Few Ohio State Recruiting Notes

Ohio State picked up another commitment this week, and several prospects are planning official visits for the Virginia Tech game. Let's look at where this class is headed.

- The commitment of Carlton Davis was certainly a surprise, but maybe not a shocker. He DID make the trip to Columbus for Friday Night Lights, which shows interest. Also, a commitment from a Florida player this early also shows he's kinda interested.

- What kind of a player is Carlton Davis? I've seen him and I like him. He's not a blazer by any means, but I think he can play cornerback for Ohio State. If not, he is a more physical Tyvis Powell type and they move him to safety. Actually, Davis would be a more physical Travis Howard type as a prospect. Again, I like him and think he can play.

- Will Ohio State sign Carlton Davis on National Signing Day? Put a gun to my head, and I would say NO. This was a weird commitment, welcome to recruiting the state of Florida, and I'm highly skeptical. Ohio State will definitely take Davis, should he decide to stick with them. My guess would be that he is in the decommit column within the next month or so, but you never know.

- I said a month ago I would continue to update the Torrance Gibson situation, so here goes. The layup line is over, and the game has started. Ohio State has scored the first eight points of the game, and you need to look at this as an NBA game. What does an 8-0 lead mean in an NBA game? Not much, other than you'd rather be up 8-0, than be losing 8-0. Ohio State is in front, and they should stay there for the foreseeable future.

- The Virginia Tech official visit will mark the halftime of the recruitment, and I still think Ohio State will have a big lead. A commitment is likely, but do not break out the champagne just yet. Like all NBA games, they really get good late in the fourth quarter. And this one will be won late in the fourth quarter, like about ten days before he signs. But being in front is FAR better than being behind, at least I think so. In this case, it might just alert everyone to who they have to beat. Regardless, this one will be like following the Cam Newton or Terrelle Pryor recruitments, and it's why I love recruiting.

- The bottom line question should be: Can Ohio State sign Torrance Gibson. My answer would simply be: YES. I believe Ohio State feels this way as well, and they will stay in hot pursuit to the end.

- I also think Ohio State is done with the in-state crop for this class. I do not see any new offers coming soon, nor do I see anyone flipping to the Buckeyes soon.

- They might reach on an in-state player late, see Brady Taylor, if the numbers work out and they are short on Ohio commits. But, it's too soon for that now. If they lose out on Damien Harris, which I do not expect, they could move on Darrin Hall from Austintown Fitch.

- It's also too soon to track Jerome Baker, I believe, but that time might come. I would monitor the Florida won/loss record this season right from the first game. A few losses and the heat gets turned up on that staff, which could cause Baker to reconsider his choice. This one definitely bears keeping an eye on.

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