Meyer Monday: Sept. 22

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer's weekly newsconference returned this week as Meyer discussed the upcoming game with the University of Cincinnati as well as the status of his 2-1 squad.

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke about the upcoming game with Cincinnati today. Bullet point updates follow.

Meyer starts by talking about the Coach to Cure MD weekend coming up. Said he used to wear the patch every year and didn't know why, but the program has two young fans, the Studebakers, who suffer from the disease who come to practice quite often and are considered parts of the team. You'll hear more about them as the week goes on.

As for UC, Meyer calls their offense "exceptional." "We have a lot of respect for their skill." Meyer has heard Tommy Tuberville say these are the best WRs he's ever had, and Meyer knows he had some good ones in his SEC days. "We have to be our best Saturday."

Was an early open week helpful? "I don't know." It's the first time he's had one this early. "We utilized it, we operated a lot differently this bye week than we had in the past." A lot of game reps, and they are still trying to finalize the starting five on the OL.

A follow-up on the OL: Jacboy Boren had an ankle sprain but should be full-go this week. Elflein has also been banged up but is ready to go. Chase Farris improving and is the backup RT, but if he's one of the top five, he could be the starting RG. "We have not made a final decision on that and I'm not sure we will this game." Elflein could work more at center and Joel Hale could get more time, and Antonio Underwood made a big jump at center this past week.

Meyer bemoans how accelerated recruiting is (something he's done a lot of recently). OSU is down to its last few scholarships for this class. As for recruiting against schools like Cincinnati, he said, "In-state recruiting is primary, then you cherry pick out of state."

Asked about his Cincinnati ties and how UC has changed compared to when he was there 28 years ago. Says he has a strong emotional attachment to the school. "Cincinnati has had a very similar transformation of its academic reputation as Ohio State has." It's gone from a big in-state school to a high-end academic institution like OSU. "There's a strong tie there and a lot of respect."

As for the football program, he says, "Oh my goodness." The facility when he played there "wasn't very strong" but they've made a commitment to the program. As for playing there, "I didn't have a lot of experience." Played a little bit and went into coaching but says it was a great experience. As for the high school talent down there, he says it's as good as anywhere in the country.

Asked about the pass defense so far, Meyer points out they haven't gotten a great evaluation yet based on playing Navy and Kent. "This is the test. This is the one we're all shooting for."

Meyer says Noah Spence will not practice this week and is undergoing "full-time treatment." He is working out, though. As for whether to go with zero tolerance in cases like these, Meyer says it's a constant battle to figure that out. "I'm just not a big fan of dismissal. It has to be a severe one." Says Noah is a great student from a great family and they don't want to throw him on the street.

Meyer says Michael Thomas is one of the great stories in coaching right now. He and his family came to him last year and wanted to know what he needed to do for playing time, and he's done it.

Meyer on UC QB Gunner Kiel: “I see one of the top quarterbacks in the country."

On his upcoming HBO interview for "Real Sports" airing Tuesday: "I don't know why I did that." Haha. Mentions Trace Armstrong was one of the people who suggested he do it. Said it's a good story for people to see.

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