BankBag: Championship Edition PART-TWO

Ohio State has just completed a magical season and is the king of college football. Bill Greene is answering questions from BSB subscribers in the aftermath of the national title. Here is PART-TWO.

southcampus: Any big time 2015 recruits that OSU may land? Any we haven't really been paying attention to yet? I think Corey Smith is poised for a big 2015. Can he be our deep threat next year?

BG: I would keep an eye on Porter Gustin and Terry Beckner because they are visiting. I would also watch the runningback situation REAL closely. Ohio State might be in a position to get all three of Mike Weber, L.J. Scott and Damien Harris, and could possibly take two. I would agree on Corey Smith totally.

dirtyouthbucks: is urban angling for a raise or does he now have legitimate NFL aspirations?

BG: He's in a great position to get himself more money, and get his assistants raised up to compete with other top programs. He's not an NFL guy and he knows it.

go22bucks: Is Braxton on schedule with his shoulder and when will he be able to start throwing again? Will he be at OSU for the 2015 season?

BG: I think Cardale Jones staying would send Braxton elsewhere. I don't think he's throwing yet.

jhornick: Make your predictions for next year's OL. Who replaces Bennett on D? Who replaces D Grant at corner?

BG: Stays intact, with Chase Farris, Jamarco Jones and Demetrius Knox fighting for Baldwin's spot. Tommy Schutt, Donovan Munger and Michael Hill battle for it. Gareon Conley fights with Damon Webb and Marshon Lattimore.

mancow3 How long will it take Harbaugh to make Michigan "Michigan" again? You got over or under on Michigan winning 9 games next year?

BG: Jim Harbaugh is going to win at Michigan and I think the roster is set for him to win 10 next year. My only concern would be him having a "Texas" type season as he tries to get that culture changed to what he wants. He is a great choice for them.

rnichols: Hypothetically all 3 QB's are back next year. What is the depth chart?

BG: Is this Rachel Nichols? If so, what up? MY depth chart would be Cardale, J.T., Braxton. In that order.

Llamajudge: While you were down if Florida, did the Buckeyes success in the past three games make any new recruits sit up and take notice? Are there any recruits that you think this will make them take a look at OSU?

BG: Not so much in the 2015 class, and I tried to get Christian Wilkins to talk about it, but he wasn't all that talkative about the playoff run. I did post that Kareem Walker was in Orlando and he was pretty over the top about Ohio State. Gotta see how Urban approaches the last few weeks because of the number's crunch they're in.

HINYG8: What driver are you currently carrying in your bag..and do you love it..or are you considering a change?

BG: Actually switched from Taylormade R11S to the PING G-20 and I really like it.

Staffordbuckeye: Impact of Herman leaving?

BG: You always hate to change what's working, and this year was Herman's finest at Ohio State. But you also have to feel that Urban Meyer knew this day was coming and he was prepared. I like Tim Beck, and think he will do really well at Ohio State.

gabriel1091: Is the AD working on getting the staff raises? When does Urban become the highest paid coach?

BG: We all heard Urban's comments after the game. I believe they were made to let Ohio State's administration know he feels they all have earned huge raises. Have to think Gene Smith heard the message loud and clear. It was a clear message from Urban, in my mind that pay raises need to be made quickly. I think he feels he should be the highest paid coach, and his assistants should also be the highest paid. Hard to argue with him.

HINYG8: Will we keep Weber and Gibson?

BG: I think "YES", but not without drama. Especially from Gibson.

Buckoholic11: Which recruit from Ohio in the 2016 class do you consider a must get? Who are some of the possibilities from 2016 for the DT position?

BG: Not sure I see a "must-get" in Ohio, but I would go after Liam Eichenberg really hard. Love O-linemen. Not all that enthused about the D-line prospects in Ohio for 2016 at this point in time.

BuckeyePavs: Does Beck and Meyer keep Burrow? Your gut feel...stay or go? And if he goes, does he go to Nebraska?

BG: I think Burrow stays with Ohio State. If he does leave, he would fit in well with a Mike Riley type offense.

