BankBag: Championship Edition PART-THREE

Ohio State has just completed a magical season and is the king of college football. Bill Greene is answering questions from BSB subscribers in the aftermath of the national title. Here is PART-THREE.

BJHofkin: Which team wins a neutral field: 2002 or 2014? Better class (realizing we have incomplete information): 2002 or 2013?

BG: Impossible to answer either, mainly because 2013 recruiting class still has at least another year to go. As far as who would win, I would make my choice based on if we were playing by today's rules, or the rules that were in place in 2002 that allowed people to play defense.

grosh76: Have you ever seen a season like that in sports? Think about how many 3rd string QBs you can even mention on ANY team and then think about what this team pulled off with all their personnel losses.

BG: I've watched sports for many years. What this team accomplished this season is legendary in the modern era. This season will go down in college football history as one of the all-time great stories.

BJHofkin: How does this team do over its final three games with Barrett at QB rather than Jones? (What's driving the question is Jones' LETHAL ability to throw accurate lasers 20-25 yards downfield over the middle and on deep outs—often on 3rd down to sustain drives. To me that was BY FAR the most important thing he brought to the table—and it was CRITICAL in both playoff games.)

BG: I think they definitely could have won it all with Barrett at the controls. I think a lot of J.T. as a quarterback, and think he had an amazing season throwing the football.

BuckinATL: Hey Bill, any talk about making changes to the schedule to fit with the emerging ideals / expectations of the championship process? Selection of out conference opponents etc.. strength of schedule seems good with B1G on the uptick.

BG: Not sure I'm buying the uptick of the Big Ten at all. The way the process is set up right now I think having one major opponent out of conference is the way to go. If Ohio State wins the Big Ten they should be in great shape with the committee. You get what you earn. Build a great team. Win a lot of games. Be happy.

victor64: Was Bosa's hit on Mariota cheap? Did OSU run it up with the last TD? Fiorio suggests that EZe should sit next year. Thoughts? If the other 5 scholarship QBs actually stay, does Stephen Collier leave?

BG: No on Bosa, but I could see the other side thinking it was bad. Ohio State had to win that football game. A two-score lead is still a game, even with 30 seconds left. That score put it away. A blocked field goal could have led to an onside kick, which leads to disaster. Ridiculous on Ezekiel Elliott. He has a lot left to work on, and still can improve his draft stock. Collier was one play away from playing for the national title this year. Not really because they would have went to Jalin Marshall, but you get the drift. Realistically, Collier needs to decide if he wants to be a starter then he should leave because it's not happening at Ohio State. If he enjoys being part of a great program, he should stay.

Trooper309: Why would Urban say "not now" when referencing the NFL? Does he really need bargaining power? I feel like he should already have plenty and should have affirmatively said no.

BG: The King rules the castle. Urban knows who he is. He wants to remind The Ohio State University who the King is. Raises are coming. They should be significant. That statement was an "attention getter". See Jackie Gleason in Smokey And The Bandit.

gabriel1091: Starting right tackle? Bigger loss, Herman or Narduzzi? Becks ability to recruit and impact on 2015-2016?

BG: Maybe Jamarco Jones or Chase Farris. Herman and Narduzzi are both top assistants. Let's see how their respective position groups do without them next year. I would say they are equal. Beck should have Jarrett Guarantano in the hopper right now, and he needs to hang onto Joey Burrow. His impact should be seen real soon.

Beano1067: Next Fall, does Curtis Samuel remain the first back in after Elliott? Do you think we might see more Dunn and/or Ball or has that ship sailed?

BG: Great question, because I sure haven't seen anything out of Samuel to make me think he can be a physical inside runner like Zeke or Carlos Hyde. Brionte Dunn was very good on special teams down the stretch. Would like to see him get a chance to run the football inside the tackles.

embuck: If you were coaching this team could you sit Jones after what the team accomplished with him at QB?

