Post Signing Day Bank Bag: PART-TWO

National Signing Day is in the rear view mirror, so it's time to turn our attention to the 2015 season. Bill Greene answers questions from the BSB subscribers in PART-TWO of the BANK BAG.

It's time for Bill Greene to answer questions from the BSB subscribers. Here is PART-ONE:

AmendmentXXI: Bill, 4 currently uncommitted in-state guys you see in the 2016 class? 2 currently uncommitted out-of-state guys you see in the 2016 class?

BG: Let's go with Justin Layne, Demario McCall, Prince Sammons and Brendan Ferns. Out of state? How about Nick Bosa and Jarrett Guarantano.

miamibucki: Adding to the L.J. Scott scenario. What was the deal from the beginning? Why MSU over us? Not offered initially, and if not why not? Was he always an MSU fan? Then as the poster said above what were OSUs and his thoughts going into the last few days and hours?

BG: Michigan State offered way earlier, which led to more comfort and a better relationship with the staff. Michigan State told L.J. from the beginning that he was their number-one guy. They told him that the night before Signing Day. Ohio State offered late, and also chased Damien Harris early, and Mike Weber late. L.J. loved Ohio State, but Michigan State did a great recruiting job and stayed consistent and true for a long time with him. That won the Spartans the recruit, in my opinion.

stollmymoney: Are there any stories you can share about Gibson's recruitment here or in a post? Or was it a pretty uneventful recruitment. Also does Michigan go after/have a shot at Tenpenny or Dee Liner?

BG: There are plenty of great stories I could share, but won't out of respect. Maybe in the book? Wait and see. Haven't heard of Michigan as a player for either Liner or Tenpenny.

InTresselITrust: Did any of the middling B1G teams close the gap? Was kind of surprised to see Illinois at #35. Did any B1G classes flop and help put any coaches on the hot seat?

BG: I really liked the Illinois class a lot of the middle type teams. I think Michigan State had an amazing class. We've seen Dantonio elevate them through evaluation and development. Now we see him with four-stars, which makes them a national championship contender in my opinion. I thought the Purdue class was MAC-ish at best.

sklpor: Between now and June 30, who commits for 2016.

BG: Let's go with Justin Layne, Demario McCall, Nick Bosa and Jarrett Gurantano.

ufmeyer: Do you think any of these recent career ending injuries were Urban making room on the roster? I know this is "big boy football" seems like most of these were legit accept maybe Tanner? OSU is catching a lot of crap from other programs about them making cuts to fit in the 27 they signed yest.

BG: I always take people for their word on this stuff, until I have reason to think otherwise. As fans, you should think Nick Saban cuts kids ruthlessly, while at Ohio State they compassionately work with the student-athletes to transition into the next phase of their lives. Much more fun that way, LOL.

I know you said the night before signing day all the coaches call you instead of vice versa, did OSU reach out to you to obtain any info on how they sat with recruits? If so can you say who they inquired about?

BG: Can't kiss and tell in this business. Wouldn't feel comfortable sharing that. Get the book in ten years. HaHa.

After seeing EGW for a week, do you think he has the skill set to pass up Webb and Lattimore and compete for the open corner spot? I feel like OSU isn't sold on Conley being that guy. I was always really high on Webb but from some of your comments it doesn't seem like you are as high on him. Thanks for all your hard work and info provided.

BG: All these guys have talent, but Conley has two years in the program so that gives him a huge edge. Eric has great skill, but not much experience. All of them will get their shots, but Glover-Williams won't have spring football like the returners will. That's so huge.

Ftball77: Urban talks about Theory vs Testimony in recruiting... Now that his "theory" is legit testimony, how much easier will that make it to recruit nationally?

BG: Not sure about all that mumbo-jumbo stuff. I'm not smart enough to grasp it. What I do know is that he's always been successful recruiting wherever he wants to. I don't see that changing any time soon.

toddzilla76: Any insight as to who attempted to commit in the 2016 class that either were not accepted or not made public?

BG: I know that Gulliver Prep safety Cedric Wright was coming to Friday Night Lights to commit, but was told they would not accept it. He is now committed to Miami.

InTresselITrust: Kind of a tough one but pick a starting five from the last 2 OL crops.

BG: The five I would like the best would include Jamarco Jones, Demetrius Knox, Isaiah Prince, Mirko Jurkovic and Matthew Burrell. But that's going strictly off their high school stuff. Jones and Knox have the advantage of a year in the program.

jumbalayag: Any Osu caliber players coming up for Glenville?

BG: None that I'm aware of at at this time.

40cms401: Do you think Ohio State is a top 3 destination for Rahshaun Gary? Do you see Torrance Gibson redshirting or playing WR this year?

