Week-One BankBag: Part-Three

It's the opening week for both high school and college football, and the NFL is only another week away. To honor this special time of the year, Bill Greene will answer any and all questions from the BSB members.

James Clark. He saw some time last year before getting injured. I have not seen much on him this season. Is he in the mix or has he just gotten passed by? -MadDogBuckeye.

BG: I have not heard much at all about Clark, and I'm not sure if it's that he's been slow to respond from his injury, he's behind some guys, or things have just been quiet regarding him. You should know more this Saturday, when the true depth chart is revealed once the ball is kicked off. We are going to know real soon where he stands.

Since you and Nevada cannot play, who is your current favorite PGA golfer and favorite of all time? -Buckrock.

BG: Although I've never played golf with Nevada, we have hit on the range before and he can play the game for sure. All time? For me, it's Jack. Period. End of discussion. You can watch "Battle Lines" on Youtube and learn all you need to know about The Man. Like Tina Turner said: "Simply The Best."

For today, I like all these guys and just marvel at their talent and skill. If they're all battling down the wire and the main guns are going at it, I always root for Phil Mickelson so I guess he's my favorite.

How would you compare the Defensive Backs and coaches last year at this time and where do you think they will be by years end? 1-10 ranking.. -armyrob.

BG: This is a tough one to rank 1 through 10. I would go Doran Grant at the top spot. After that, it's a crapshoot. Tyvis Powell. Vonn Bell. Eli Apple. Gareon Conley. Armani Reeves. Damon Webb. Cam Burrows. Ron Tanner. Cannot put those guys in order yet. Want to see a few games first.

As far as coaching? That one is not tough at all. Chris Ash is looked at as one of the top defensive minds in the country, and his specialty is defensive back play. The guys that coached the DB's last year for Ohio State would not be looked at in that manner at all. Huge upgrade this year, but of course we need to see that out on the field.

Bill, with rumor that Gallimore will go to Florida, where are we going to get a TRUE NT from......or will we just move someone inside who's not really a NT, again? -Penguin2.

BG: I love Neville Gallimore and he would fit in great at Ohio State. Tough to call if he doesn't come to the Buckeyes. I have HIGH hopes for Michael Hill though. And I think Donovan Munger can also play the position, but not real sure about 2015 recruits after Gallimore.

1) Is Richmond slipping away from the Bucks? 2) Is Gibson as "in the bag" as it appears? 3) Does OSU land one, both or none of the 2016 Ohio OT? 4) Will Clark's commitment pay off huge dividends for the 2017 class and OSU will finally get a top rated WR? -BuckeyeBK.

BG: I've always felt Drew Richmond was Ohio State's to lose and I've not heard anything to make me come off that. I will see him next week when he plays at Canton McKinley.

Gibson probably is "in the bag" right now, but he has been in Tennessee's bag and in Auburn's bag earlier. I think Ohio State could get a commitment next weekend from Torrance, which would mean he's definitely kind of interested. This one has a long way to go, with the potential to go sideways for a lot of reasons.

Tough call on Tommy Kraemer and Liam Eichenberg, and they're in battles for both kids. My early guess would be they get Eichenberg, but lose Kraemer, but it's still very early.

I think Johnny Dixon is pretty darn good, but YES, Danny Clark will pay huge dividends for Ohio State in 2017. He's still a kid, but let him get a few years older and he could be the next Mike Brewster. No doubt in my mind Danny will be a recruiting machine.

What are your thoughts on Sweat? He a Buckeye? Any frosh NOT in the two deep that you expect to make a splash this year? -DoctorSJ.

BG: Love Josh Sweat, and think he fits well with some of the top defensive ends Ohio State has landed lately. And I think Ohio State can definitely land him.

Not sure about the TRUE two-deep, and that gets announced when the Navy game starts. He's probably already in the two-deep, but I think Damon Webb could take someone's job before too long. He's really good.

Seeing as Maurice Douglass is about to start his first year coaching at Springfield High, I am curious as to why he left Trotwood - Madison? Do you have any insight into the reason for the change? -buckeye67.

