BankBag: Championship Edition PART-ONE

Ohio State has just completed a magical season and is the king of college football. Bill Greene is answering questions from BSB subscribers in the aftermath of the national title.

va1bucksfan1: So much has been made by many about Meyer's "not right now" response as to whether he'd consider going to the NFL. How long do you think he's at Ohio State?

BG: He says a lot of weird things. He didn't know his son's age or how many spots were in the recruiting class at last summer's Big Ten media day. I do think he's angling for more money for his assistants, who are underpaid, and a nice raise for himself. He will never go to the NFL or leave for another school. When he leaves Ohio State he will be done coaching.

BuckeyeL: 2016 Class, over/under 4.0 Average stars? 0.5 QBs from New Jersey? 12.5 Ohio kids? and lastly, what's the likelihood that Kareem Walker and/or Brude Judson stay committed? (Won't even bother asking about Wade).

BG: I think the class rating will top out at slightly over 4.0. I see OVER on QB's from Jersey (AND maybe SOON). Under 12.5 Ohio recruits. Walker is the one I feel really good about. With the Florida kids, at least they're kind of interested.

DBuck23: Is there any 2015 prospect/prospects commited to other schools that the staff is working on, or close to, flipping to your knowledge?

BG: Not right now. But the silly season of recruiting is just beginning. They are so limited because of numbers, but they could still pull off a surprise or two.

Abuckus: If it was your call, what would you do with Cardale in 2015 (assuming he stays)?

BG: He would go in as my number-one guy in the spring. He's done things Braxton couldn't do, and things I'm not positive J.T. could do. Cardale would be my starter. He's the best QB on the roster and gives Ohio State the best chance to win.

TedGinnIsFasterThanU: Bill, do you think OSU wins the championship with Barrett or Miller as the QB? I personally think they would have beaten Wisconsin and Oregon but I think they would have lost to Bama. Cardale's ability to throw 30-40 yard lasers down the middle of the field is what brought us back in that game. Not sure if Miller and Barrett could have made those throws.

BG: There's no way to answer that question. Braxton Miller had a more talented offense around him, and couldn't come through against Michigan State or Clemson in the clutch. J.T. Barrett might have done all Cardale Jones did, but it's hard to say he definitely would have. Cardale did it all. Game over.

cscbucks: who from the current freshman class takes a Darron Lee/ Eli Apple type jump next season ?

BG: Hard to say because there won't be many spots open with all the guys returning. If I had to guess I would say that Erick Smith might have a chance to surprise some folks next year. I really think he has star potential.

rouansr: What is the current status of Noah Spence? Do you see him returning next year and making a significant impact on the team?

BG: He is headed to the NFL and I think it's a shame. He would really benefit from another year of college, both on and off the field I believe.

OffShoreBuckeye: What two defensive linemen see the field the most with Bosa and Washington next year? Will the 2015 line be able to play at the same level as the 2014 version?

BG: Still have high hopes for Tommy Schutt, and I also think Tyquan Lewis has a chance to be good. Hard to replace a Michael Bennett, but they should be able to plug and play at the other defensive end spot.

Tartan34: Where the following be next year: Braxton, Cardale, JT?

BG: Braxton could be at another school. Hearing Cardale is returning, but that's tough to believe. Barrett is staying.

FunkyBuck: Give us some out of the blue names to watch out for as recruiting season wraps up.

BG: I think there will be a few, but it's so hard to say wih the number situation being what it is.

gulfbuck: Will all three Quarterbacks come back for next season. Who do you think will be the starter?

BG: I do not think all three will be back, but I do think Cardale staying pushes Braxton out. If Cardale leaves I could see Braxton staying. Cardale holds the cards. IF all three stay, I think Cardale starts.

dkracker: could you comment on the three new commits, mainly in terms of potential and how likely they are to stay committed?

BG: Walker is a great looking prospect and I wrote last week how much he was raving about Ohio State down at Under Armour. With the two Florida kids it's just hard to get all that excited right now. At least we know they know what state Ohio State is in.

DopeShowDeath: Which four teams are your picks to make the playoffs next year!

BG: You're killing me here. How about Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame and Texas?

jumbalayag: Any transfer rumors?

BG: Well, they are in a number's crunch and I know they're still out there recruiting, so somebody has to be walking out the door, either a committed recruit or a current team member. They need more room.

xbucka: How many NC's or how much success will it take for Urban to get bored and move on from OSU?

BG: I just don't see that number being ONE, and that's what he has at Ohio State right now. I think he knows his style has a small window of succeeding in the NFL, and I don't know what job would fit him better than Ohio State. When he leaves Ohio State I think it will be for ESPN.

jumbalayag: Predictions as to who starts at WDE and Corner opposite of Apple next year?

BG: Should be great competition for both spots. Right now, I'm going with Gareon Conley and Tyquan Lewis.

Abuckus: Who fills the hole left by Michael Bennett's departure?

BG: I think Tommy Schutt, Michael Hill and Donovan Munger will all contribute and do really well replacing Bennett.

dplaw: your best guess for what uncommitted recruits we land this year?

BG: I think they are in the game for both Porter Gustin and Terry Beckner, but I wouldn't have them as the favorite for either. I also think they would like another defensive back and another receiver.

HINYG8: You start up Greene University and are putting your coaching staff together. You get exactly two resumes for the head coach from Meyer, one from Saban. Who do you hire?

BG: I would take Urban Meyer, although I love Nick Saban as a head coach. Meyer being younger would tip it for me.

rollymolly2: Think we get Beckner. Will the Elliott family have any influence (Mom/Dad/Eze). The Missouri connection. It's a position need.

BG: They are definitely in the game, and I think it comes down to Ohio State and Missouri. He has officials to both remaining. Ohio State can definitely win this one, but I think they need to win him away from Mizzou.

TheSweaterVest: How do you see the QB recruiting for this year's class finishing? Gibson is taking other visits, Burrow has reservations about Beck, so what changes, if anything?

BG: I think Ohio State is the clear favorite to sign Torrance Gibson, but he is the type of kid you worry about taking other visits. I think Joey Burrow will be back in the fold after sitting down with Beck.

luvosu: Urban or Tressel?

BG: Easy answer. Three is higher than one. It would be Urban Meyer for me. Nobody thought more of Meyer than me when he was at Florida. He has exceeded my expectations at Ohio State. Tressel had Ohio State on a high level. Urban has taken it even higher. This year's coaching job is the greatest single head coaching job I've ever seen. It started with Chris Ash being hired and continued right through the fourth quarter of the Oregon game. This was the very definition of "in college football coaching matters."

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