BankBag: Thanksgiving Part-Two

Ohio State is humming right along heading into this week's rivalry game with Michigan. How are things in Buckeye Land the week of Thanksgiving? Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers in Part-Two.

ohiostate2002NC: Does OSu make final 4 ?

BG: I'm sticking with YES. Said all along if they win out, they're going to be in. No reason to change yet. I think they're in great shape, and they have the committee's attention. All they can ask for. It seems the Virginia Tech loss is a long time ago.

ohiostate2002NC: Is Bosa too worried about Sacks and rushing passer too often creating gaps that opponents rushing team is exploiting ?

BG: It's hard to answer really. He's such a great player and got off to such a great start, that only natural that teams are going to game-plan for him. Here's one you can Take To The Bank: Joey Bosa is going to create havoc this week against Michigan. Watch for it.

ohiostate2002NC: Who are our next 3 commits not including Bowen?

BG: Too tough to say right now. I would say things are going to heat up after the Big Ten title game in recruiting. There could be some impact official visits in early December.

gulfbuck: If we play Wisconsin in the championship game can we slow Gordon enough to win the game?

BG: They'd better. Not stopping the run and turnovers have been a staple the past few weeks. That gets Ohio State beat against Wisconsin.

ohiostate2002NC: From best to worst dont include Urban, who are our best coaches?

BG: Impossible to answer, but I've got Ed Warriner high on my list. Tom Herman, Chris Ash and Luke Fickell are all highly regarded nationally.

dirtysouthbucks: Any thoughts on defensive backs in this years recruiting class? i like what we have at cornerback with egw, ward and Norwood but I am curious what you think about safeties. Is dean a safety? Can anyone help at that position next year?

BG: Definitely see Jamel Dean as a safety. Not super high on Tyler Green. Watch out for Erick Smith. Still think he has the ability to be a big time player. And Tyvis Powell and Vonn Bell will be better with a year under their belts.

BuckeyeAlum98: Assuming Braxton is 100% next season, what is your guess for the starter next Fall? If the choice were yours alone, would you pick JT or Braxton? If Braxton were 100% and JT were selected as the starter, do you believe that would impact recruiting in any way? I am thinking about perception of "loyalty to an injured player" amongst Ohio HS coaches.

BG: First off, nobody owes anybody anything, other than winning games. My guess is J.T. Barrett starts. If it's my choice, it's DEFINITELY J.T. Barrett, and I love Braxton Miller as a person and as a player. I think the world of Gareon Conley and Brionte Dunn also, but they don't deserve to start right now either. It's not about personality, it's about winning.

BG: Players and coaches know the drill. There's no sentiment in this stuff. Best player plays. Period. There is no loyalty to the injured player if he isn't the best player. That's all BS. Coaches need to win games. High school coaches face it too. It's the reality of sports.

abuckeye15: Does Urban try the Tebow/Leak rotation with Brax/JTB next season?

BG: Actually, it could be more of a Joe Germaine/Stanley Jackso mix, where the snaps are pretty even. Tebow and Leak weren't close to even, as Tim was more of a goal line option. If Braxton is healthy I could see a true 2-QB system. There's no way J.T. Barrett sits out the whole year and plays mop-up against Illinois and Rutgers.

Bronkobuck: Bill, Have you heard any rumors pertaining to a '15 QB commit from SE Ohio, i.e. that he is considering Nebraska because he can go in and start on day one vs. sitting behind JT and company for another 3 years?

BG: No way Joey Burrow leaves. He knew the depth chart. He knew Torrance Gibson was lurking. I do not see Burrow leaving at all.

BuckeyeAlum84: Football question: Is Jeff Heuerman a much stronger NFL prospect than he's given credit for on the TE depth chart? Or is he a fringe guy like Stoneburner? I think former. Turkey Day question: Favorite side dish (non-pie division)?

BG: Heuerman is ranked very high among the tight ends in the 2015 draft, and is much higher than Stoneburner. Side dish on Thanksgiving? That's an easy one. We aren't an Italian family, and we are very traditional with the turkey, dressing and mashed potato thing. But we ALWAYS have lasagna as a side, and I don't get cheated at the plate. Bank That.

bucknutsinurface: How do we matchup with Fsu or Oregon?

BG: WAY too soon to look at that. My first thought is that Oregon is still Oregon, which means I would choose to play them every time. Put up big numbers against bad teams, and wilt against the men. And Jameis Winston scares me, because you have to kill him to beat him. And he ain't died yet.

DFWBuck: What has surprised urban the most since taking over at OSU? Not so much on talent level walking in the door, more what has been a pleasant or negative surprise for him since coming in perhaps around culture, local HS programs, etc.

BG: He has mentioned privately that he thought Ohio high school football was stronger than what it has been. I think he's pretty happy with the type of kid he gets to coach at Ohio State off the field, as opposed to Florida.

BuckeyeL: Jonah Morris, Ruben Flowers, Justin Layne. Discuss. Also, what are the Buckeyes chances with Ben Bredeson, Rashan Gary, Jared Mayden? Lastly, any big time DT or DB prospects in Ohio in 2016? Ohio State caliber?

BG: Jonah Morris has a world of ability, but is way behind as a polished player. What he does over the next six months will determine if he's Ohio State good, or MAC good. Next summer will be huge for him. Flowers is about to get an SEC offer, and the film is awesome, but I have not seen him live yet. Justin Layne is just a consistent, solid receiver. A player that does everything well and makes few mistakes.

