BankBag: Thanksgiving Part-One

Ohio State is humming right along heading into this week's rivalry game with Michigan. How are things in Buckeye Land the week of Thanksgiving? Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers in Part-One.

teech: Can Ohio State right the ship in run def before the b1g title game? If so, how? Are you impressed with the teams resilience the past few weeks or concerned with the turn overs, etc?

BG: Long way before the title game and we don't know who the opponent will be. Will look at that closer next week. The turnovers are slightly concerning to me. It needs corrected. Simply put. It's the biggest recipe for losing in football at any level.

hillsbuck: What is your impression of our safety play in run defense the last 3~4 games?

BG: Neither player has been all that impressive lately in run support, with both taking poor angles and not being very aggressive. I would add in the linebackers and defensive tackles to that list as well. People are getting moved off the ball on the defensive line, where they weren't earlier in the year. Not sure why. If the D-line controls their area, the safety play doesn't stick out as much.

Todd2854: In all honesty, what is Jameis's Winston's reputation if he were here playing for Urban Meyer? Kind of wondering what college coaches say/think about him behind closed doors.

BG: I think coaches evolve over time and learn from their mistakes. I don't think the Urban Meyer of today handles discipline like the Florida Urban Meyer did. Not sure I understand the question, but Winston is definitely not being held accountable for his actions by Jimbo Fisher at this point. Winning makes people sometimes look the other way on things.

akauffman: 3 years into the Coach Meyer era, have the players bought into Coach's system and do they love playing for him?

BG: There's no way to answer that without polling each and every player on the team, and that's not happening. What I would go by is what you see on the field on a weekly basis. In three years, how many times after a game have you heard players say they were flat or not ready to play? Maybe never is the answer. They play really well nearly every week, and on the rare occasions they don't play well, they still play hard. There have been no games mailed in over three years to date. I think that answers your question best.

Llamajudge: I'm sure you have answered this before but: What is the best news you had to sit on and for how long? And, what is the worst news you had to sit on?

BG: Tough one to answer for the good. I would say the Ryan Shazier commitment to Ohio State, because I had it the morning of but had to wait until he announced it at his parent's graduation party for him. Add in all day having folks on the BSB message board questioning me about my optimism, because they KNEW he wasn't coming to Ohio State. LOL.

BG: The bad would have been sitting on the Johnny Simon injury the week before the Michigan game. I knew he wasn't playing, but was asked by his family to hold it until game time, which I did. It wasn't sad holding the info, because I had no problem with that. It was sad seeing fans commenting on his Senior Day, and I knew it wasn't going to happen. Johnny was a great kid, from a great family.

kozm0: Duron Carter had an impressive season in the CFL. Why no interest from the NFL?

BG: I think Duron will be in the NFL next year. I'm going to look into the Ouija Board and say he plays for Indianapolis next year.

akauffman: What kind of impact has Larry Johnson had on the DL? Don't see as much rotation as Coach Meyer talks about every week. Are Hill, Schutt, Munger, etc., a disappointment so far?

BG: I like Coach Johnson a lot, and I'm a huge Mike Vrabel fan, so the beat goes on with these guys. Rotating sounds so good, until you actually try to decide which series you are taking Joey Bosa out of the game for Tyquan Lewis. Or when do you sub Chris Carter in for Michael Bennett? The dropoff is so far that it's just not that easy.

Rovers: Happy Thanksgiving Bank. I think Zeke Elliot has one year left do you agree? Samuel is a pretty sweet RB and after that we are down. Who do you think would be the best RBs in the 2016 class?

BG: I do see Zeke bolting after next year, but you never know. Still not sold on Samuel as an every down back just yet. Elliott is called upon to run between the guards a lot, and he blocks like crazy. Hard for me to see Samuel doing those things, but maybe I'm dead wrong. For 2016, I see Ohio State getting one from Damien Harris, L.J. Scott or Mike Weber.

buckmill: What are your thoughts on the offensive linemen we are bringing in this year's class?

