Meyer Monday: Sept. 8

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer addressed the media Monday for the first time since the Virginia Tech loss. Here's what the coach had to say.

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer addressed the media Monday morning at his weekly press conference. His comments are below.

"Tough loss against a very good team. We just have to move forward."

There was no victory meal for the players. "I can tell they're hurting."

Meyer said they starting looking at VT in spring and had never seen that defense. "Obviously it worked." They hit a few plays but needed more. The same goes for the whole team -- needed a stop or a made field goal or something like that.

"Everything we shoot for is playing for championships in November and it's still there at our disposal."

On offense Meyer was most disappointed with "not making (plays) ... it was one-on-one coverage. I thought we were improved at receiver and we just didn't get open enough." VT played nine guys within six yards of the line of scrimmage. "You have to make someone pay the price and make those catches. ... If they're going to play zero coverage you have to make those shots."

Meyer said he met with recruits from 9:30 to 6:30 yesterday. "It is tough. You have to put a smile on your face and keep going. ... That's a grinder. It's much better when you're hopping around when you win." But the feedback has been very good and some guys saw some places they could help.

Haha, Meyer is asked about shielding the team from the negative talk after a loss and he says it's the same after a win as well. "You want to move them to a desert island sometimes. They hear from their uncles... well, first uncles are OK, third uncles are bad."

Meyer says the Buckeyes have faced two unique defenses right now and haven't played a snap against a 4-3 yet, which the offense is designed for. Virginia Tech wasn't going to give the run but the offensive identity would still like to be on the ground.

Some MAC love for Meyer, whose first head coaching job was at Bowling Green. "Usually the team who has a quarterback wins that league. ... it's a great coaching league."

"I saw a quarterback fight like a ... he got hit too much." Says there were some positives out of the game but they're still in hurting mode. By tomorrow's practice they'll be focusing on the positives.

The defensive performance was "average." The first two drives weren't good, then he was pleased with the next 2.5 quarters. "I want to get to the point at Ohio State where it's shutdown, lockdown defense. ... I think we can make that happen." Still some new blood playing and too many mental mistakes, not effort mistakes.

Did OSU do enough to get its speed involved? "No, we did not. That was kind of taken away from us. They're not quite ready. ... It was gonna be a throw it down the field type game. ... Until you scare people off you won't get to use that speed."

Will OSU see the same defenses from teams going forward? "I don't know if people have the personnel ... I know one team that does, the team that won the Big Ten championship last year."

Meyer asked about the six sacks after VT took the lead: "They just closed better."

Mike Thomas "had a career day. He played very well in that game." Devin Smith was open a few times but they didn't get it to him, and Evan Spencer needs to get open more. "I'm disappointed but I've not lost who we can become. We have a lot of time to go."

"I'm concerned about our offensive line but Saturday was not a fair assessment" because of VT putting 8/9 guys at the line.

Was the challenge of replacing the offensive talent greater than expected? "A little bit greater. This one we got exposed a little bit." Points to the dropped TD as how fragile the game is. "You make those plays, it's a different game."

Meyer praises J.T. Barrett's character and maturity. "You'll watch a young man who is really going to rebound this weekend."

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