Visualize It: Buckeye Production By State

Through six games, Ohio State's football team has been getting varied production in all facets of the game. But where is the production coming from on a map? We have the answer in these graphics put together by 614 Analytics.

Ohio State's offense has been all about distribution this year, which got us to thinking -- how have the Buckeyes offensive stats been distributed by state this year?

Luckily enough, the crew at 614 Analytics thought the same thing. When looking at the production of the Buckeyes this year by offensive touchdowns scored, it paints a pretty neat picture of where the Buckeyes have recruited and where the talent is coming from.

The map shows what we already knew, in some ways. Ohio, of course, is the epicenter of the Buckeyes' talent, but recent work on the east coast, in California and in the Midwest/Texas has resulted in a boon for the Buckeyes as well. (Click on the image to see it full size)

Things are pretty similar on defense, but the south factors in much more. The Buckeyes have critical defensive players from Florida, Georgia and Virginia as well as strong east coast ties, a focus of recruiting since head coach Urban Meyer and his staff came on board.

The maps drive home one of the critical messages of Ohio State football and its recruiting -- the strength of Ohio State football will always be the Buckeye State, but finding the best football players from all across America is also an important priority.

Be sure to check out 614 Analytics for more or check out their Twitter feed.

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