BankBag: Mid-Year Edition PART-ONE

Ohio State has another bye week, so to pass the time Bill Greene is going to answer questions from the BSB subscribers. Here is Part-One of the question/answer session.

bucknnc: Of the current roster, which 5 players have the best shot at a tree in Buckeye Grove? BG: 1- Joey Bosa. 2- Joey Bosa. 3- Joey Bosa. 4- Taylor Decker. 5- J.T. Barrett.

Trailrunner: 1. How many weeks of golf are left in Ohio? 2. Do you see Michigan losing any commits based on the maelstrom in Ann Arbor? If so, does OSU poach any of them? BG: I keep golfing until the snow flies basically, and I'm out there if it's sunny and in the 40's, so we have another month or so. Michigan is in the middle of a mess, and all the recruits come into play and many are taking visits already. For Ohio State, I would think Brian Cole would be someone they would be in contact with. And Darian Roseboro.

chex1868: 1. Will Ferns be a buckeye? If so what LB position? BG: Yes, and be an excellent outside linebacker at Josh Perry's spot.

2. What % of the team listens to country music on purpose? BG: Hopefully, none of them.

3. How many posters on this board do you have on ignore? BG: Nobody, and that's the truth. As long as someone isn't intentionally trolling me to create a stir, I read everything. Instead of ignoring an obvious troll, they just get put to sleep. Works out best for all concerned. This figures out to be maybe one person per year.

MeridianOSU: 1. Can you please project the recruiting class finish? BG: It's going to be interesting because there aren't that many spots left, but a lot of guys still in the mix. If you get Torrance Gibson, Damien Harris and Matthew Burrell, then add in Alex Stump and Jerome Baker, they are about filled. Will be fun to watch them manage things.

2. Will any assistant coaches be moving along, i.e.: Herman or our OL coach this year? BG: You never know, but I would think Tom Herman, Ed Warriner and Chris Ash would all be prime candidates for head coaching jobs at various levels. There could always be a surprise like with Mike Vrabel, who nobody saw coming (or going).

2a. Why did I download the knew IOS on my IPAD? BG: I take it that was a bad move? LOL.

toddzilla76: When does Myers commit to osu? BG: no clue on a time frame, but I think Ohio State is getting Josh Myers. Only a sophomore.

NorthPoleBuckeye: Harris - OSU or KY? BG: Well, this one is getting really interesting. Damien will visit Kentucky again this weekend, which would be visit #12 I believe. He also has an official visit to Kentucky coming in a few weeks, so he should know that program from top to bottom. I know he likes Ohio State a lot, and it's down to those two. My guess would be it's OSU, but that's a guess.

TheNextGreatQB: Who is your worst miss and conversely, which underrated player that you were high on turned into a stud? BG: The biggest miss is being played out right now with Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook, and I get reminded of it on a weekly basis. LOL. He's a heck of a player, and going to play in the NFL for a long time. Certainly a HUGE miss as a two-star recruit. Shameful too, because I knew the kid really well and liked him and his family very much. I wish I had been right on him, and had him as a four-star, but you learn from your mistakes and move on.

The biggest "HIT" would still be Brian Hartline, who I had as a future NFL player when he was a sophomore in high school struggling to play quarterback. The track hurdle times were incredible, and the work ethic was off the charts. Most message board folks at the time thought he was a Mount Union kid, while I stuck to my guns that would be a multi-year starter at a top college and have a long NFL career. My biggest joy in the business is calling kids to be Ohio State type talents BEFORE they even have one offer, and then watching OSU offer one day. Recent examples would be Dre'Mont Jones, Denzel Ward, Eric Glover-Williams and Kyle Berger.

ToledoBucks2121: I would like to know your opinion on the whole Braxton situation next year. Does Meyer sit Barrett next year even if he throws for like 30 tds or do you think he may split time with Brax next year? BG: I would think Ohio State is 100% planning on starting Braxton next year, without question. I just think if J.T. keeps doing what he's doing, they have to look at keeping him in there as the starter. They just might be able to do more things with J.T., but that is a long way off. If he gacks it up down the road a few times, you can scratch that thought. LOL.

And on the same note, if Braxton gets all the snaps do you think Barrett is fine with being a back up for a whole year? BG: Part of the reason I've always been so high on J.T, is his mental makeup, which I think shows maturity beyond his years. He comes from a great family, and I think he would be the perfect player to give it back to Braxton for a year if asked to do so.

dirtysouthbucks: how has Danny Clark been doing this year? very early, but any notions on how good/deep 2017 class in Ohio is shaking out? BG: Danny is having a fine year, but they are a running team for the most part this year, which keeps him from putting up great numbers. He is progressing just fine. The 2017 class sure looks pretty sweet, but it is still very early. Last year at this time we thought 2016 was going to be pretty special, and I think we were correct.

no7rws: bank - will you at any point arrange a scout golf outing? or please appoint someone that will lol... BG: This is like the military brother, where if you make a suggestion then you get the job. Have fun with it, and I'm willing to travel to any city in Ohio. Please update us on your outing, with dates, times, etc.

poodeseedy: What's your football background as a player or coach? When did you first realize you had an eye for talent? BG: Great question. I played baseball and basketball growing up, not football. I'm a football fan, first and foremost, certainly not a journalist. LOL. I've always loved recruiting, going back to the '80's, when you got ZERO recruiting news. I had a great contact at OSU back in those days, who was an athletic committeeman and a great friend. He let me know everything that was going on with Earle Bruce and John Cooper. When I jumped on the internet in the early '90's, I would post on the old AOL message boards. There was only AOL and Compuserve back then. I would basically do what I do now, but for no money. I would go to games and watch players I knew OSU was recruiting, then post about the top kids on the AOL college football message boards. College coaches started frequenting message boards back then, and I was smart enough to use my own name so they tracked me down and called me. I learned from these guys over the years what they're looking for, and it was not easy to learn. I developed some great friendships with college coaches over the years, and it's been fun to watch them move up and down the food chain.

I was blessed to be able to watch film with the Akron coaches back in the day, and they showed me what the fan was missing and what they needed to see. When Bucknuts came of age, I just slid in there as an unpaid correspondent because I loved talking football and recruiting. Eventually, they had me write articles on kids and do recruiting for them for a part-time, paid position. At the time, I was a sales rep for Frito-Lay. Eventually, made me a great offer to go with them in 2006, and I've never looked back on that great choice. I retired from Frito-Lay at the end of 2009, and took on a bigger role with Scout. The rest is what you see today. I'm very, very lucky that the sites popped up that cover recruiting, and I count my blessings every day.

BG: This is probably a good stopping point for this Q/A. Will get to the others later on today and post them. You can follow up to these questions/answers on the message board when this article is posted. Thanks.

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