Post Signing Day Bank Bag: PART-THREE

National Signing Day is in the rear view mirror, so it's time to turn our attention to the 2015 season. Bill Greene answers questions from the BSB subscribers in PART-TWO of the BANK BAG.

teech: Top three underrated players in this class?

BG: In my personal rankings I felt Denzel Ward was too low all year, but ranked correctly now. I would add Eric Glover-Williams, but I think people saw him for who he is at Under Armour. Third, I would go with Rashod Berry, because I'm a sucker for elite athletes, even if they haven't proven they can play football.

gulfbuck: I was watching the Big Ten Recruiting show I came away with this year Penn State may be our toughest game. They put a fence around the state and really did a good job getting all the PA players. Also brought in a JC offensive tackle that look really good. Did you see those highlights and what is your opinion.

BG: I would agree with you and I think a lot of their class overall. Similar talent to Ohio State. I really like everything James Franklin has done since getting that job, both in recruiting and on-field coaching. Once they get the offensive line up to speed they will be contenders for the league once again.

will1818: At what point should Sam Webb be considered a booster for the Michigan football program instead of simply a recruiting analyst/radio host?

BG: If you are a graduate of a university or give money to a university, you are a booster. There are a lot of Ohio State media members that fit this description. Of course Sam Webb roots for Michigan. What team do you think Jim Lachey roots for? I have never heard of Sam doing anything that would be an NCAA violation, and I've known him a long time. He loves his team, and has used that to carve out a very successful career. I don't think he has ever done anything wrong that I'm aware of.

sphinxbuck: How much does watching a kid at a National All Star Game practice week impact you in terms of predicting his success in college?

BG: Your chance of accurately predicting a player's success or failure goes up dramatically if you can see him in person. Ohio State gets film on every kid in America, but I doubt there's one player on this roster they did not see live as a high school player. For me personally, the difference between live and film is HUGE. I need to see guys in person.

sonnygordanfan: Are you surprised that OSU recruits as well as they do when everyone else is cheating, and OSU isn't?

BG: That fact only adds to all that Ohio State has accomplished in the past few decades. Quite amazing to me. LOL.

BuckeyeBash22: I know starting jobs up for grabs next year are limited so this may be tough..... who is/are you senior surprise(s) who can step in and contribute more than most are expecting next season? if you had to choose, who is your candidate for the Derron Lee redshirt freshman who comes out of nowhere to have a bigger role than anyone expected next season?

BG: Senior surprise? That's a tough one considering so many starters are back. How about Brionte Dunn, even though he's not a senior. Redshirt freshman? I would say Sam Hubbard getting reps at Steve Miller's spot at defensive end.

BuckeyeBash22: special teams..... how much does Nuernberger improve for next season? do you think he'll be reliable enough where the coaches are confident in him from about 43-45 yards and in? who would you prefer to see as KR next season? does Marshall remain at PR? or does someone push him for that job?

BG: Remember Mike Nugent as a freshman? He was flat awful. Remember how he finished his career? I can see the same thing happening for Sean Nuernberger. I like Jalin Marshall with the football in his hands. I would have him do kickoff returns and punt returns. He will explode next year with the year's experience.

BuckeyeBash22: question about J.T. Barrett's health.... from what I know about his injury, I think he is going to be out alot longer than people are predicting. I'm honestly not sure he is going to be 100% when camp opens in the summer..... and because of that, I dont think he is going to be in the running for the starting QB position..... I think Jones locks it up by default (assuming he doesnt screw it up) what have you heard about his recovery? do you think he'll be 100% for when camp opens up in summer? can he push Jones for the starting job?

BG: There is no summer camp, only fall camp in August. I expect J T Barrett to be healthy for fall camp. But I do see Cardale Jones as the starting quarterback next season.

BuckeyePavs: We were discussing this earlier at work. Do you know why Malik McDowell's mother did not want him to attend Michigan St last year? What did the D Line assistant coach do or say to her and has she finally gotten over the whole situation?

BG: I do not really know the whole story on the McDowell deal with his mom, to be honest. I know the kid wanted to go there pretty bad, and he should have a good career there. Once the player signs, nobody cares if the parent is happy or not. You only care about the parent during recruiting. HAHA.

