BankBag: Mid-Year Edition PART-THREE

Ohio State has another bye week, so to pass the time Bill Greene is going to answer questions from the BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Three of the question/answer session.

mojobanger: Who do you think will be the next head coach up north? Where is the best Italian food in Ohio? Who does Torrance Gibson compare to as a qb?

BG: If I had to make a wild guess on that, I would preface it by saying I don't think it's either Harbaugh or Les Miles. But if there would be an obvious home run hit up there maybe it's Les Miles? He might want to finish his career where it started, and things are a little sour right now at LSU. The Hatter would be the best thing to prop up a pretty drab and boring, old conference.

For Italian food, now you are speaking my language because I'm a pasta-lover from way back and could eat it every single day. I'm no snob-type at all, and could eat Ragu out of a can and be thrilled. But there is a place in Parma (near Cleveland) called Corleones that is just great.

Torrance Gibson would be a left-handed Terrelle Pryor in a lot of ways. He can run the ball all over the field and might be more athletic, where TP was more of a straight line speed guy. I would say Pryor is a better thrower and can read defenses a whole lot better than Torrance. Both would be classified as athletes trying to become quarterbacks.

1BuckeyeChuck: Do you feel we will have a strong finish to this years recruiting class? You have been critical of our passing offense. Do you see any more complexity this year? What are our top 3 recruiting positions of need? This year and next.

BG: Yes, I do think this class will finish strong and there might be more guys that want in than they have room for. They might be rethinking some of the earlier commitments at this point.

To me, the passing game needs to be operational in the fourth quarter of a close game, not blowing out the girls and setting school records. Watch the fourth quarters against Michigan State, Clemson and Virginia Tech, and you can see an offense that needs to score and move the ball, but can't. I'm not sure that's part of their arsenal, but we should know that coming up. I'm very encouraged by Barrett's ability to find open receivers and go through progressions, but would want to see it when the money is on the line be 100% better than Va Tech.To play press man coverage, they need more cover corners and they know that. Denzel Ward has a chance to be good, and I think they start Eric Glover-Williams on defense. They will always need offensive linemen, but the 2014 class is exactly what they need. They have too many average linebackers on the roster, and I worry about Kyle Berger's knee and Sam Hubbard's position. Take three this year.

acbucksfan4: Who are the main OL targets remaining on the board? How many OL do you think end up in the class?

BG: I know Derek has said there are a few JUCO's they've contacted, but the only guy I know they have a real shot with would be Matthew Burrell. I think they need four, but I would only take two more high-end guys because the two they have now are projects. I would want more Jamarco Jones and Demetrius Knox types.

acbucksfan4: Do you see any current commits going elsewhere by the end of the year? Not looking for names, just numbers.

BG: There might be one in play for de-committing, but I don't see much happening on the negative end at all. I wouldn't be concerned here, and any attrition within the class would probably be to make room for better players.

victor64: Which of the three star recruits in this class do you like the most? Is Dotson's issue talent or effort?

BG: I would go with Denzel Ward, and I'm trying to get his 3 moved up to a 4. I like Kyle as a person and really have no idea why things haven't clicked with him to this point. I do think he has talent, and if anyone can get the most out of his talent it would be Ed Warriner.

Chidragon: Recruiting update on Alex Stump? What was and is extend of his injury?

BG: I think Alex is facing a tough decision between Ohio State and Kentucky, and it might have gotten tougher with the Wildcats just landing two of his teammates last weekend. In the end, I think Stump commits to Ohio State, and it might be soon.

His injury is diagnosed as a lisfranc fracture, which was a bone was broken in the middle of his foot. He will not play again this year, but this is expected to heal well and not affect his future in football.

natek10: Does Dave Berk sleep in onesie Notre Dame pajamas with built in feet? Side question... Who wins in a street fight. John Simon's dad or Schlegal?

