OSU Class: Commit Capsules

Ohio State finished strong and signed an impressive class Wednesday. The Buckeyes are currently ranked eighth in team rankings. Derek Young and Bill Greene take a look at each signee.

Isaiah Prince- Offensive tackle.

He's probably got the highest upside of any of the six offensive linemen they needed. I'm not sure there's any bonafide, prototypical left tackles on the Ohio State roster outside of Taylor Decker. Prince fits that role. YOUNG.

This was the cherry on top of the offensive line recruiting sundae. Prince will come in as the highest rated linemen, and adds another true tackle into the mix. This is a huge hit for Urban Meyer. GREENE.

K.J. Hill- Wide receiver.

I think he's the best wide receiver in the class hands down, talent-wise. They just lost Devin Smith and Evan Spencer, and Michael Thomas and Corey Smith aren't too far behind them. Outside receiver depth is needed in a big, big way, and he provides that. YOUNG.

He can add more depth and talent to the outside receiver spot. Compares to Johnnie Dixon from a talent perspective, although a totally different player. Hill won't be needed to play early, but could find himself on the field next season. GREENE.

Damon Arnette- Cornerback.

A late pull by Ohio State to fill up Carlton Davis' spot. One of four corners in the class so it will be a battle to see who can break through. YOUNG.

Once Ohio State lost Carlton Davis they reacted quickly to line up a visit for Arnette. Once he visited, the Meyer Magic took over and the Buckeyes had their defensive back. Arnette fits well with the Chris Ash system. He will be counted on to play man to man. GREENE.

DaVon Hamilton- Defensive tackle.

He's a project but has a lot of athleticism. I suspect he won't be heard from for a few years as they try to shape them into what they think he can be. YOUNG.

If there's any disappointment in this class it would be the defensive tackle spot, where Ohio State missed on three players they wanted badly. Hamilton will probably need to redshirt next year and get bigger and stronger. He will need to be ready to go in 2016 or 2017, or risk being recruited over. GREENE.

Robert Landers- Defensive tackle.

I am very high on him. He's a player. He's not a national name only because he was such a late bloomer. Landers was dominant towards the end of his senior campaign, and that means something to me. YOUNG.

Would be more highly-rated than Hamilton, but could also need a year in the weight room. Landers is a late bloomer at defensive tackle, and while he might not be needed next year his time to play will come the following season. Will need to get bigger to make an impact at the college level, and would still be considered a raw player. GREENE.

Mike Weber- Runningback.

The last few weeks of his recruiting process will be one to remember, but all that matters is who gets the fax and that was the Buckeyes. He'll be among the guys competing at the position once Ezekiel Elliott exits the program. YOUNG.

This was the dagger to the heart for Jim Harbaugh, as Michigan went all in to take back a player that was committed to the Wolverines under Brady Hoke. For Ohio State, this is a ball carrier that won't be needed to get big carries next season, but he could earn carries if he shows well early. He had a great senior season and is on the improve. GREENE.

Mirko Jurkovic- Guard.

Ohio State's three players that could project to center are all starters on the interior offensive line already in Boren, Price, and Elflein. Jurkovic could be the next man up. YOUNG.

An undersized player who will not be needed to play early. Can use the first two years to gain strength and learn the Ed Warinner system. Looks like he will be an inside player for Ohio State, in a class filled with offensive tackles. GREENE.

Branden Bowen- Offensive tackle.

He's another big, long lineman they added. You can tell that was one of the primary focuses of the class. Major project, but with upside. YOUNG.

Love the size with this kid, although his film is not one that will blow you away. Could be a comparable player to Penn State commit Sterling Jenkins, a player Ohio State wanted but lost to the Nittany Lions. You simply cannot teach 6-foot-7, 300-pounds. GREENE.

Matthew Burrell- Guard.

He's the most college-ready out of all of the offensive linemen they added. He punishes people with the way he finishes blocks. If healthy and needed, he could fill a role in the two-deep right away. He's that good. YOUNG.

Another future inside player for the Buckeyes, and one of the highest rated offensive line prospects along with Isaiah Prince. Burrell was a guy they targeted early on in the process, and stayed on him relentlessly. He would appear to be a player that could force himself into the two-deep next year if he comes to camp ready to compete and is in optimal shape. GREENE.

