OSU Assistants: Warinner and Ash

Ed Warinner and Chris Ash filled in reporters Monday on a number of topics, including positives and negatives they took out of the Buckeyes' win at Michigan State. They also looked ahead to the challenges Minnesota will present.

The man who directs the offensive line and the coach of the Ohio State secondary spoke with reporters Monday, two days after a big win in East Lansing. They talked about some of the things they saw there and more.

Ed Warinner, offensive line coach/co-offensive coordinator

  • He described Billy Price as a young guy who continues to develop and get better. A lot of that is about experience and confidence. He gave up a sack but it was on a play where the ball could have been thrown quicker. Overall he is playing well and that was his best game.
  • Asked about Jacoby Boren, Warinner said he leads by example with how he practices, competes and works on his game. He was the first person at the facility on Monday, an off day, to watch film, work out and get better. He understands what he's watching and he is very physical. Someone asked a nonsensical question about Boren no longer being undersized, and Warinner said they still remind him he is short even after he grades out as a champion or is named offensive player of the game again, but he is a winner. Size doesn't always determine how well a player will play. Being a good player is mostly about executing what you're supposed to do.
  • Regarding the offensive line as a whole, people want to see a finished product after training camp is over, but that's not how it works. The Buckeyes are playing well as a full team, and experience helps with improvement. Things are coming together as planned. Someone asked how Warinner has gotten the line to improve and he said, "That's why they call me coach." Essentially he tells them what they need to do to get better, they do it and then they get better. If they are willing to be trained, it works. Experience gives them the knowledge to put what the've learned into action better.
  • Asked about Darryl Baldwin, Warinner said he is a great example of how if you are willing to take coaching, it is never too late to blossom. He had to learn offensive line fundamentals, a new terminology and the offense, but he is playing at a consistently high level now. Baldwin is playing as well as they expected he could.
  • Ezekiel Elliott has great energy and is very explosive. He has good vision and can read and set up blocks with natural instincts. He explodes through seams. He's also a very aggressive blocker. Stan Drayton has done a good job developing his natural ability, and he is fun to watch. He's perfect for their system because he has the speed to run outside and the power to run between the tackles.
  • Asked about play calling at Michigan State, he said they had a good plan going in and were able to stick to it. The Spartans did not do anything out of the ordinary.

  • Chris Ash, secondary coach/co-defensive coordinator

  • Minnesota is well coached on offense. The offensive line is physical and their backs run hard. The tight ends are good blockers, and they have a scheme that does a good job involving power and misdirection. David Cobb is a good downhill runner, but their success starts with the offensive line. They are an A-gap power team.
  • The Golden Gophers have a high yards-per-completion average because they like to go deep off play action when they get single coverage on receivers or their tight end. Tight end Maxx Williams is a tough matchup because he's big and athletic. He is also a good blocker.
  • The Ohio State defense did not finish the game the way he wanted it to at Michigan State and that was frustrating. They have to work on playing four quarters of defense.
  • Eli Apple responded really well to a big challenge. He did not practice last week, but when they told him after a couple of series that they needed him, he answered the bell. He gave up a touchdown late, but he made plays throughout the game in the run and the pass game. The coaches are excited about his future. He showed grit and toughness, including making the stop when Michigan State tried to run it on fourth down. They had run that play before and he set the edge but they didn't get the fill they needed from the safety. Apple showed a lot of character at East Lansing.
  • The pass defense played well enough to win, but he was disappointed with the yardage they allowed. They wanted to cover tight early then later made sure they were protecting the middle of the field after they had a big lead. Again he wants to see it for four quarters.
  • Asked if he is concerned about the rushing defense, he responded, "Absolutely." There were some problems with run fits and defeating blocks. They also need to work on swarming to the ball to prevent medium plays from becoming big plays.
  • Michael Bennett hasn't put up great numbers so far, but he is playing at a high level. He's drawing a lot of double teams and creating opportunities for others to clean up. The offensive line scheme must account for him and for Joey Bosa. Bennett has been outstanding disrupting both the run and the pass.
  • Ash said Michigan State deserves a lot of credit for how it schemed to slow down Bosa. They threw a lot of quick passes to try to avoid pressure and did a good job protecting when Ohio State blitzed. Bosa was active but he did get frustrated at his lack of production.

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