J.T. Barrett: "I Try Hard To Be The Same."

Now that J.T. Barrett seems firmly in the Heisman race, the Ohio State quarterback says he's trying not to let the attention and hype get to him.

When J.T. Barrett came out to meet with the media Wednesday for a few minutes after his regularly scheduled quarterbacks meeting, the assembled throng sprinted to get in good position to interview the Ohio State quarterback.

Yes, things have changed a bit recently for Barrett, who three months ago went from anonymous backup quarterback at Ohio State to starter with the injury to Braxton Miller. And then, in his first 10 games, he put up a school-record 38 touchdowns (29 passing, nine rushing) to vault into the race for the Heisman Trophy.

It's all come fast for Barrett, but the Texas native says he's trying to be the same J.T.

"I hope it doesn't change me," he said of the attention. "I try hard to be the same."

As for being Heisman consideration -- and his head coach said Monday he deserves to be -- Barrett simply said he was grateful for the chance.

"It's kind of crazy to think about," he said. "That's really never on my mind."

See all that Barrett had to say as he met with the media Wednesday in preparation for Saturday's game with Indiana in Ohio Stadium.

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