BankBag: Thanksgiving Part-Three

Ohio State is humming right along heading into this week's rivalry game with Michigan. How are things in Buckeye Land the week of Thanksgiving? Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers in Part-Three.

fcubuck: Bill, I know you're pretty close to Danny Clark and the Massillon situation. Do think Danny stays at Massillon? Do you think Danny is Urbans type of qb? It just seems Urban really values an athletic qb above a pocket passer and I don't see Danny as being Uber athletic. I play twice a week in leagues at The Quarry and would love to have you out as a sub.

BG: Danny is not Braxton Miller by any means, but he's going to be a 230-pound, Tim Tebow type at Ohio State. I think Danny will be able to move around in the pocket, and make plays with his feet. But his value is definitely in his left arm. Regarding the Quarry, I actually subbed in a league a few times out there on Thursday afternoon last year. Love that course, and would play golf with you out there anytime.

Todd2854: Do you think Tiger Woods wins anymore Majors? Personally, I think he has one more in the tank.

BG: I definitely think he has one more in him, maybe two. Age and injury is working against him, but the last few times he's been healthy he's been right there. He's not going to break Jack's record, but he will get another Major.

viperdriver: Who is the next coach at tsun?

BG: They want Jim Harbaugh. They NEED Jim Harbaugh. I don't think that's happening, as much as I would like to see it. Moving down the list backwards, you then have Les Miles, Brett Bielema, Greg Schiano, Butch Jones and maybe Pete Lembo. It gets uglier the further down the list you travel.

victor64: Does Taylor Decker leave early? Who steps up for Devin Smith, Evan Spencer, Doran Grant next year? Can you see Elliott leaving after next year?

BG: Decker is doing his due diligence and checking his draft status, as he should. I don't think it's all that far fetched that he gets a good grade and leaves. Gotta see what feedback he receives from the NFL. Devin Smith and Evan Spencer will be replaced by Johnnie Dixon and Jalin Marshall. Marshall will be the superstar next year. Doran Grant's spot will be fought for by Gareon Conley, Damon Webb and Marshon Lattimore. I give the Conley the edge because he's played a little this year. But he needs to get bigger and stronger before next season.

BrunoBuck: Who are your high school picks to make the championship games and then win:

BG: I'm horrible at this, but will play along. If I pick your team, understand you guys have no shot.

DI: - Lakewood St. Edward - Cincinnati Moeller CHAMP: St. Eds.

DII: - Nordonia - La Salle CHAMP: Nordonia

DIII - Athens - Toledo Central Catholic CHAMP: Athens

DIV - Benedictine - Alter CHAMP: Benedictine

DV - Canton Central Catholic - Coldwater CHAMP: Central Catholic

DVI - Kirtland - Minster CHAMP: Kirtland

DVII - St. Paul - Maria Stein CHAMP: Maria Stein

peeblesbuck: Burrows, Gibson, or Clark? Who do you see as the best QB out of that group?

BG: Tough to include Danny, because he's two years behind those guys. I will go with Joey Burrow. He's been amazing this year, and has taken the next step that Danny needs to take.

Warfield: You have the pick ……. Scott or Harris?

BG: I would take L.J. Scott by a whisker, but I would be happy with Harris on my team. L.J. has gotten bigger this year, but kept his speed and cutting ability. Could be a Carlos Hyde type, or maybe I should say LeVeon Bell type.

ohiostate2002NC: why is Kyle Dodson not yet playing alot when he was a 4* and now been at OSU since 2012 ?

BG: Once you arrive on campus your stars go away, and at that point it's all about commitment to the program, following orders on and off the field, work ethic, dedication and totally buying into the program. Kyle has enough talent to play at this level.

InTresselTrust: Is our OL national championship level? Will it be next year?

BG: For this year, I've never thought so, but I'm coming close to admitting I was wrong about this group. Let's see how they finish. Next year will be better because I'm expecting the younger guys to either challenge for starting roles, or provide valuable depth.

Folanator: Will Spence be back for next year?