DBuck23: Thoughts on Kareem Walker as a player? Does his commitment stick? Also does this effect McCall's decision, in your opinion?

BG: I love Walker as a player and I do think the commitment sticks. McCall would be more of a specialty player, not a true tailback. Shouldn't affect him at all.

OffShoreBuckeye: Will the impact of the loss of any one piece of the 2014 team (Bennett, Herman, either Grant, D Smith, etc) next year make us look back and think that we didn't realize how important they were to the success in 2014?

BG: With the talent they're accumulating no one player leaving should be cause for alarm, but everyone you mentioned had a HUGE impact on this team's success. I think Curtis Grant will be missed the least, but the others all had valuable roles.

Staffordbuckeye: Given that Urban has set the bar really high, will Harbaugh return to NFL before meeting scum fans' expectations?

BG: Harbaugh is so different from Meyer in that he has tasted NFL success at a very high level, and I'm not sure that won't cause him to return at some point. Gotta see how things go at Michigan first. I think he's going to do really well.

buckeyeinsc: Please give your thoughts on the OL improvement. Obviously a good chunk is Warriner...but did you foresee these guys from a TALENT perspective getting to such a high level?

BG: I still don't believe what I saw this year. Urban himself compared them to a scout team line early in the year, and that's exactly how I saw this group. Ed Warrinner is The Best. I'm anxious to see what he does with better talent on the field.

91AlumOSU: Do you think OSU will be able to find the hunger and drive to win the title in 2015? Who is your top 5 for 2015?

BG: I have no doubt this team will come back very hungry because they're so young and they are led by Urban Meyer. I have no idea on a Top-Five because I have no clue on who's leaving/staying for these teams. I would go with Ohio State, TCU, Florida State, Alabama and Notre Dame, but that's just throwing stuff against the wall.

Thatunmguy: Can you give your thoughts on the following players and their impact next year? Dontre Wilson, Johnny Dixon, Parris Campbell. Who are your starting WR's for next year as of today? What do you think the Starting WR's look like as of Fall Practice? Any change?

BG: I'm not the biggest Wilson fan on the planet, but he's a good player for sure. Hard to put a bunch of specialty guys on the field at once, and I like Curtis Samuel and Jalin Marshall better. If Dixon is healthy he's going to start I believe. Parris Campbell is definitely someone I want to watch closely this spring. He has explosive speed. My starters would be Mike Thomas, Marshall and Dixon.

sharkbuck: Name a player on the team who you think was under appreciated by the fan base.

BG: Devin Smith. Maybe J.T. Barrett.

urbanplease: Bill when Urban was Hired you said "good luck exceeding the win loss totals of Jim Tressel...against Michigan and overall...what do you think now...?

BG: After three years, it's apparent that Urban Meyer has taken Ohio State to a higher level. I always had held Urban in very high regard, but this year was pretty amazing from a coaching perspective.

tforaker2: I think these next few months will determine how serious tOSU is in continuing their domination in football. Meyer should be at 6-7 million a year. He should at least be the highest paid coach in the big 10. Ed Warriner should be over a million per year and I think Ash should be close to if not over a million a year. Does that happen, is tOSU willing to pay that? If not, what does it mean for the program?

BG: I would agree with you 100%. He should get exactly what he wants. I think he will too.

BuckeyeBK: 1) How many of the commits during the NCG stick?

2) Does the OL performance this season assist Warriner in getting the 4-5* OL, even though recruiting supposedly isn't his best trait?

3) How long does Urban stick around?

4) Do you see Herman coaching at OSU one day?

BG: 1- I think Walker is solid. The other two are from Florida. You know what that means as well as I do. Coin flip.

2- The ability to put linemen in the NFL should be the greatest selling tool Warrinner has to offer recruits. We should see that with the 2016 recruiting class.

3- Urban should be at Ohio State another 5-10 years I would guess. I believe this is his last coaching gig. He goes from Ohio State back to ESPN, in my opinion.

4- Herman succeeding Urban in 10 years is definitely something that I could see happening.

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