Ohio State Recruiting: Stretch Drive

Ohio State has locked up the majority of their 2015 recruiting class, but there are still decisions left to be made by several top recruits. How will the Buckeyes finish?

Coming off a national championship it was thought that Ohio State would cruise to the finish line in recruiting, but that is definitely not the case as things head into the final weekend before National Signing Day.


Terry Beckner. Not happening. OUT.

K.J. Hill. I think Ohio State has a great shot here, and a lot could depend on this weekend's visit to Arkansas. Distance from home could be a problem. Were it not for that issue, I would have Hill as a Buckeye. As it is, I still Ohio State can land him. PROBABLE.

Carlton Davis. Chalk this one up as a recruit lost to the South Florida Factor. It happens, and Urban Meyer knew the risk from the start. OUT.

Torrance Gibson. Could be South Florida Factor Part-II, but I don't think so for some strange reason. Got a feeling Meyer and company hang onto Gibson and get the signature. BUCKEYE.

Isaiah Prince. Not feeling this one at all, but receiving his fax on Signing Day at Ohio State would not shock me at all. POSSIBLE.

Porter Gustin. The optimism of Scout's Doug Kimmel has my attention, because he's a former college assistant and one that knows the drill. Will know more after this week's official visit. PROBABLE.

Kareem Orr. Not seeing this one all that high on the board at this time. OUT.

Damon Arnette. Gotta see if the visit takes place. Could be the PLAN-B replacement for Davis, but let's see how this one shakes out in the end. POSSIBLE.

Mike Weber. All the runningback eggs are in this basket as the L.J. Scott chase is over and out. It's probably Weber or nobody at the runningback spot. I've had Weber to Ohio State since the beginning, and I have no reason to switch now. The meeting with Jim Harbaugh is concerning to the Ohio State staff, and it should be, but in the end I see Weber sending his fax to Ohio State. BUCKEYE.

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