BG: I sure hope so. Got to know Noah and his father, Greg, at Under Armour week. They are good folks, and I hope everything works out for the best. Coming back and having a big season would be great for Noah.

BuckWrestler141: Will Paris Campbell end up being an H-Back like Jalin and Dontre?

BG: I believe so, although Jalin won't be sharing time with Wilson next year. Marshall will be on the field every play, and be moved around from slot to outside to tailback to wildcat. Paris could alternate with Wilson at the slot, I guess. Campbell could be an NFL cornerback if he dedicated himself to that spot over a few years, but I don't think he wants that option.

bobosu: An Honest and Realistic way to make this defense or lack thereof play like the Silver Bullets.I have reviewed each OSU game.Im shocked by how horrid the run defense is.Chris Sp said in one of the games he was covering.That its coaching and player development .He stated,''the players must be made to play to the level you expect''.I mean Chris has the knowledge of what it takes. Its just so frustrating watching each game and always the same.Yes OSU has improved with pass defense,BUt now the run defense is horrid.What should be done is it,coaching,players ,etc?? Shame this team has so much potential for a real shot at NC and the defense is so suspect.

BG: I don't think this team is playing super-well right now, but I think you're a little harsh on the defense. They need to be better against the run for sure, but the offense committing turnovers at this rate is more alarming. They need to be better in both areas to win a national title. It can start this week and continue next week. This is like the NCAA basketball tournament right now. Win your game. Fix your mistakes. And do it again next week. Right now, they need to beat Michigan. Period. Then worry about what comes next.

AtownBuckeye: Of our current commits, who do anticipate getting bumped up a star?

BG: At Scout we look at these things every year at this time, and adjust as we see fit. I'm happy with where I have my guys right now. There are no commits that need moved down in my opinion. Moving up? I am pushing for Denzel Ward, because I feel he is a true four-star recruit, and has proved that with his play this year. We shall see if I succeed, LOL.

BuckWrestler141: Will James Clark be eligible for a 6th year of eligibility if it is wanted?

BG: He was hurt on the first play he participated in as a freshman I believe. The 6th year should be easy to get, I would guess.

tforaker2: Can you help me with my pathophysiology homework? Do you see Torrance Gibson's commitment sticking? Where do you see him ending up (position), seeing as tOSU has found their qb for the next 2-3 years?

BG: My kids wouldn't ask me for homework help once they got past third grade, and realized they were a heck of a lot smarter than I was. Gotta see what visits Gibson takes after Christmas, and if we hear about them!!! LOL. I think he ends up at wide receiver where he belongs.

TheSweaterVest: Does JT win the Heisman before he hangs up his cleats as a Buckeye?

BG: I truly believe he will. No doubt in my mind. He's just a baby. Wait until he's an adult. Could end up the greatest QB in Ohio State history.

Is it realistic to think Braxton would play a different position if he stays?

BG: I have no clue how this plays out, but it's going to be compelling to watch once spring practice starts, and even more compelling as it gets closer to fall camp.

What's your favorite story of all-time regarding Michigan week?

BG: It's probably pretty boring, but my son and I attended the game in 2006 as Nevada's guests in his suite. We had a great time. After the game we all said our goodbyes and were headed separate ways. A fan in front of us said he was going to the 7-11 across from St. John's to play the Ohio lottery pick-4 with the numbers from the final score: 4239. My son was "like we should do that dad, just put $10 on it." It was out of our way, so of course I said No. And of course it hit and paid off at 5000-1. Easiest $50,000 I've ever thrown away. LOL.

Will you be jumping in Mirror Lake? If not, you should. cool

BG: Probably not, but if I do I'm going straight commando. (Now get that thought out of your mind.)

Luckeyes47: why aren't we seeing more of Erick Smith when Powell continues to be out of position and miss tackles ?

