CHAMPS -- OSU Shares Big Ten Title

Ohio State tied with Iowa to lay partial claim to its first wrestling conference crown since 1951.

The smiles told the story.

Ohio State had just tied Iowa for the Big Ten wrestling title – the first tie since 1932 – and nobody involved appeared to know how to feel. Not even the organizers were prepared for such a scenario, as the championship apparel had to be split between the two teams (Ohio State got the hats and Iowa got the shirts).

But when it came time to pose with the championship banner, the wrestlers for Iowa – a 23-time NCAA championship-winning program – looked like they’d never see happiness again. The Hawkeyes had a chance to seal the deal in the third-place match at 197 and title bout in the heavyweight division but came up empty in both, remaining stuck at 120 points.

Ohio State, on the other hand, was all smiles. The Buckeyes soaked it in, basking in the adulation that came with the serendipitous circumstances. The shared title gave the Buckeyes their first Big Ten crown since 1951, and it came in Columbus at a packed St. John Arena. The Ohio State faithful roared for title winners Nathan Tomasello (125 pounds) and Logan Stieber (141). With his 16-1 technical fall win over Iowa’s Josh Dziewa, Stieber became the first Buckeye and 14th Big Ten wrestler to finish his career with four individual conference titles.

Ohio State looked to be in serious trouble when top-seeded Kyle Snyder lost his championship match at 197 pounds, but Iowa’s Nathan Burak came up empty in the third-place match at that weight class. That left it up to the heavyweight first-place matchup between Iowa’s Bobby Telford and Northwestern’s Mike McMullan.

As Snyder spoke to reporters about what appeared to be a disappointing loss on both the individual and team level, his answers were interrupted by screams from a Northwestern wrestler at the locker room entrance and then again by the entirety of St. John Arena, save for the Iowa section tucked away in a corner.

McMullan had done it, erasing a 3-0 deficit with a takedown and two escapes to bring home the victory.

“Right now I have two favorite teams – Ohio State and Northwestern,” said Ohio State head coach Tom Ryan, who was named Big Ten Coach of the Year. “They’re my two favorite teams. This has been a 65-year drought in the great state of Ohio in the sport of wrestling. A lot of people – our administration, supporters, team, high school coaches – are a piece of this.”

125 Pounds
(3) Tomasello 7-2 dec. over Jimenez (WIS)
(3) Tomasello 5-2 dec. over (6) Youtsey (MICH)
(3) Tomasello 3-2 dec. over (2) Delgado (ILL)
(3) Tomasello 3-2 dec. over (1) Gilman (IOWA)

133 Pounds
(4) DiJulius wins by fall in 1:25 over (13) Yenter (MSU)
(4) DiJulius loses 2-0 dec. to (5) Clark (IOWA)
(4) DiJulius 8-0 major dec. over (11) Malone (NW)
(4) DiJulius 3-1 dec. over (8) Bruno (MICH)
(4) DiJulius 7-3 dec. over (3) Gulibon (PSU)
(4) DiJulius loses 2-0 dec. to (5) Clark (IOWA)

141 Pounds
(1) L. Stieber BYE
(1) L. Stieber 9-0 major dec. over (8) Lawrence (PUR)
(1) L. Stieber 5-1 dec. over (5) Ashnault (RUT)
(1) L. Stieber 16-1 tech. fall over (6) Dziewa (IOWA)

149 Pounds
(3) H. Stieber 10-7 dec. over Nelsen (PUR)
(3) H. Stieber 5-4 dec. over (6) Beitz (PSU)
(3) H. Stieber medical defaults to (2) Tsirtsis (NW)
(3) H. Stieber pinned by Langenderfer (ILL)
(3) H. Stieber medical defaults to (6) Beitz (PSU)

157 Pounds
(6) Demas 9-3 dec. over (11) Blanton (IND)
(6) Demas loses 8-2 dec. to (3) Green (NEB)
(6) Demas 11-7 dec. over (12) Ruschell (WISC)
(6) Demas 2-1 OT dec. over (8) Perrotti (RUT)
(6) Demas 5-2 decision over (5) Welch (PUR)
(6) Demas loses 8-3 dec. to (3) Green (NEB)

165 Pounds
(1) Jordan BYE
(1) Jordan 4-1 dec. over (9) Wilson (NEB)
(1) Jordan 8-1 dec. over (4) Harger
(1) Jordan loses 3-2 dec. to (2) Jordan (WISC)

174 Pounds
(6) Martin 6-2 dec. over (11) Bakuckas (RUT)
(6) Martin loses 2-0 dec. to (3) Evans (IOWA)
(6) Martin 13-1 major dec. over (12) Snook (UMD)
(6) Martin 3-0 dec. over (8) Cousins (WISC)
(6) Martin loses 4-1 dec. to (4) Storley (MINN)
(6) Martin 3-1 OT dec. over (5) Brunson (ILL)

184 Pounds
(5) Courts 11-2 major dec. over (12) Sliga (NW)
(5) Courts loses 7-2 dec. to (4) Pfarr (MINN)
(5) Courts 8-3 dec. over (11) Pafumi (RUT)
(5) Courts loses 4-1 dec. to (1) Brooks (IOWA)
(5) Courts loses 7-3 dec. to (7) Reyes (ILL)

197 Pounds
(1) Snyder BYE
(1) Snyder 6-2 dec. over (8) McCall (WISC)
(1) Snyder 3-2 dec. over (4) Burak (IOWA)
(1) Snyder loses 4-1 dec. to (2) McIntosh (PSU)

285 pounds
(9) Tavanello loses 8-2 dec. to (8) Smith (RUT)
(9) Tavanello BYE
(9) Tavanello loses 5-4 dec. to (10) Black (ILL)
(9) Tavanello loses 10-2 major dec. to (11) Jensen (NEB)

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