BG: I feel the coach of this team's first responsibility is to win games. Period. No sentiment. It's not personal, but rather business. I would start the quarterback that I felt was the best to help my team win. To me, it would be Cardale. Then J.T. Barrett. Then Braxton Miller.

dkracker: Replacements for seniors?: bennett - schutt, Hill, Munger, or by committee? Miller - Holmes or Lewis? C grant - kwon (easy one) D Grant - conley, webb, lattimore? Jeff H - vannett (easy) D smith - dixon? E Spencer - C Smith Baldwin - ?? (Farris, Lisle, J Jones)

As a follow-up, is there anyone good enough on the bench that could potentially unseat a starter from this year? I thought a healthy Trey Johnson would push Perry, but the only other kid I can think of would be E Smith at safety and maybe one of the young CB's at nickel.

BG: You basically answered all your own questions the way I would have. I don't see any starters heading to the bench, but guys like Erick Smith, Dante Booker, Sam Hubbard and Terry McLaurin could push for playing time. I never saw Trey Johnson as an answer, mainly because of size and lack of physicality. They pretty much tried to recruit over him immediately.

BFish14: What impact - if anything on a significant level - does this national championship have on the 2016 class? How special can this group be?

BG: This class was set up to be great last summer, and being the national champions only adds to the appeal. This is going to be a very highly-rated class. I don't think you will see things stall like they did for six months or so with the 2015 class. Won't see many second/third choices committing with this class. Could be the number-one class again.

buckeye1991: Which True Freshman and which Red shirt Freshman will make the biggest impact in 2015 (Feel free to name more than 1 of each). Where does Beckner end up? Any shot with Gustin? Do Weber, Baker, and Burrow all stick?

BG: Hard to see many/any true freshmen contributing a lot next year, because the team returns so much and is pretty deep. Of the redshirt freshmen, I think Terry McLaurin could get a shot as a deep threat, and possibly Dante Booker in a backup role. I see Terry Beckner at Missouri, but Ohio State has a great shot at him. I do not see Gustin leaving out west, but these visits are Urban's specialty. I do think all three are probables. I would have Weber as an outside shot for Michigan, then Baker and Burrow.

jharris111: Gibson – as you have said it get interesting now – do you see him staying with OSU? Who if anyone (recruiting) did Meyer first call after winning National Championship? You sat and watched the game with OSU players – what was their reaction and do they still feel connected to OSU (coach change, etc...)? Too many questions on quarterback and DLine, but what do you feel we have to replace the most to get back where we are today?

BG: I think Torrance Gibson will create a ton of drama, as he's done all through his recruitment, but I do think Ohio State is the favorite to sign him. I think Meyer called the recruits that are vulnerable to leaving first: Gibson, Weber, Baker, Burrow. All the Ohio State guys were rooting hard for the Buckeyes. Even former Michigan player Vlad Emilien wanted Ohio State to win because he was really close to being a Buckeye at one point. Yes, Travis Howard and Etienne Sabino still feel very connected. I would have Ohio State as the favorite to win it all again next year. I think they're set.

B1LLBrasky: How long will arm's race in college football continue (e.g., facility, coaching salaries)? What, if anything will mute it? 85 scholarships if I understand correctly was to drive parity. Seems financial resources/boosters is rapidly driving inequality again.

BG: The arms race will only increase with the new playoff system. The 85 limit DID drive parity in a huge way. The bigger schools will try to increase it on the guise of player safety, but it will be to increase their already huge advantage. The same way they fight the early signing period, they will try to increase scholarships. I think parity is still here.

cooper84: With the class 2015 recruiting almost done, can you give us some early 2016 strong leans to OSU? How big do you think the 2016 class will be with the early departures?

BG: I look for Meyer to try to get early commits from the in-state kids, so he can know where he is and then concentrate on out of state studs. You could easily squeeze the in-state kids by saying "Commit soon or I've got to look elsewhere." I expect that to happen real soon. The 2016 class will be 25 or more.