BG: I think an awful lot of Matthew Burrell and loved him when I saw him in person. I did not see Kevin Feder in camp all that much, because the day he was there I was watching the young DB's and WR's from Ohio most of that session. Looking back, I wish I had spent more time watching Feder. I was not all that impressed with Grant Schmidt at camp. He said he wasn't very good afterwards. I agreed. But, Ed Warriner could take three chess players from South America and I would be cool with it. He has that much capital with me right now, LOL.

WBURGBUCKI: If you could get anyone of the three remaining running backs (Scott, Harris, Weber), which one would you take for OSU and why?

BG: They are all pretty similar in talent to me, so I would like any of them on my team. I think OSU would take a commitment from any of three tonight and be thrilled. If I had to pick one, it would be L.J. Scott because he's the biggest one and a great all around athlete. But the other two are just as good.

boobuck: What in your opinion is wrong with the defense?

BG: Great question. I wish I had more of a detailed answer than "they just aren't playing real well right now." I still think it all starts up front, and I don't think that unit has been as good lately as they were earlier. I think a lot of Chris Ash and his philosophy, so I believe in him. I DO think you might see a MONSTER effort against Michigan this week.

onassis: Bill, what would be your 3 man parlay for the next Head Coach at both Florida and TSUN?

BG: Two great jobs. Both should be able to attract great head coaches. For Florida, I just think David Cutcliffe at Duke makes so much sense in a lot of ways. If they go the unknown coordinator route, I think Chad Morris of Clemson is really special. For Michigan, they NEED Jim Harbaugh, but I just don't see that happening for them. Les Miles would be another long-shot, but it's hard to see that at his age. A guy I think a lot of as a coach and as a person would be Bret Bielema. He would be perfect at Michigan, but I'm not sure he would leave Arkansas. He can coach, as evidenced by what he's done with the Arkansas dumpster fire he inherited, and players love playing for the guy. If Harbaugh and Miles weren't available, I would look seriously at Bielema.

akbuckeye: Do you see the playoff going to a system Where all conference champions make the Playoffs? which will eliminate all human bias And the teams decide a champion on the field?

BG: I absolutely see this happening down the road, just as you've laid it out. I love the system as it is, and would never put in an undeserving team just because they won a cruddy conference, but that's where this is headed for sure.

akauffman: Impressions of OSU's kicking game. I understand kicking it short and pinning teams deep but, Meyer can't be happy about kyle clinton kicking it out of bounds numerous times.

BG: I understand Urban Meyer loving the thought of pinning the returner against the sideline, and having five guys smash him. For me, just kick the ball down the middle as far as you can and get the touchback.

3vfarm: Rank in order: 1. pumpkin pie 2. Pecan pie 3. Sweet potato pie 4. Cherry pie 5. Apple pie.

BG: Piece of cake, horrible pun I know. Let's go: Cherry. Apple. Pumpkin. Pecan. Sweet Potato.

WBURGBUCKI: Does Spence play either this year or next for OSU?

BG: After getting to know Noah and his dad, Greg, during the Under Armour week, I just want him happy and healthy. Easy family to like, so I just want things right for all of them. My guess is we see Noah back on the field for Ohio State next season. Just a guess.

buckatborder: I feel like this team and program are on the upswing even though I would not say we've been down. Of course we have to lose the next two games because you said we'd lose 3, but what is your assessment of the "state of the program"?

BG: I would say the same thing if they were sitting here with three losses right now. The program is solid as it can be. The coaching is strong. The recruiting is at the top of the charts. Things are as good as it can be. Ohio State is probably a year ahead of where I thought they could be, but I never questioned the direction of the program. I thought 2014 would be a rebuilding year, and it looks like that was pretty foolish. This is a young team, one I thought was a year away.

BG: Where I think I was wrong is strictly at the quarterback position, although the O-line has been better than I thought they could be. I always liked J.T. Barrett, but I never thought he would be an improvement over Braxton Miller, but to me he is just that. Ohio State can do more things offensively with a quarterback that is all quarterback, but a lesser athlete. In my opinion, they are now running an offense that can win it all against the big dogs. Third-and-23 wasn't possible with Miller or Pryor, but it is now in my opinion. Being down late in the fourth and having to throw the football every down is something I think they can do now against the SEC. J.T. has had a few bad moments for sure, but he can throw the football when they NEED to, and I haven't seen that since Troy Smith's senior season.

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