Why Oregon is Changing Its Name

Heading into the CFP National Championship Game, a small town on the bay wanted to be clear about where its loyalties lie.

The city of Oregon, Ohio, has changed its name for the week to “Oregon, Ohio Buckeyes on the Bay, City of Duck Hunters.” Why? Because college football is awesome and because people from Ohio are crazy.

After a petition from two citizens, Matt Squibb and Mark Rabbitt, who worried that the town’s allegiance might be questioned, Mayor Michael Seferien issued a proclamation to change the name of the town until the end of the College Football Playoff National Championship on January 12.

Sefarien didn’t stop there, either. “The City of Oregon officially adopted its name in 1838,” the proclamation said, “which happens to be 21 years before the State of Oregon received its statehood in 1859.”

That’s right: Ohio owns Oregon. Just ask Oregon – er, I mean Oregon, Ohio Buckeyes on the Bay, City of Duck Hunters.

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