Joshua Norwood- Cornerback.

He could be the hidden gem of the class. Not a lot of opinions, good or bad, on him out there but another late bloomer from the state of Georgia. YOUNG.

Would be considered a project at cornerback, but the film shows a player that has one-on-one coverage ability. Norwood is a player that was specifically targeted by Chris Ash to be able to be isolated on an island defensively. GREENE.

Torrance Gibson- Quarterback.

He's a dynamic player that fits Urban Meyer's offense perfectly. He may not have a spot available to him to crack the lineup his first two years on campus. It wouldn't surprise me to see packages created to get his talents on the field in a hurry.YOUNG.

For those that like flash, hype and showmanship, this is your guy. One of the more amazing athletes in the country for the class of 2015, and a player that Meyer will look to get on the field early on next season. He needs a lot of work to play quarterback, but he would instantly able to contribute at wide receiver.GREENE.

Rashod Berry- Tight end.

He's a versatile prospect, and a very athletic one at that. It will be beneficial for him when he settles into a position and could focus solely at that spot. He's a sure-fire redshirt candidate, as most of the class is, and a project as well. YOUNG.

Would be a similar talent to Josh Perry, in that he will enter Ohio State as far more athlete than football player. If he puts it all together and finds a position to stay at, then Ohio State will have another elite athlete out on the field. From a pure football standpoint, Berry is not ready. From an athletic standpoint, he fits Ohio State well. GREENE

Jerome Baker- Linebacker.

Most athletic of the group. He strikes me as a prospect that could be boom or bust. YOUNG.

An undersized outside linebacker, but a player that would compare to current Ohio State player Darron Lee. Like Lee, Baker could also play on offense, but I believe his future lies on the defensive side of the ball. Could he break into the two-deep next season? He has a chance to do just that. GREENE.

Alex Stump- Wide receiver.

It was surprising that it took Ohio State as long as it did to offer him. He's the fastest receiver out of the trio, but someone I expect to take a redshirt year. YOUNG.

If he can regain 100% health, this could be a player that contributes early on in his career. If he needs next year to fully recover from his foot injury, a redshirt year won't hurt anything at all. He compares favorably to former Buckeye Brian Robiskie, and is fearless going over the middle. Also has great hands. GREENE.

A.J. Alexander- Wide receiver.

The Virginia native is another bigger target suited for the outside, and put on one of the better performances at Friday Night Lights in July. He's another that will provide depth at the outside receiver position, or he could possibly grow into a tight end. YOUNG.

Might be a tweener between tight end and wide receiver, but Alexander has a big body and the ability to outmuscle defenders for the football. Remains to be seen where he fits in with this offense, and how Ohio State will best utilize his skill set. Could be a candidate to redshirt next season and see what role he can succeed in. GREENE.

Joshua Alabi- Defensive tackle.

The first step with Alabi will be figuring out for sure what position he's going to be the most productive at, offensive or defensive line. They have to see him on the interior of the defense having already taken six offensive linemen. YOUNG.

Remains to be seen what side of the football he will play at Ohio State, and I'm guessing he gets first shot at defensive tackle. Will probably need a redshirt year to get in better physical condition, and improve his overall game. Could also play guard or center if they would need to switch positions. GREENE.

Justin Hilliard- Linebacker.

Has the tools and skills to play early, and got the ball rolling for the class after the slow start. YOUNG.

In a previous era, Hilliard would be considered a "Tressel" recruit, because he says and does all the right things. Could see him backing up Raekwon McMillan in the middle next year, and possibly getting out on the field early. A fundamentally sound football player, and although not an amazing athlete, Hilliard is smart and tough. The face of the 2015 recruiting class, and a future captain for the Buckeyes. GREENE.

Jashon Cornell- Defensive end.

He has a lot of skill as a pass rusher, and I can see him being a very productive player in Columbus. I think there's cause for concern about how able he is at maintaining his athleticism while continuing to grow and fill out.

