Powell's "Serious Problem" Is A Joking Matter

Tyvis Powell has embraced the responsibility of keeping his teammates loose, whether they're in on the joke or not.

Tyvis Powell has a serious problem.

At least he does if you believe what the sophomore safety has to say, and that should be done sparingly as Powell is almost always cracking a joke.

“I have a problem,” Powell said between cackles at Ohio State’s media day Tuesday morning. “I really don’t know what my problem is, I’m just always full of energy. When people wake up early in the morning and their like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to be bothered,’ I’m not like that, I wake up going. My feet hit the ground and it’s time to go.

“There’s something seriously wrong with me. One of these days I’m going to get real serious about life. I don’t know when, it’s coming soon. I keep saying that, but that day is eventually going to come.”

Of course, Powell erupted into laughter immediately after saying that day was coming.

While the sophomore said that he certainly knows when he needs to be serious and has no problem adopting that demeanor when necessary, it’s abundantly clear to anyone that spends any time with him that Powell is a goofball at heart.

His energetic, positive disposition means that Powell has taken it upon himself to keep his teammates loose.

“I’m always cracking jokes,” he said. “The way that I am right now, it’s how I am 24-7. It’s a shame. It’s moments that I’m very serious, I know when to get serious. But even on the field, I be out there cracking jokes.”

That was certainly the case Tuesday as he sat at a table on the field at Superdome. Whether it was “Fat Pat Elflein” walking by or informing the media of the impact the simulated crowd noise in practice has had on a teammate, “I’m going on record and saying Doran Grant can’t hear anything,” Powell said. “I don’t know what his deal is. It’s the darndest thing.”

Grant, of course, heard that comment just fine from his spot a few tables away and let Powell know it. He wasn’t the only nearby player to feel it necessary to make their thoughts on their boisterous teammate known.

“See, this is why they shouldn’t put a microphone over there near Tyvis,” linebacker Joshua Perry said after Powell yelled across the field.

“TYVIS POWELL IS A CLOWN,” Perry yelled so that Powell and most of the Superdome could hear. “HE’S A CLOWN, AND HE’S NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

“Tyvis Powell is my boy, though,” Perry said more seriously. “I’ve known him since recruiting. We both came in early. We spent a lot of time around each other and I got to know him and his mom pretty well. He’s a clown, and I’m going on the record saying that. But he cares a lot about college football. He spends a lot of time focusing on the game and does a really good job for us. He came out of nowhere in terms of his development. He was a guy that a couple of years ago a lot of guys would have said he’d never play here. But he works. All he does is work. He’s put himself in a position to be successful.”

It seems Powell’s relentless positivity has served him well in his on-field pursuits, allowing him to constantly be working on his game. It doesn’t seem to matter to Powell what he’s doing, he’s having fun every day from start to end.

“I feel like if the day starts good, it tends to end good,” he said. “So that’s why I try to start good.”

Like most things in Powell’s life, his “serious problem” isn’t so serious.

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