Get Excited. It's Michigan Week.

The Game needs no introduction. It's Michigan Week in Columbus. Get pumped for Saturday's 111th version of The Game with these videos, plus some quotes from Ohio State players in the aftermath of yesterday's win vs. Indiana.

After yesterday's win against Indiana that clinched the Big Ten East Division title for Ohio State, running back Ezekiel Elliott was asked a question about getting ready to face Michigan for the first time as a starter.

Elliott refused to answer the question. The reporter had said Michigan, a no-no inside the Ohio State program, where the rival school is known as either That Team Up North or That School Up North.

“You’re not going to say that in our house," Elliott said. When the reporter wouldn't budge, Elliott simply said, "Oh well.”

Later, the Ohio State running back made his feelings clear about Michigan.

"We just hate that school up there so we’re about grind really hard this week so we come out and kick their ass," Elliott said.

Yes. It's Michigan week. It's time for war.

Urban Meyer: “We don't worry above and beyond this week. We know the history of this game. Regardless of records or anything, the most motivated, most prepared team will win this next game. That's this rivalry. I know this rivalry. And the most prepared team, most focused team will win this game.”

Tyvis Powell: "Forget the record, that doesn’t mean anything. They’re going to come and give us their best shot. The whole season is based on this last game. That’s how you talk about the season, whether you won or lost against The Team Up North. So we are going to give it everything we’ve got and they’re going to give it everything they’ve got.”

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