BG: I definitely think Ohio State will be a player for Gary. I would have Torrance as the scout team quarterback during the week, but play him at wide receiver on Saturdays.

Llamajudge: Besides the players already committed for 2016, what 4 players do you think Ohio State needs to lock down and what 4 players are sure bets to make the class?

BG: The depth being so strong, I'm not sure there are needs per se. I would try to land a big time defensive tackle and a quarterback, but other than that my goal would be to keep adding top talent. Keep the same strategy that is working so well right now.

jumbalayag: Will there be any good teams in the B1G next year besides Osu and Msu?

BG: Obviously, those two are the cream of the league. I have a feeling Wisconsin could be decent under Paul Chryst, and they will get back to playing Badger football, not the Gary Anderson hybrid. Michigan will be better because this is a really good teaching staff, with a lot of NFL experience. And there is a lot of young talent in Ann Arbor that will now be developed properly.

Grant87: Why isn't Hilliard or Gibson 5* guys? Gibson is A.J. Green. Hilliard is 5* guy talent w/o a doubt.

BG: I think Gibson would be a five-star had he played wide receiver and intended to play there in college. Hilliard would be behind Kyle Berger to me as a prospect, and as much as I loved Berger I never saw him as a five-star kid. I have Hilliard as a solid four-star.

Hayze: What happened with Terry Beckner Jr.? It seemed like we were in it for him then after his official we were out and we didn't even do an in home. Any insight here?

BG: I always had him staying home at Missouri, but being a guy that would take his trips just in case he fell in love with another school. He had no friends at Ohio State, and was not close to the coaches. Once I talked to him at Under Armour, I never felt Ohio State had much of a shot.

MuskieBuck: Bill, we have heard that many of OSU'S 3* players were under the radar type players. Is this really true or is th s ability to develop the talent on hand a bigger factor? Also, Urban seems to recruit certain types of players. For example he likes players with length rather than squatty drive blockers it seems. How important is his ability to recruit a certain player type to fit his system?

BG: Hard to say, but every team takes three-star players. It's a lot about the player himself, and the coaches ability to develop them. You need length for sure at the tackle spots, but the short, squatty guys like Pat Elflein and Jacoby Boren contribute as well.

ozereb: Can Landers play at current weight and if not can he add enough weight and not effect his talent?

BG: Great question and we are going to find out. My guess is he does get bigger, and battles guys like Michael Hill, Donovan Munger and DaVon Hamilton going forward.

Needssomebucks: Who would you consider the sleeper of the class?

?BG: I know he's pretty highly rated, but I think Eric Glover-Williams has a chance to be special. I also like Alex Stump a lot if he can regain 100% full health.

BJHofkin: 1. How would you compare Weber and Kareem Walker? (I really like Weber but I think Walker has the potential to be SPECIAL). 2. Detailed thoughts on Prince? How would you compare him to other OT recruits we've gotten over the past decade?

BG: I would have Walker and Weber as pretty similar players, but would agree that I think Walker would be a little higher rated for me. Prince has a chance to be pretty special for sure, and I would have him higher than the guys from last year. He would be the highest rated tackle since Decker for me.

Lupe59: Biggest concern going into next year, complacency, QB quandary, loss of Tom Herman, replacing Michael Bennett, Devin Smith, Doran Grant, or something else?

BG: All the things you mentioned are concerns for sure, and I'm not sure one would be more pressing of those. Ohio State is going to be really, really good next year. The concerns aren't all that big, to be honest.

internationalbuckeye: What did you think this class would have been back in June? Is it better than what you expected? Also will the Bucks get 2 or 3 top flight DT's this year?

BG: I thought the offensive line would include Drew Richmond and a few other highly rated guys, and I definitely never thought the defensive tackles would be Robert Landers and DaVon Hamilton. Other than that, it's pretty much what I expected and being number-nine is good enough.

tressel33: Bill, since they lost out on Beckner, who are the potential 16 targets for DT's and or DE's. I think OSU must add some more depth and talent at DT. Hopefully, they land a few BIG Time recruits. I know Bosa looks good for 16 at DE.

BG: Not real sure on defensive tackles, but they are setting pretty at defensive end with Nick Bosa, Auston Robertson and Prince Sammons.

dozerbuck: What is the headline the morning after the michigan game this coming fall?

BG: Obviously, my strength is not forecasting games months before they're played. HAHA. The week of the game there's a good chance I will nail who will win and how it will be played. I've been pretty good at that the past decade. Might never predict total losses in a season ever again.

jakied: Which first time starter for Osu, in 2015, will make buckeye nation say 'WOW!'

BG: I would go with Johnnie Dixon, if he's healthy. I loved him at the OSU camp before his senior season, and think he has start potential. If fully healthy, he's going to be good.

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