Buckinthevern: Who in this class do you believe is or are under appreciated?

BG: After talking to guys in Florida I trust explicitly like Luke Campbell, Pat Surtain and Sam Madison, I'm convinced that Carlton Davis is going to be a heck of a player for Ohio State.

phatassjungle: Which QB skill set, based solely on next years players returning starters would give us the best chance to repeat?

BG: I would go by what I've seen out of all three quarterbacks in their careers. 1- Cardale Jones. 2- J.T. Barrett. 3- Braxton Miller.

dkracker: For the 2015 class: 1. excluding T Gibson, which 3 recruits have the most talent, or are most likely to have the biggest impact during their 3-4 years at OSU? 2. which one or two recruits will out-perform their ranking and make the coach look like a genius? I'm going with Norwood on D, Alexander on O. 3. are you as concerned as the majority of this board is re: DT for this class and for '16?

BG: 1- I would go with Carlton Davis, Matthew Burrell and Mike Weber. It really tough to say, because I have so many of these guys as very even as recruits. 2- Carlton Davis and Alex Stump. 3- A lot is riding on Donovan Munger and Michael Hill, and I like both players. Would have liked to have seen a big-time tackle in this class, but Robert Landers has a chance to be good. Always next year.

Buckeyebeef: Is Michigan with the addition of Harbaugh a real threat next year? How hard will it be to it all again? Are we in a dynasty now?

BG: It's hard to judge Michigan because they've been so average for so long now, although I think Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in football. They just might have a "Texas" type year next year, because that program is so soft and Jim Harbaugh is going to change that. Their could be pushback as changes are made, which could affect the record. If they all buy in, and it's a very young squad, they could be very good next year. As far as Ohio State, they can DEFINITELY win it all next year. Dynasty? Not even close. They won this year. Someone won the year before. Someone will win next year. And the year after. Dynasties win multiple titles in a relative short span.

awhite991: If we keep Gibson does he take more snaps as a QB or WR in his OSU career?

BG: Great, great question. For the kid's future in football I hope it's wide receiver. As far as Ohio State is concerned? I just might say quarterback, but that's a tough one. I could see him being moved to wideout temporarily and never returning to quarterback.

nathandef: -Do you see any assistant coaches in for the long term? (Smith, Drayton, Johnson, Combs, Marotti, etc) -Is Ash here until he is up for a head coaching gig? -Will Urban be Grooming anyone to take his spot when he is ready to hang it up?

BG: I see Mickey Mariotti staying with Urban until the end. Not sure how Larry Johnson views things right now. Zach Smith will leave for a promotion some day, as could Stan Drayton. I could see Kerry Coombs being pushed into a non-coaching role after his demotion this year, but it's hard to say. Chris Ash should be a head coach after next season. He could leave for an NFL gig, but I think it's likely he's at Ohio State one more year and moves on. Don't think Ohio State should hire an assistant off Urban's staff. The job is too big for a rookie.

mancow3: Best recruiter ever?

BG: Ever? Wow. Not sure how far back you want to go, but in this decade the recruiting rankings and titles won sure favors two guys. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer.

buckeyeram4: What are your off the cuff WAY too early thoughts on the game being played Labor Day night in Blacksburg?

BG: To be honest, I haven't been to an Ohio State game in a few years now. My job doesn't allow me to go to too many college games anymore, so if I'm going to go I'd rather see teams and places I've never seen before. I will probably go to that game at Virginia Tech next season. Supposed to be a great place to watch a game. I would think Urban would be laying the pimp hand down in that one. How about 45-17?

2ndinstate: Any chance with Braxton's shoulder, that he is moved to rb/wr like Denard Robinson is being used in Jacksonville? This might be the best position for him to make an NFL roster and stick. Thought?

BG: I see Braxton as a marginal NFL quarterback prospect, so I would love to see him make the switch to wide receiver now. He could start next year for Ohio State and be a devastating weapon. Win for Brax. Win for Ohio State.

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