Ohio State Moves Up In Polls

Ohio State won at Maryland, as most expected, but what was a surprise was the chaos in college football that happened the rest of the day. With many of the top teams in the nation losing, Ohio State moved up in the polls posted Sunday afternoon.

Ohio State took care of business.

Many of the other top teams in the country did not.

As a result, Ohio State has now moved up in the national rankings.

The Buckeyes moved from 18th in the coaches' poll to 15th today after one of the most memorable college football days ever yesterday. OSU drubbed Maryland, 52-24, in College Park to win its third in a row and improve to 4-1, while many of the other top teams in the country also lost.

In the coaches' poll, No. 1 Alabama, No. 3 Oklahoma, No. 4 Oregon, No. 7 Texas A&M, No. 9 UCLA, No. 13 Stanford, No. 15 LSU, No. 16 Wisconsin and No. 17 Nebraska all fell, allowing OSU to vault ahead of the Bruins, Cardinal, Tigers, Badgers and Cornhuskers. OSU was passed by Arizona, which moved to 13th after winning at Oregon, and TCU, which is now 12th after dropping Oklahoma. The top five of that poll includes, in order, Florida State, Auburn, Baylor, Ole Miss and Notre Dame.

One-loss teams above OSU in the coaches' poll include Alabama (7th), MSU (8th), Oklahoma (9th), Georgia (10th), Oregon (11th) and Texas A&M (14th).

In the AP poll OSU saw the six teams directly above it -- No. 14 Stanford, LSU, No. 16 USC, Wisconsin, No. 18 BYU and Nebraska -- all lose. As a result, the Buckeyes moved up to 15th as well, leaping ahead of all of those teams but also being passed by TCU (9th) and Arizona (10th).

Michigan State is also eighth in that poll while Nebraska checks in 21st. The top five is Florida State (35 first-place votes), Auburn (23), Mississippi State (two), Ole Miss and Baylor.

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