Meyer Monday: Michigan Week

Urban Meyer has a deep understanding of Michigan week, which is in full swing now. Another sign of that was his weekly Monday press conference, at which the head coach updated the team and talked about That Team Up North

Bullet points from Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer's press conference Monday leading up to Saturday's game with Michigan in Ohio Stadium

Offensive Champions from Indiana: Decker, Elflein, Spencer, D. Smith and Corey Smith (was also on every special team). Players of the game Elliott and Marshall

Defensive champions: Bosa, Bell & some others I couldn't catch . Bennett defensive player of the game. Marshall special teams player of game

Meyer: "This is not another game. This is The Game."

Meyer goes into an extended soliloquy about the importance of the rivalry. "You want the players to have fun ... but fun is singing the fight song after a win." There is obviously a lot of focus on that rivalry this week. (See video above.)

Meyer expects to get the best from Michigan. "They're going to give us everything they got, and they got a lot." Says last year was the ultimate example of how the record doesn't matter in this rivalry.

Is his team peaking right now? "If J.T. hits a couple of those passes... coulda, woulda, shoulda, but there were some excellent performances in that game." Mentions turnovers didn't help and then had two run fit issues on defense. "If you compare this team to week one..."

On the wildcat? Didn't use it because of the wear and tear on Marshall. Marshall played 60 plays on Saturday, a lot more than they hoped for. Evan Spencer might have to do some work at H and Corey Smith has helped. Meyer said they've been using more 12 -- one back, two tight ends as well since Nick Vannett is playing so well.

On the "It's Time for War" song. "I only know the name of the song. He's really good at it." Says it might not have been his idea to play the song but kind of smirks about it. "It's completely different" around here. Remembers driving to work in 1986 his first year of the rivalry and seeing anti-Michigan posters around town.

Meyer says he had a talk with his team about no fights this year. "That's not acceptable." Wants to make sure a Marcus Hall situation doesn't happena gain where they lost a guy for the BTCG.

On playing Michigan and then the title game next week: "It's real. When I was at Florida, we had to deal with the FSU game each year. You embrace it and take advantage of it." No conversations about holding anything back.

Childhood memories from Ashtabula: Remembers running an errand with his parents and hearing the game being played over the loudspeakers wherever he was as a small child. Asked if he thought he'd be recruited by OSU, Meyer deadpans, "Of course I did. My mom told me I was a great player."

Can the guys get too hyped up? "I think we try to compartmentalize everything. We're not trying to play the game tomorrow. We're trying to have a great Tuesday practice..." but the guys are reminded what the rivalry is about all week. "Win a Tuesday and then get to Wednesday."

Adds everybody is healthy at the very end.

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