BG: Coach Douglass and I are pretty good friends and I'm not sure how much he wants me to say on this, to be honest. Let's say it was a conflict between coach and administration over various issues. Who does Coach Douglass and Springfield play this Friday? That's right. Trotwood-Madison. Should be fun.

if JT tears it up this season and Braxton doesn't bounce back from the surgery with the arm strength he had before, would you move Brax to WR next year? -kbgobucks3.

BG: Great question, and one I hope NEVER happens because I like Braxton so much and want the best for him. If the shoulder cannot be fixed, and I pray that's not the case, I would put him at runningback/slot receiver. Braxton could be the Percy Harvin that Urban Meyer craves.

If you had to make a guess, how would you predict the rest of this class to finish? -acbucksfan4.

BG: Just impossible to predict, but I think Gibson, Sweat, Richmond, Harris, Cager and Burrell would make people break out the champagne.

Does the 2016 class have a chance to be the top class in the country? -acbucksfan4.

BG: Yes it does. The in-state talent is pretty amazing and Ohio State is sitting pretty with just about all of them. After a few down years at the top, Ohio is looking great for both 2016 and 2017.

Over/under on how long the following assistants will stay at Ohio State: Tom Herman: 1.5 years Luke Fickell: 1.5 years Ed Warriner: 2.5 years Chris Ash: 2.5 years Kerry Coombs: 3.5 years LJ Sr.: 3.5 years Tim Hinton: 2.5 years Zach Smith: 3.5 years Also, I'd be curious what you think the next move is for each coach. Head coach? Coordinator elsewhere? Coordinator at OSU after current coordinators leave? Forced out by Urban (thinking of Fickell on this one)? -EdDantes22.

BG: This is a tough one because I don't want to be politically correct, but I don't want to be a jerk either. Let me tread easily here. LOL.

Herman and Ash are at the top of the list to leave after this year, and it would be for head coaching jobs. Herman is well thought of, and Ash could be the top coaching prospect in the country if he fixes this defense. Colleges will start looking for defensive minds to be head coaches, with the offenses dominating now and Ash could be number-one on a lot of lists.

Warriner wanted the Army job, but he also would like to be an offensive coordinator, which is why he left Notre Dame. Coombs would love a MAC head coaching job, and he has the energy and pizzazz to land one. Not sure when Hinton wants to retire, but it could be soon.

I think LJ is at his last stop and it depends on when he wants to retire. Zach Smith is highly thought of, and I could see him landing an offensive coordinator gig at a smaller school to prepare himself as a future head coach. The Fickell situation is awkward, but I believe he could be back in his element as linebackers coach. The ideal situation would be to learn the Ash style of defense, which is the opposite of the Heacock style, and jump back to the coordinator once Chris leaves.

Given that Braxton's recovery is going to be 9-12 months and that he will not have played in a game for 20 months (as of Sep. 2015), how difficult is it going to be for him to bounce back quickly, physically and mentally? Can he possibly be the same (or better) Braxton? -Abuckus.

BG: I think having nearly a full year will benefit him greatly, as will having the surgery done by James Andrews. No reason to think he won't be great next year, especially with a better offensive line and better receivers. Probable Heisman favorite if all goes well.

Bank, how is this years dline compare to other great dlines from the past? -bucknutsinurface.

BG: They were very, very good last year, but they were not dominant all the time. Michigan State, Clemson, Michigan and Iowa all had success running right at them, and also had time to throw. I expect dominance this year, and if that occurs they will take their place as one of the best ever at Ohio State.

A gun to your head, how do you see the first 8 games going down? Thanks! -350zjk.

BG: I truly do not know what to expect from this team, which is why I do not see an undefeated season, or an 11-1 season. There are so many position groups that are being manned by players that we know nothing about, and I think that gets you beat against decent teams. If 50% of the question marks are good, and the other 50% aren't real good, then they will lose a few games. That's what I expect, but nobody knows what this team truly has. We are going to find out really soon!!!!!

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