Folanator: What is the over/under for the total number of passes Torrance Gibson throws in his OSU career?

BG: The absolute best question anyone has asked in this series. I'm going to take Ohio State at their word and stick with Torrance as a quarterback. But I don't think he beats out Joey Burrow when the current quarterbacks clear out. I also think he ends up at wide receiver at some point, as his choice. Let's go with 25.

badlandsbuck: What schools or recruits does the hiring of Harbaugh effect most in terms of Michigan leans in the state of Ohio? In other words, does Harbaugh have any (Wilcher) type Ohio connections to coachs or schools in Ohio? Do you you see his staff getting along better with the OHSAA FB Coaches than Brady Hoke ? Or kicking down the door to Ohio like in the 70's and 80's or 2011 ? Does Brady Hoke go to ND to with Ohio/Michigan recruiting? Is Larry Johnson getting the job done in RECRUITING DT's ?

BG: Haven't seen any impact of the Harbaugh hire in Ohio yet. I would assume D.J. Durkin or Mike Zordich end up recruiting the state. They both should do well. Will be hard for Michigan to have a better relationship with the Ohio coaches than they had with Brady Hoke. He was really liked in the state. Not sure where Hoke ends up next, but I think Notre Dame is out. If you want to recruit Ohio, I would hire Brady Hoke as an assistant in a minute. I haven't really seen much out of Larry Johnson yet in recruiting the defensive tackles.

longtoothbuck: Was there ever any "fire" with the Alabi/Cass/Weber situation or all someone's smoke screen? Or was some idiot just blowing smoke? And I'm just talking Alabi, not Weber.

BG: Alabi definitely flirted with Miami in the days before signing day, and that's not smoke at all. That's fact. Weber took the sneak visit to Michigan, but Alabi never went with him on that. Nor did Alabi visit Miami that I'm aware of.

NewYorkBuck: 40 feet from the hole 6 inches off the green on the fringe, hole 4 inches low. Need to be up and down in two to tie. Chip or putt?

BG: I would putt it, without question. That would be the Hank Haney way, or Martin Kaymer style.

BJHofkin: 1. Chances with Rashan Gary? 2. Other five-star-type NATIONAL guys we have a shot with in 2016?

BG: Yes, for sure with Gary. Let the national guys play out over the next few months, to see who is actually in the mix. Last year at this time the locks were Brandon Wimbush, Drew Richmond and Josh Sweat. Let's let those play out. Other than Nick Bosa. He's IN.

mancow3: Next Commitment, when and who?

BG: I will go with Justin Layne. And SOON. Like really soon.

1XBUCK: Without naming names, is there one star recruit from the 2015 class who may have had someone in their camp looking for something in exchange for the kid's services? I heard something a couple of weeks ago and was not surprised by the "action", but I was surprised by the kid whose camp it came from. It explains sometimes that you think a kid has lost interest in a team when it's the team that loses interest in the kid because of those situations.

BG: I hate these questions, and really only answer them in private. One, I don't want to get sued. Two, if I name one school I'm going to name every school I know bad stuff about. Nobody wants that on any message board I post on. They want the dirt, but not anything on THEIR team. HAHA. I will pass, but YES, I know a ton of good, juicy stuff.

brutusbuc2: If Miller comes back healthy who starts, him or Jones? Does Barrett red shirt?

BG: I'm going with Cardale Jones as the starter because Ohio State has won the most impressively with him in there. Next for me would be J.T. Barrett. Third would be Braxton Miller, even though I love the kid. Ohio State's offense looked better under Jones and Barrett than it ever did. Miller had a ton of NFL starters and contributors around him, and couldn't do what the other two did. And Barrett has already used a redshirt year.

Irishguy: Second question beyond Gary et al from NJ. Is Ferns a near lock to be a Buckeye or is WV a serious threat re his brother? Really want Ferns.