BG: I have actually shared living quarters with Dave on a few occasions, and I have to say this is false. But anything else would definitely fall under the "TMI" rule. Without question it's Papa Simon. While Schegal needed all his strength, football training and muscle to stop the 145-pound geek that ran on the field, Mr. Simon would have just stepped onto the field and stared the guy back into stands. For Mr. Simon to raise a finger it would have to be at least 10 guys charging the field with guns. That would be almost fair for the intruders.

BuckinATL: When do we expand again? B1G.

BG: To be honest, I never follow that stuff at all and find it extremely boring. I just like football, so I'm the wrong guy to ask that stuff. Nevada has the best info on that stuff with his connections inside Ohio State, so I would always follow him for that stuff.

ihatepondscUM: Bank, Warriner seems excited about the Feder/Schmidt combo and the remainder of his OL class. I haven't had time to look over film......what are your major concerns WRT these prospects?

BG: Warriner did have both players in camp, so he has seen them up close and personal. For me, I thought Schmidt was OK in camp, but I think the guys they chased early in the process and lost are better. For Feder, he has the frame but I wish he actually played offensive line in high school. But they both could be OK. I don't think he's too excited over the remainder of his O-line class, because I don't think he has a clue who else it will be other than the two committed. We shall see how it ends.

jamie624: When the dust settles up in scUM land. Are there any defectors we might be interested in?

BG: I know wide receiver Brian Cole was always interested in Ohio State, and needing players at the position like they do, I would think they would continue to chase him. I think OSU sees Tyree Kineel as a safety, and they want corners right now. Darian Roseboro could be a defensive tackle they like.

gulfbuck: I have noticed a lot of coaches when inside the five yard line stay in the shotgun. Urban does this why not go under center with are big QB and just pound it in?

BG: It's all about philosophy and I actually like the shotgun-spread inside the five yard line, because it gets a lot of defenders out of a short area. The only time I would like them under center would be the fourth-and-one plays. I hate seeing a snap taken five yards behind the line of scrimmage and handed to a runningback two yards in back of the quarterback. Hard to run seven yards to pick up one.

Irishguy: How is Danny Clark progressing in HS football as a QB? Have you seen any of his games? What are the chances we get the 2016 Maryland QB, Dwayne Haskins I believe his name is?

BG: Danny is not throwing the ball a lot this year because they are a running team, but he is coming along really well. He does really well throwing the ball under pressure when his team is behind, and that's a good trait to have. I think Ohio State has a great shot at landing Haskins, and he's a good one.

anaheimBUCK: If the situation appears to be appropriate to do so, in order to maximize playing time over his total career at OSU, do you think Danny Clark would ever agree to grey shirt ?

BG: I do not see a scenario where any great high school player would do that. I also don't see the need for Danny to do that in his case. To look down the road, when J.T. Barrett is a senior at Ohio State, Danny Clark would be a redshirt freshman. That seems perfect to me. Having one year between all the quarterbacks is ideal, and I don't see Ohio State being overloaded when Danny gets there.

BuckeyeinCA: Who is currently the best team in the country in your eyes?

BG: This would seem to be a wide open year to me, but if I had to pick a few teams I would go with Florida State, Auburn and Alabama. In any order. But that list could change quickly. I don't even like to look at polls or try to rank teams until you get close to the end of the schedule, because things can change so quickly.

BuckeyeNatural: What prospects does OSU have a shot at flipping once coaches are fired at the end of the year? ScUM's class would be vulnerable, any chance of getting Cole? And what if Kelly does jump pro, Taylor or Crawford possibilities? Or any other situations you could see benefiting us in this regard?

BG: I would say Brian Cole would be a big target, and I think he would be very appealing to Ohio State. I wouldn't think Crawford or Taylor would come into play, because Notre Dame is one of the few schools that the coach leaving might not be as disastrous as other schools. I think Ohio State is really up against things with numbers, and might not be in a position to add a lot of players at the end.

mancow3: Dymonte Thomas - when does he "flip?"

BG: I just wish they would let the kid play. He has talent, but I don't think they see it that way. Like with a lot of their players.

