Show Them Ohio's Here

Ohio State players will be playing for more than themselves when they suit up against Oregon in the national championship game. The Buckeyes will try to be making history for both the program and the state of Ohio.

Fight the team across the field/
Show them Ohio's here

Well, Ohio IS here in Dallas -- and we don't just mean Miss Ohio.

The Ohio State football team is in North Texas representing more than just the players on the roster or even the Block "O" on their chests. Ohio debates Cincinnati Bengals or Cleveland Browns, Indians or Reds, but there is little debate -- the Buckeyes are the Buckeye State's team.

When Urban Meyer was hired, he said he wanted to make the great state of Ohio proud, and this Ohio State team has done just that -- from Ashtabula to Zanesville, from Toledo to the banks of the Ohio River.

"I think really the whole state of Ohio is going to be tuned in," wideout Devin Smith said. "I think they’re very proud, just because of the fact that we’re on the big stage. On Monday, we’re going to be one of only two teams that’s going to be watched. I think the state of Ohio is so proud, and Coach Meyer said we have to make this great state of Ohio proud and I think we’ve done that."

Even more than that, the Buckeyes have done it the old-fashioned way. Hard work. Perseverance. Teamwork. Togetherness. Toughness.

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"I think the way that we play is how Ohio State football should be played," Smith said. "I think a lot of people who come watch us are really starting to understand that. From starting off in 2012 when Coach Meyer got here when we weren’t that good but we won all of our games with hard work. We started being more efficient as the year went on. Now I think we’re finishing the job the correct way, the Ohio State way as Coach Meyer would say. It’s all about the hard work we put in."

With that in mind, talked to Ohio State players about what it means to represent the Buckeye State in the College Football Playoff National Championship and what it means to try to make history at a place it's really difficult to make history.

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Joshua Perry

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