Post Signing Day Bank Bag: PART-ONE

National Signing Day is in the rear view mirror, so it's time to turn our attention to the 2015 season. Bill Greene answers questions from the BSB subscribers in PART-ONE of the BANK BAG.

It's time for Bill Greene to answer questions from the BSB subscribers. Here is PART-ONE:

narfa: Following up with Teddy's question, what's Meyer's attitude towards Cass Tech going to be going forward? You mentioned he could potentially be real salty after the way their head coach handled the recruitment.

BG: To me, the bigger question would be how are the Cass Tech folks going to be towards Meyer and the Buckeye staff. I would think Ohio State might be on the outs right now.

depbuck: You were pretty spot on in prognosticating individual games last season. Not so much with the three As a way too early look at next year, what do you see? We seem to be loaded everywhere with high quality players lined up to fill the voids left by graduation.

BG: What kind of a dummy picks three losses, but predicts Ohio State to win every week but the Alabama game? It's way too early for predictions, but I will say they are going to be very tough to beat next season/

buckatborder: I know OSU got a lot of what they feel are under rated and under evaluated prospects. In four years, when we look back on this class, which players do you feel will best exemplify this theory and do you think that on the whole, coaches do a better job than scout, etc in identifying talent?

BG: I think that college coaches and the recruiting analysts pretty much look at things through the same eyes. We usually have Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and the like getting the best players. They usually prove us right. I think we have these kids rated correctly, from what I can see right now.

Irishguy: Bill, great day yesterday, thanks for your work! Do you think we have a good chance to get the QB and DT from NJ for 2016? I know many people think G, the QB, is a shoe-in but is that looking to be true? I really want those two to go with the RB we already have committed. Complete the NJ trifecta.

BG: I think Jarrett Guarantano has a great shot at being in the next recruiting class. Reshaun Gary will take some work, but Ohio State has a great shot with him.

mrvbsgb: OSU has always had great talent. Right now it seems more it's at an all time high (too young to remember Woody) from a standpoint of raw talent, speed and athleticism. Are you noticing the same, and what is the vibe with the recruits. Is there a different competitive attitude?

BG: There has been a great vibe with recruits since the day Urban Meyer was hired, and that has never diminished. The national championship only adds to the allure, and that will show up in the 2016 class.

buckatborder: Do you think OSU is taking on a recruiting philosophy more similar to that of the SEC and can you point out some of the differences between recruiting under Urban Meyer as opposed to recruiting under JT?

BG: Yes, without question. You can see it in the amount of players on the radar being about 10X greater. And the roster management is a little more sophisticated.

nphsbuckeye: Assuming Meyer keeps his thirst of winning at a high level, what do you think will be the largest obstacle toward continued Ohio State success, potentially toward a dynasty? Do you think the largest obstacle is complacency, assistant coaching continuity, other teams catching up to Ohio State (most especially Michigan), or other?

BG: Great question. Dynasties involve multiple titles in a short span. Right now, Ohio State has accomplished something that one school accomplishes every year. Dynasties go back-to-back, or three out of four. They're not there yet. Biggest obstacle? That would be the fact that Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Auburn, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia and others all want to win. Dynasties are rare. For good reason.

buki919: 2016 Ohio State class overall approximate scholarship number projection (IYO) based on the team position needs after this upcoming season, and further attrition (i.e. early NFL draft entrees, injuries, transfers etc.)? tOSU is starting off their 2016 class with currently a very low number like 12-14 or so scholarships available in their 2016 class.

BG: They will find a way to bring in a fairly large class. I would think 20-24 would be about right. Attrition is always right around the corner.

ihatepondscUM: Bank, just read that USA Today and Sports Illustrated named TSUN the "biggest loser" of the day yesterday, while TSUN fans (of course) like their class. Unbiased assessment of how you feel Harbaugh did in his first recruiting class.

BG: They salvaged a lot in the end landing Tyrone Wheatley and Shelton Johnson. It's not realistic to compare Harbaugh's first month to what Urban did, because that was just not normal. It usually doesn't go that way right off the bat. I think Harbaugh closed well later in the day, and things will be better for 2016.

shadyy: I'm sure this question doesn't get answered, but which school paid the most for their recruits?

BG: Easy question to answer. Whatever message board I'm posting this on paid nothing and handled themselves above all NCAA regulations. All the other schools cheated like crazy and paid a fortune for recruits.

TedGinnIsFasterThanU: What do you enjoy most about your job Bill?

BG: That's easy. It's the people I meet on a daily basis. Parents, recruits, coaches, fans are all great to me. I also love sports talk, but there's just so little of that anymore. The message board nature brings about canned, cut-and-paste responses. There is very little real sports talk anymore, and I wish that were different.

