decided to answer questions from the Ohio State subscribers. These are only the replies to the first page of questions. The rest will follow.

Yea or Nay, what if any of these kids are future Buckeyes? -Kern10.

Damien Harris? YES. Torrance Gibson? So many issues. Possibly. Matt Burrell? Probable. Josh Sweat? Highly possible. Van Jefferson? Possibly. Neville Gallimore?Probable. Jerome Baker? (Assuming Muschamp is gone)Yes. Assuming Muschamp is gone. Drew Richmond? Probable. Christian Wilkins?Not feeling it. Malik Jefferson?Not likely. Jordan Whitehead?Not feeling it. Rashad Roundtree?NO. Pat Allen?NO. Tarvarus McFadden?NO. Isaiah Prince?NO. Christian Kirk?Possible.

BG: Answers above.

Do you see Maryland as a threat to beat the Bucks this year? I hear those rumblings but I have a hard time seeing it. -Portsbuck.

BG: No chance at all. See Ohio State spanking that heinie.

How long will Urban Meyer coach the Bucks? Over/Under 5 years? -pastortim.

BG: Way over. I think he has found the balance between his career and his personal life. This is his last coaching job before returning to ESPN.

Bill for us out of state people. What HS teams do you feel will come out on top in Ohio this year? -MeridianOSU.

BG: I like Lakewood St. Edward because they have a bunch of seniors that have come close as sophomores and juniors to winning the past two titles. I love the coaching they get from Rick Finotti, and they have a lot of high character players on that roster. I think Finotti gets his second title this year in Division-I.

Best guess for top 5 prospects in Ohio for next years class? And a prospect we haven't heard about who has a good chance to blow up and become elite. -BuckeyeNatural.

BG: I really like Brendan Ferns, Demario McCall, Jake Hausmann, Jonathon Cooper and Luke Farrell as the highest rated 2016 prospects I feel are Buckeyes locks/near locks. Linebacker Roland Walder is a junior at Trotwood-Madison that will blow up huge. Sophomore wide receiver Danny Davis out of Springfield has the look of a national-type kid as well.

raiders91sc asks:1. Example of 1 recruiting situation that just blew ur mind. No names or school needed. Women, cars and money--the backbone of recruiting college football players.BG: I hate these questions as most of you know. I would have to say being 100% honest, that the Ohio State recruitment of Derek Morris in Tressel's second year truly blew my mind. That was my "Oh crap" moment in recruiting.

2. Is Braxton Miller a #1QB in the NFL? BG: I sure hope so, because I like him so much as a person. Right now, the passing skills have not been helped by the zone read offense. Ohio State's job is to win games, not prepare Braxton for the NFL, but this system is rough on getting him up to speed for the next level.

3. Does Pryor get another chance to be a #1QB in NFL? BG: TP is in a good situation now in Seattle, as opposed to a horrible situation in Oakland. He will never beat out Russell Wilson, but if he shows well in a backup role he will get a shot to be a starter again.

3. Which kid on tOSU who nobody talks about plays 10 years in the NFL? BG: I would go way out on the limb and guess it's going to be Nick Vannett. I think his skill set translates well to the next level.

4. The one(worst talent) recuit you thought would never see the field at tOSU and did? BG: Tyler Everett was a kid I saw a LOT in high school, but thought he was a MAC player. I was dead wrong. When I miss, it's usually on a kid I've watched since 7th grade or so, and fail to see he has grown up.

5. The one(best talent) recruit you thought would take tOSU by storm and never did?--not because of injury. BG: I would say Storm Klein, who I thought had enough athleticism to make the move to MLB. I still think he should have been a star at Ohio State, but things don't always go well for everyone. I never thought he was in optimal condition and carried too much weight.

6. Next coach at scUM and UF? I think both schools are going to be pretty good this year, and both guys survive another year. If not, replacements could be guys like assistant Doug Nussmeier at Michigan, and maybe Duke head coach David Cutcliffe for Florida.

7. Who do you save from a burning house first Kirk Herbstreit or Mark May? BG: They are both cool for me. Both have risen to great spots at ESPN, and both do their jobs extremely well. Herbbie is the voice of college football. Enough said there. May plays a role that is easy to play, tweaking Buckeye fans. Cowherd does it on occasion. So do others. It's an easy target to get the appropriate and desired response, LOL.