BG: The out of state kids are just too tough to guess on right now. Last November who would have predicted the members of the 2015 class would be who they are? Bredeson will be a battle with Wisconsin. Gary is going to be recruited by EVERYONE. Think they have a good shot with Mayden. Not seeing much in-state at defensive tackle or defensive back right now, although Demario McCall could play corner for sure.

irishkiller: Best golf course you've played is???

BG: I've been to a lot of cool courses, but the three that stuck out would be the Golden Horseshoe in Williamsburg, Verandah in Fort Myers, and Turnberry in Miami. In Ohio, I liked Brookside CC in Columbus and Westfield CC out near Lodi. In Stark County, I play mostly at Tam O'Shanter and Pleasantview. I just love playing golf, so I'm good anywhere.

BuckeyeBK: Which qb is in for 2016? Does OSU get the other ol for 16? Who is next commit?

BG: The QB recruiting is really tough, but I would say either Guarantano or Haskins should be guys to watch. Liam Eichenberg is either Ohio State or Notre Dame, and I think it's dead even right now. Next commit? Too tough to say. Maybe Justin Layne or Demario McCall?

YTownDJ: Bill have you had a chance to watch Lynn Bowden yet from Youngstown Liberty? (2017 kid)

BG: I have not seen him in person, but have heard great things. Only seen freshman film so far, and it's really good. Want to see those sophomore highlights.

gstrike001: Bill, Why was Tyree Kinnel never offered at safety and why was Matt Jones never offered at guard? What did the Ohio State coaches not like about both of these prospects?

BG: I think Matt was clearly an inside player, either center or guard and they wanted tackles. Tyree was looked at as a safety only, and they would have taken him if he could play corner. I would take him over Green and/or Davis, but not sure they would agree, LOL.

Beano1967: What was the straw that broke the camel's back with Rod Smith? Is he still matriculating at OSU and working towards his degree?

BG: I believe it was the dreaded "violation of team rules" deal, and I don't think it was the first or second time. Everybody liked Rod, and I believe he is still enrolled in school.

kach22: Has Braxton taken a role in mentoring JT this year, or is the relationship soley with Tom Herman? With the returning players next year, do they see this as Braxton's team or JT's team?

BG: Great question and I do not know the answer and would hate to guess. Braxton being the person he is, it would shock me to hear he isn't helping J.T. on a daily basis. Regarding the returning players, I believe this is Urban's team and the players better do their jobs no matter who is at quarterback. Players want to win, and both quarterbacks have proven they do that really well.

daddybucks: If for inexplicable reasons we win out and don't get a final four invitation, what would be the most likely bowl scenario then for the Buckeyes and who would we play?

BG: I've seen a few different bowl scenarios. The one that made sense was Ohio State vs. TCU in the Cotton Bowl, but it's all a guess right now. I DO see Ohio State in the playoff if they win out.

gstrike001: Bill, what happened with the development of Brionte Dunn and Ron Tanner? Both of them were very good players in high school and have been slow to develop?

BG: Brionte has been injured and that set him back the past month, but there are other backs ahead of him also. Ron Tanner is a great team player, and does what they ask. It's just that Bell, Powell and Smith are viewed as more talented by the coaching staff.

BG: easytorememberjosh: Im curious about the Chris Clarke situation. With the tight numbers, would we consider him if he came knocking and has he reached out at all?

BG: I would certainly hope so, for the pure joy of watching his recruitment up close and personal. He has tortured more different fan bases this year than any other recruit. And the good stuff hasn't even started yet. A fun one to watch, but I'm not sure OSU wants to deal with the drama. They will bring in two tight ends next year.

ohiostate2002NC: Bill ..emotionally, can we invest too much into the Michigan game and not have enough in the tank left for the BIGCG similiar to last year ... do these things actually happen (emotional overhang) or is it something we just use as an excuse when things dont go our way to help explain away a dissapointment.

BG: I don't buy it at all, and see it as an excuse for getting your head knocked off. The Alabama/Auburn rivalry is just as big and just as intense as Ohio State/Michigan. The past FOUR years, the winner has gone on to win the SEC title game and play for the national title. The rivalry has been dulled anyway by what has changed in college football over the past decade, and is nowhere near as important as it was in the past. If you have nothing left in the tank, it means your tank wasn't good enough to begin with.

FlyingRev: No Preview of THE GAME? Honestly, am pretty disappointed.

BG: I hate to disappoint. The past three years I've predicted tight contests, in fact last year I wrote it would go to the wire. Which it definitely did. The talent is really close between these two teams. Really close. The coaching is not close, but it wasn't close last year either, and I had no problem picking Michigan to take it to the wire. This year?

BG: It's OVER at Michigan. With the coaching staff. And the players. The tank is on empty, and has been for over a month. I'm pretty close to what's going on up there and it's not pretty. Coaches looking for their next stop. Younger players exploring transfer options. Older players talking with agents. Do they have the talent to gear up for that one big moment, and send Ohio State reeling to Nowheresville? YES, they do. Will they? NOPE.

BG: I see a butt-whipping supreme coming this week, even though Ohio State is not playing well right now. A leaky defense and turnovers is a great recipe for defeat, but I'm not seeing it this week. Ohio State should come out and start fast, putting pressure on Michigan offensively. That could lead to three-and-outs and turnovers by the Wolverine offense.

BG: I think it gets out of hand before a raucous home crowd and Ohio State wins very comfortably. I see the defense dominating, and J.T. Barrett doing his thing. OHIO STATE 42 MICHIGAN 13.

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