WuTang4Eva: Do you think Harbaugh will have success in recruiting Ohio?

BG: Yes, I do. I think Vince Marrow would have been ideal, but I'm guessing he will use D.J. Durkin and Mike Zordich. Since Brady Hoke did so well in Ohio, I have to think Harbaugh will as well.

BuckeyePavs: Can you share any of the details of the 5:30 am discussion between L.J. Scott and OSU on signing day? Great info by the way. Do you think they had a legitimate shot at him the past two weeks if Weber had committed to Michigan a few weeks back? If you had to rank Harris, Scott, and Weber, how would you have personally ranked them in order? I'm very happy we got Weber...just curious of what LJ Scott's thought process has been through all of this since day 1 (being that I am from the Warren area).

BG: Ohio State called one of his high school coaches to see if L.J. would be willing to delay signing until they knew what Mike Weber would do. L.J. was not interested and sent hios LOI in very early.

BuckJ1: Which players in this class make an immediate impact?

BG: I'm not sure any freshman makes an immediate impact at all, because none will be needed to do so. Somebody might jump into the two-deep, like Jerome Baker or Justin Hilliard, but with so much talent returning it will be hard for a true freshman to break in.

southcampus: Who is the best player (in your opinion) that Ohio State signed in 2015? What about the best player anybody signed in 2015?

BG: I would go with Torrance Gibson as the most talented player they signed. Nationally, Kyler Murray was the best football player I saw live this year among the seniors. If he were 6-foot-2, he might have been the best quarterback prospect I've ever seen. Jameis Winston was really special, but Murray is too.

BucksNLions: How good will EGW become? I think he will be a stud at OSU.

BG: I've always liked Eric so much, and I started writing about him as a freshman. That said, Glover-Williams took it to another level at Under Armour and really blew me away. To compare him to Antoine Winfield is probably a huge exaggeration, but that's what I saw all week.

bgrupy: Thanks Bill. Anyways do you consider our fantastic 27 man 2015 class as over signing? There has been some grumbling on message boards that Urban might be bringing the SEC flavor of recruiting to the B1G. I don't see it. What do our fans want? Middling B1G championships or NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS? I believe Urban has done plenty to earn our TRUST. He knows there will be the proper amount of attrition. Next man UP!!!

BG: Every team in college football has roster management issues, and I think everybody solves their issues basically the same way. It is a part of the college football world we live in. It doesn't bother me at all, and of course it's oversigning.

dirtysouthbucks: Do you like Ferns and McCall to OSU in 2016? Great job this year, by the way. It has really been an incredible run of prognosticating the past 12 months or so.

BG: I absolutely see both Demario McCall and Brendan Ferns will be in the next class. Thanks for the kind words my man.

victor64: You had the Gibson story pegged perfectly. How close was he to switching?

BG: I think he just wanted to torture the Ohio State fans on Signing Day, which he certainly tried. He had to take the three visits, to LSU, Miami and Auburn. For the fun and the drama. This is the era of game-players, and Torrance is a king at it.

buckeyeinsc: 1) Do you think the inroads at Cass Tech are akin to TTUN making in-roads into the Cleveland area specifically with Grbac/Howard at St. Joseph's back in the day? Seems like OSU is trying to establish that connection. Your thoughts? 2) With Hubbard on board, Hilliard now on board, and of course with Hauserman next you see OSU via Cincy recruiting EXPLODING? It was always hard previous to get kids (the top rated ones) to OSU...but they seem to have hit 3 home runs in a row from Cincy. Your thoughts?

BG: I think the Ohio State relationship with Cass Tech is in need of serious repair right now after the Drayton pump fake. This should get Michigan back entrenched as the Cass school. I agree on the Cincinnati theory, as things certainly seem to be rolling right now. Notre Dame will always do well there, but the Buckeyes appear to be limiting the damage.

VBCoach: What is your line of thinking when it comes to a school pulling a scholarship on a player? Is it just me or are we seeing this more? When you evaluate a class, do you think it is absolutely important to see what their needs were related to who they brought in? Getting 6 top ranked RBs makes for a lot of points on the Scout system, but it wouldn't do a team much good. What do you see a high school coach's role being in the recruiting process?

BG: The pressure to win and stay employed is so great that I think attrition will continue to rise. Do I like it? Not really, but I guess I've been around this stuff so long I'm jaded to it. In evaluating a class I'm not sure meeting needs is factored in, but you made a great point. I believe the role of a head coach in recruiting should be exactly what the player and his family desire. If they want him to stay out, that's what he should do. If they want him to run things, he needs to do that.

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