BuckWrestler141: I remember how shocked we (the board) were when we used a scholarship on Bryce Haynes the long snapper. At this point how does his game compare to other long snappers. Next year he is a redshirt senior, will he have a chance at the NFL?

BG: When you never think about these guys, it usually means they are doing their jobs perfectly. I never give Haynes a thought at all. Why? Because all the snaps are good. This should get him an NFL tryout.

azbucknut: Nevada has stated that BIG10 schools have until a certain time (I thought he said 2016) to implement a spending strategy focused on bettering their football programs. Kind of a "minimum" on moving towards excellence. Do you have any info on this and how it will play out?

BG: I wouldn't know anything about that all. I wish them luck on their plan going forward. It won't be easy for some of these teams to do much better than they are today. Tough conference to build.

ohiostate2002NC: why does Brionte not get more carries at end of games when outcome is already determined. what do you think of WR blocking down the field so far this year ? can it be better. Was Steve Miller a recruiting miss ?? ranked higher then he should be based on his play. Who are best cover covers ranking them from 1 to 4 in your opinion Do you think Cardale Jones transfers after this year given the obvious ? how do you rank the performance of Baldwin so far giving him a school grade, A,B- etc

BG: Wow, lots of stuff there. Brionte will get the ball more when he shows in practice he deserves more carries. The wide receivers blocking seems to be good, but in all honesty that's not what I want out of them or watch. Steve Miller has been a contributor all his career, so no he was not a recruiting miss by Ohio State. He is definitely a miss for me, as I had him way too high coming out of high school. Cover corners would be Grant, Apple, Conley and Reeves. Cardale Jones needs to decide what he wants out of his career, and go from there. If he wants to be the starter, a transfer to the MAC might be best. Baldwin has been serviceable so far, but his grade will come after the season.

tresdaman: When does the 16 class get rolling? Who is the next to commit?

BG: Tough to say who is next, but I would say they are primed to have a monster recruiting year. If I had to guess, I would go with Kierre Hawkins committing very, very soon.

chex1868: Very tough places to win, but they have won in the past when the right head coaches were in place. Not sure either has that today.

WIBUckeye: Who does OSU finish the 2015 class with?

BG: Even Urban Meyer couldn't answer this one, but I would go with guys like Stump, Baker, Gibson, Harris, Burrell and a few surprises.

buckeyeinsc: What has spurred OSU to finally kind of breakthrough in getting talent out of Cincinnati? For the longest time most of those kids went ND, out of state, etc. But recent uptick with Hubbard and Hilliard indicates that OSU is making some serious inroads...because of?

BG: Great question, and I'm not sure there's any great secret here and if there is, I don't know it. Ohio State and Notre Dame will always battle for the GCL kids, but the Buckeyes have grabbed two good ones in Hubbard and Hilliard. Have to see how thing go from here, but you raise any interesting point.

CleATCBuckeye: Who are your favorite posters to read or even 'follow' in terms of their football acumen, insight, or connections to the program?

BG: It wouldn't be fair to list them, because I'm going to forget someone and get in trouble. Let's just say that this is one of the best "non-insider" message boards in the entire Scout network. There are more knowledgeable people on this board that aren't Scout employees than any board I frequent. This message board could stand alone without any of the Scout/BSB employees. I truly believe that.

FunkyBuck: Call the MSU/OSU game score as you see it right now, I will not hold you to it? What Running back does Ohio State end up with this year Harris, Scott, Weber, Somebody we don't know? Nevada posted Warriner's thoughts on the oline attributed to one of the Wiseman - do you share his assessment on the talent of the oline (that after this recruiting class we will be where we need to be talent wise).

BG: Michigan State 31 Ohio State 28. I still see Damian Harris. I think the offensive line talent was improved with the 2014 class. It still needs upgraded this class and next. I think Ed Warriner is one of the best in the business, and would love to see him have a bunch of studs to work with again, like he had last year.

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