Not sure whether Cornell plays defensive end or defensive tackle with the Buckeyes, and a lot will depend on where the strength and conditioning program takes him. He has quick feet and that showed in his pass rushing clips. Will need to reshape his body and get physically stronger to contribute. See him redshirting next year, unless Tyquan Lewis and Jalyn Holmes aren't ready to play. GREENE.

Kevin Feder- Offensive tackle.

Like Prince, he fits the role of a bonafide left tackle. He has a ton of size and length for the spot, and is very raw with not having played the position hardly at all so far.YOUNG.

Has that great size and length, and the question is how he will respond to playing offensive tackle on a full time basis. Like many of his offensive line contemporaries, Feder will probably need a redshirt year to get in the weight room and also learn the system. He is one of many new offensive linemen that will restock the position group at offensive tackle. GREENE.

Denzel Ward- Cornerback.

He'll need a year or two in the weight room but has speed to burn. He's the type of cornerback that Chris Ash loves. YOUNG.

Love this player's potential, and he has the raw speed Meyer covets on his squad. Ward will need to learn improved technique in man coverage, but he has the length and hip recovery needed to play the position well. Could be a player that absolutely flourishes under Ash, and passes by guys like Damon Webb and Marshon Lattimore in time. Would be similar to Webb, only faster. GREENE.

Dre'Mont Jones- Defensive end.

He's the one that may have the most upside at the position. I expect Jones to be a multi-year starter for Ohio State, and would be very surprised if he wasn't. YOUNG.

Has the ability to be a 300-pound defensive tackle just like Adolphus Washington, and I can definitely see Jones sliding down to help fill the hole at that position. Should he stay at defensive end, he would be a candidate to replace Joey Bosa after next season. Either way, Jones has a very bright future at Ohio State and should be a productive player during his time in Columbus. GREENE.

Nick Conner- Linebacker.

He's already a pretty big kid, but I think he's mostly done in regards to adding weight. His frame is filled up nicely already. He'll be a workout-warrior, gym-rat type at Ohio State, and a soft-spoken lead by example player. YOUNG.

Reported early, which will give him a headstart on his career. Will probably be battling Hilliard for the backup role behind McMillan, or Conner could also back up Josh Perry on the outside. Hard working, tough kid. Not the greatest athlete, but a player that will knock people down, not drag them down. GREENE.

Grant Schmidt- Guard.

Like Bowen and Feder, he's a project, but with upside due to his size, length, and athleticism. Ed Warinner can mold about anyone, and you give him what he wants. YOUNG.

Like Conner, this is an early enrollee, and he will get the jump on the other offensive line recruits. Schmidt is very raw as a player, but has good athletic ability and was offered after performing in camp. Sounds like a broken record, but I would think a redshirt year would benefit him greatly. GREENE.

Joey Burrow- Quarterback.

I think securing his verbal commitment was the way to go in this class in case Gibson signed elsewhere. He is a prospect that is emerging fast, and fits the read-option style very well, too. He'll definitely be redshirting.YOUNG.

Don't make the mistake of forgetting about Burrow in the wake of the Torrance Gibson signing. Burrow might be a clone of J.T. Barrett, and could have the same type of impact at Ohio State once he hits the field. Can throw the ball on the run, and also run the zone read. This is a quarterback first, not an athlete you have to try to turn into a quarterback. And Burrow has more than enough athletic ability. GREENE.

Jamel Dean- Safety.

I've always thought he's more of a safety than corner. Not a great man-to-man cover guy that Ash craves. If he plays at Ohio State, it will be as a safety. YOUNG.

First off, there's a serious knee injury that has to be monitored. I do not see Dean being healthy enough for competition next season, and a redshirt year will give him the opportunity to heal and learn Ash's system. Here's hoping for a full recovery so he can show what type of skills he has. See Dean at safety. GREENE.

Eric Glover-Williams- Cornerback.

If the all-american game is any indication, his mind is right and Ohio State is hitting the jackpot with him. YOUNG.

Would vote EGW as the most competitive player in the 2015 recruiting class, and it was a joy watching him compete all week in Orlando at the Under Armour All-America Game. He will start out at cornerback, and will need to learn the position in depth. He has the skill set to play out on the island, and all he needs right now will be the experience at the spot. Do not see him redshirting next season. Could be a special teams demon. GREENE.

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