BankBag: Mid-Year Edition PART-TWO

Ohio State has another bye week, so to pass the time Bill Greene is going to answer questions from the BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Two of the question/answer session.

MAREK36: Why is Michigan States defense is so dominant compared to ours ? I feel OSU has more recruited talent but the discipline is lacking in executing the system.

BG: Ohio State has struggled defensively for the past few seasons, and now they're in the midst of a total scheme change. The flip side is Michigan State with Mark Dantonio and Pat Narduzzi has been established for years, running the same system. That makes a huge difference, and it's been shown on the field. I do think MSU has good talent, and that defensive staff is the absolute best at developing the talent they have on the roster. I would put Michigan at the opposite end of the development chart.

WBURGBUCKI: 2015 opening day is Hoke still clapping in the big house?

BG: Unless he goes off on a miracle run and strings a bunch of wins together, I would say there's not much chance of Coach Hoke returning to Michigan for 2015.

buckeyebones: 1. Why does our press coverage not utilize more bumps at the LOS?

BG: The first move of a DB in press coverage has to be with his hands, or the party is basically over at that point. If a DB is bad with his initial hand action, or isn't comfortable using his hands, things get rough. I think it's such a new technique, where in the old days at Ohio State it was back off and keep everything in front. They obviously need to be better, but as a fan I would say to watch how they use their hands on the WR at the snap. That tells you if the press is going to be effective right away. As I've said from the jump, this is a work in progress and takes some time to master.

2. What does your gut tell you about Joey Burrow's future as a buckeye?

BG: I thought he was pretty good the times I saw him last summer, and I think I saw him three times in person. I have not seen him yet live, but the film is pretty impressive and he kind of reminds me of a younger J.T. Barrett in some ways.

ScarletNGrayBuck: What's your best guess on what may happen with Noah Spence? I always thought he'd be one of our best DL in a long time.

BG: I really have no idea what Noah is going to do, and I just hope he gets things straightened out with his life off the field. I covered Noah at the Under Armour Game, and really liked him. His dad, Greg, is just a super guy, so my heart aches for them as one parent to another.

BucksNLions: Excluding the bowl game, do you still believe that this team will lose more than 2 games this year?

BG: Yes, I do. I've seen nothing this year that I didn't expect, so right now I would say "they are who we thought they were." Excuse the Dennis Green reference, LOL.

What early defections do you anticipate in the offseason and do you see next year's team being a top 3 or top 5 group?

BG: I don't see any early NFL guys on this team right now, but it's still early. If this team can get better over the course of the year, I do think this can be a Top-5 type of team next season.

pds1515: I just moved to Pembroke Pines, Fl and wondered what the good golf courses are (for a hack like myself). I'm terrible and just like to play (at a place that doesn't mind me tearing up the course)!

BG: Got just the place for you. You are very close to Orangebrook Country Club, which is exactly the place you are looking for. Located in Hollywood, just down the street basically from PP. They have 2 18-hole courses, and a great driving range. Course is not in great shape overall, but perfect for what you described.

Grant87: How bad does Wisconsin and PSU losing to Northwestern hurt the B1G?

BG: They are who they are. I was surprised at the Wisconsin loss, but Penn State is going to have games like that until they rebuild their numbers, talent and depth. I'm not sure the conference takes a hit with those losses at all, because nobody was all that high on any of those three nationally anyway. A few weeks ago, the BIG fans went nuts over wins over Missouri, Pitt and Miami of Florida. When that's your signature week, it's official that your league sucks.

MasterBuckeye: Please rank these Ohio cities in high school talent year to year: Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo.

BG: I would go Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Canton, Akron, Toledo. Cincinnati would be the clear leader for me, with Columbus and Cleveland being close. The next four would be pretty close as well.

rollymolly2: Do we sign a JUCO OL in this class? Do we flip Baker? Do we sign Burrell?

BG: I would answer in order: Possibly. Definitely. Probably.

BuckeyeBash22: Bill..... you said you're a Steelers fan. In your opinion, what the hell is wrong with them? Thoughts on Tomlin/Haley/LeBeau as coaches?

BG: I am a fan, but Sundays are so hectic in my job that I don't follow them like I used to. I do not watch every game start to finish, so I'm not sure I'm the best one to answer. My feeling is they've lost their identity with a terrible offensive line, and they do not run the ball enough at all. They get the QB killed now, which results in turnovers and not controlling the line of scrimmage.

ohio12: Do you think expansion is dead? If not then who do you think will be next... Not just in BIG but any moves?

BG: I don't think we've seen the end of conference realignment just yet. The Big-12 and Notre Dame aren't settled, and movement from Notre Dame, Oklahoma or Texas could still shake up college football.

Do you see any coaches leaving or changes?

BG: All coaches want to move up, except maybe for Luke Fickell, who with the six kids might be totally happy staying at OSU forever. Gotta see how recruiting ends and the on-field results go to see if there are any changes that do not involve promotions.

Michigans next head coach?

BG: Just too hard to predict. I do not see either Harbaugh or Les Miles going there, although The Hatter might be worth tracking as this season falls apart in Bayou Country.

Is football in Ohio declining as badly as some indicate?

BG: I think the junior class is really good, and like things used to be in the glory days. The sophomore class also appears to be very strong, but the past two years were only average overall. Not sure what the future brings.

KansasCityBuckeye: Can you describe what the day-to-day Michigan locker room must feel like? What the coaching staff/ player relationship must look like. What the relationship with the student body would look like.

BG: It is probably very similar to what Ohio State went through in the days between when Jim Tressel left, and Urban Meyer showed up. VERY BLEAK. I told OSU fans at the time to draw a line with a Sharpie right through the season, and look to the future. I would advise Michigan fans the same way today. On the field is going to suck, and recruiting is going to suck. That sucks. It's just a bad atmosphere in the locker room, and the players know the coaches are going through torture. There's no excitement within the student body either, and it makes for a rough year.

krg99: Bank, you mentioned in another thread that we still aren't where we need to be at WR, and OL. I think we all understand the OL recruiting issues, but I wanted to see if you would clarify what you meant by the WR unit no being to be where we want it as of yet. Is this a talent problem with the current group, or is the group talented but just too green?

BG: The players on the field for Ohio State at the wide receiver positions are all older players, as Devin Smith, Evan Spencer, Mike Thomas and Corey Smith are all multiple years out of high school. I think Thomas and Corey Smith can play better, but I don't see them as having that high of a ceiling as say maybe a Johnnie Dixon would. I don't think any of the Top-10 teams in America would trade their WR's for Smith, Smith, Thomas and Spencer. You need more talent.

We have recruited a ton of WR/HBack type players in Urban's time here, and if we are still lacking talent wise that would be somewhat disheartening imo.

BG: There is a huge difference between the outside guys, who I've mentioned above, and the slot guys like Dontre Wilson, Jalin Marshall and Curtis Samuel, who are specialty players. I was referring to the outside guys as not quite good enough. The specialty guys are really good, but you need both position groups being strong.

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