BG: It's tough to throw a true freshman in there right now. We saw Gareon Conley struggle at Michigan State with limited reps going in. We saw Vonn Bell struggle last year against Clemson due to inexperience. I don't think Tyvis Powell needs benched at all. He needs to play better.

krg99: Do you know why we aren't seeing more of a DL rotation as some thought we would?? Is it just a lack of talent (meaning DTs mainly)? If so that wouldn't seem to bode well for next year.

BG: It sounds good in theory, but Ohio State has been in dogfights recently against Michigan State, Minnesota and Indiana. Let me know which series you want Joey Bosa benched for Tyquan Lewis, ok? When do you sit Michael Bennett for Chris Carter? You get the picture? You don't bench J.J. Watt for whoever his backup is in the NFL. Same thing at Ohio State.

logicbuck: If you were to be appointed OSU's Athletic Director for one day. What 3 changes would you make to the football program to improve it(firing Gene Smith is not an option)?

BG: We had this one brought up earlier, and my answer was to change nothing. ALTHOUGH, I would DEFINITELY go to the black jerseys. Now that tradition has been officially peed on with all the college football changes, let's get current with the jerseys and add some pizzazz.

howleebuck: Do you think student athletes get a fair shake? If so why? And, if not, what needs to change?

BG: I don't like the transfer rule, because it is so punitive against the players. Coaches change jobs like normal people change underwear, yet they preach commitment and keeping your word to their recruits. The coach scans hourly, but keeps his 19-year old players in chains. Blocking schools from kids is wrong. Making them sit out a year is wrong. Contracts are contracts for these young people, but contracts are toilet paper to coaches. If they REALLY cared about their players, they would always look out for the player's best interests. I know I'm a dreamer, but winning stupid games shouldn't trump helping out young people. You want to see things change? Make leaving your school the same rules for player and coach. Then watch these coaches squeal, LOL.

akauffman: When Nebraska joined the Big 10, I thought they would be a team to be reckoned with, but they just don't seem to have very good players to challenge us and top of Big 10. Does Pellini survive this year after another disappointing season?

BG: I really like Bo, and his players really like the guy and play hard for him. Now they owe him a ton of money, so he probably will survive, but things have to be a little hot in Lincoln. I think staff changes comes first, then the head coach follows.

chex1868: When does little Bosa make it official? What B1G coaches get canned this year? O/U number of upcoming commits for Chris Clark before NLOI day?

BG: I could see Bosa going on a little tour of schools before his senior year starts, then committing to Ohio State shortly afterwards. He's all Buckeye regardless. I think Beckman at Illinois is in hot water, but other than Brady Hoke that could be it.

luvosu: Psychologically, what do you think another B1G championship loss would do to Urban since he has had so much success in the past in these types of games.

BG: Nobody wins every week or every game. Not Nick Saban. Not Bill Belichick. Urban Meyer's record at Ohio State speaks for itself. I don't think a loss next week has him jumping off a bridge. This has been a darn good year for Ohio State to date.

ohiostate2002NC: who wins the Heisman ?

BG: I think it goes Marcus Mariota.

who are the starting 5 OL next year ?

BG: Replace Baldwin with a new guy and keep everything else the same.

Do any current RBs on roster transfer ?

BG: I don't see one at this time, but it wouldn't shock me.

Does Cardale transfer ?

BG: Would not surprise me at all. A surprise would be him coming back.

Which current players get picked in the NFL draft this upcoming year ?

BG: Jeff Heuerman should go pretty high. Doran Grant should do well at the combine and improve his stock. Same with Devin Smith, who could be a mid-round guy. Overall, this is a very young team.

If you could hire any OC to replace Herman (anticipated departure), who would it be ?

BG: Without question: Ed Warriner. He left Notre Dame when passed over for that position.

dplaw: How prepared was Troy Smith for the national title game against Florida?

BG: It's not fair to lay the blame for that game on one person. He was awful in that game, but he had plenty of company. You start first with the head coach in that type of debacle, and work your way down the list. A no-show as a favorite in the national championship game is a tough one to justify, but to put it on Troy Smith alone is wrong.

BG: My sincere thanks to all of you. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving.

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