BG: I do not see Brendan Ferns going to West Virginia. I see him at Ohio State.

clay11: ODDS for OSU on current instate 2016 kids: 1. Eichenberg 2. Ferns 3. Sammons 4. Mccall 5. Farrell 6. Layne

BG: I would have Ferns, Sammons, McCall and Layne as IN. Eichenberg would be possible, while Farrell would be an unknown for me right now.

stu10: Bank -- I know he'll likely redshirt and I know you are not super high on the kid as an OSU caliber player but I was confused that you mentioned a knee injury with J. Dean as a concern, etc...I know he had a knee injury over a year ago but I thought he ran track last summer and played football this fall?....did I miss something?....was he hurt again recently?....not sure what to make of your comments in yours and Derek's article about the class about Dean's knee.

BG: I was told he reinjured the knee. Let me doublecheck that.

TB777: 1. Does Gibson end up with more Career TD 's rushing, passing, or receiving in your opinion? 2. Do you expect the Offense to look identical under Ed, or slightly different looking more like......?

BG: I would guess Gibson will have more touchdowns receiving, but nobody knows that answer right now. Easily the most compelling storyline of the 2015 class to me. This is Urban's offense. Period. Not Tom Herman's. Not Ed Warinner's. Stays the same.

BuckeyeBacker: Bill, Do you think Dixon can be as good as I think he will be?

BG: I think you and I are on the same page with Dixon. I think he can become a star if full recovered from the injury. Love that kid's potential.

BuckeyeBK: 1) what do you think Urbans feelings toward Cass Tech are? 2) when Harbaugh was hired, how much did it motivate Urban more? 3) how long do you think he stays? I hope he's first to leave OSU on own terms 4) NFL ever for him? Will that be used against him recruiting?

BG: I think Urban appreciates the inroads Ohio State has made at Cass Tech, and he will want that to continue. I expect Meyer and Wilcher to talk this out very soon, if they haven't already. You mean like national titles kinda motivate me, but Michigan hiring Harbaugh REALLY makes me want to win? HAHA. Meyer is motivated to win titles, not win some sandbox peeing match with another coach. Odds are 50-50 Meyer is fired at Ohio State, the same as they were for Woody Hayes, Earle Bruce, John Cooper and Jim Tressel. It would be nice to see him go out on his own terms, but that usually does not happen at Ohio State. I don't think Meyer ever goes to the NFL, and you could never use that against him in recruiting. I think he stays at Ohio State a long time, and this will be his last coaching job.

buckeyebones: Where will Danny Clark play this season and how is his development progressing?

BG: I believe I know the answer to where he will play next season, but would rather not say anything now. Last year was a rough year for the kid, but it's good to handle adversity at an early age. Things were basically a walk in the park for Danny, and that's not how the real world goes. Always makes you stronger to get back up once you've been knocked down. Danny will be fine.

BJHofkin: With Drayton gone, do we hang onto Walker?

BG: I would say the Drayton deal will have zero impact on Walker.

phatbuck13: Which '15 commit do you project to be the highest overall selection in the NFL Draft down the road? Which player is the first to crack the OSU starting lineup?

BG: Great questions. The highest NFL draftee could be wide receiver Torrance Gibson. I could see Justin Hilliard taking over for Josh Perry as the first starter.

SJSOSU: Is the story out regarding the Jerome Baker early commitment to Florida?

BG: I just think he committed way too soon, and he was very close to Florida assistant D.J. Durkin. That one never seemed to be a decision that would stick.

kf213003: What's your opinion of the announcement of Drayton leaving the day after NLOI day? How many spots do you think we may have open for the class of 2016 (ballpark estimation)?

BG: Had Ohio State let Drayton leave before Signing Day they would not have gotten Weber. Therefore, it was the right move. Business, not personal. The 2016 will number whatever they want it to be. I would have never called 27 for 2015, so numbers are just numbers.

luvosu: Bill, if urban could put together a rock start staff, who would they be hypothetically.

BG: To me, everything in coaching is the fit. Urban knows the type of people he needs around him, and that means more than the rock star stuff. It's about chemistry and cohesion as a unit, the same as a football team. A lot of guys can coach. Tom Herman was at mostly schools that were terrible, but he was right for Urban. Chris Ash was an unknown in coaching (except to me), but he fits with what Meyer needs from the defensive coordinator. His relationship with Alford goes back years.

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