8. How good was Bobby Hoying in HS and where do you rank him at tOSU? BG: I never saw Bobby in high school, only film, and it's very impressive. He was VERY, VERY good at Ohio State, and flourished under passing guru Walt Harris. I wish Bobby had played for Walt all 4 years at Ohio State. Bobby was an early Heisman candidate, right beside Eddie George, early on in that season.

9. Any kid who loved tOSU but couldn't take Urban or Tressel? BG:Nobody really comes to mind in that category at all.

10. Who does tOSU play for NT this year? BG: I don't see Ohio State making it, but if they do, I see Georgia as the opponent. I should note that I always pick Georgia to win it all, because I like the program/coach. And they're always around 20-1. Why pick Alabama as a 3-1 shot? LOL.

Surprise football player for this coming season? Starting Lbers in the middle of the year? -Awesom.

BG: Darron Lee would be my surprise player, and to answer your second part, I would go with Lee, Curtis Grant and Joshua Perry.

What is Jaamal Berry up to? -BuckeyeL.

BG: I know he has a degree, but I really don't know. He was looking to sell his OSU stuff and it might be on E-Bay.

With all the talk about Elliott and Samuel, Is this a make or break fall camp for Dunn and Ball? Would either or both consider transferring if they don't make the two deep? Also. What do you expect out of Devin Smith this year? -akauffman.

BG: It's more "make or break" for Dunn than Ball, I would say. Brionte could look to transfer if things do not go well, while Warren Ball is in training to be governor of Ohio and a possible presidential candidate some day. And I'm not joking. Ball will never transfer, in my opinion. I think the world of Devin Smith as a person, but I worry about his "fit" in the Urban Meyer Ohio State. Devin was more of a Tressel kid.

Who has been your favorite OSU recruit personality wise? -Dallas Theologian.

BG: You hate to answer these, because I will forget someone and get 50 calls by noon yelling at me. I would say Tyler Everett. Kirk Barton. Chad Hoobler. Brian Hartline. Lawrence Wilson. Grant Schwartz. Beanie Wells. Devon Torrence. Donnie Evege. Willie Mobley. Travis Howard. Nic DiLillo. Andrew Sweat. J.B. Shugarts. Nate Williams. Mike Brewster. Jake Stoneburner. DeVier Posey. Mike Adams. Ben Buchanan. Marcus Hall. Jamaal Berry. Corey "Pittsburgh" Brown. Zach Boren. Jamie Wood. John Simon. Storm Klein. Christian Bryant. Ryan Shazier. Jeremy Cash. Brian Bobek. I didn't want to list anyone still on the team, so these are guys I remember so well from earlier years. I could tell you a funny or serious story about each of these guys.

What is the biggest difference between tOSU Urban Meyer and UF Urban Meyer, if any, IYO? TIA -TheKaiser21.

BG: I think he's learned about balancing life better now, and he's better equipped for the long haul. You might not see two titles, but you also might not see 4 or 5 loss seasons either. I think he's a better coach in a lot of ways, but that might not show up in national titles.

Most important development in college football: the diversification of offensive style or improved efficiency in talent evaluation, ie camps, technology, etc. -aginnandaginn.

BG: The changes in the rules opened up the offenses, not the new, current boy-wonder coaches. The spread is not new. Nor is 4 and 5 wide on offense. The rules now dictate that the offense wins. The talent evaluation is far better, and travel is easier today, which allows kids to get to tons of camps.

Is Mich St for real going forward or was last year an abberation? I thought last years MSU was the best MSU I have seen in my lifetime. Can they stay on that level? -buckatborder.

BG: Great question. They've been really good for three of the past four years, going 11-2, 11-3, 7-6 and 13-1. I think Coach Dantonio has really grown into the job at Michigan State, and has elevated himself into a big time coach. The next few years will answer that question, but I think they're here to stay. Their coaching staff is the best in the conference at evaluating and developing their talent. They get the most out of their players, more than any other program consistently over the past few years.

Is OSU's O-Line good enough to get them to the conference championship game? -DBuck23.

BG: Great question. My first thought would be NO, but I admit that I could be dead wrong on this group. I do think Ed Warriner is a great position coach, and that just might be enough to push them over the top.

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