Ohio State's Social Media Stars

Ohio State's stars like Cardale Jones, Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott are huge on Twitter, but how long can that last?

Cardale Jones has more than 186,000 followers on Twitter. Ezekiel Elliott has more than 125,000. Joey Bosa is nearing 100K.

And those members of the Ohio State football team aren't just on Twitter; they use it to promote their favorite causes, poke fun at opponents and show their personalities.

That's perhaps most true for Jones, the Ohio State national championship winning quarterback who has had his fair share of fun on social media the past few weeks. He created a fake holiday by pretending to transfer, begged the Cleveland Indians to let him throw out a ceremonial first pitch and got into a war of words with Joakim Noah.

"Cardale is just being typical Cardale," roommate Tyvis Powell recently told BuckeyeSports.com. "Cardale doesn't censor himself. If he feels like he wants to say it, he's going to say it."

That once famously got Jones in trouble, but BSB editor Jeff Svoboda tells Scott Kennedy that there's nothing wrong with the way the loose Buckeyes use Twitter these days.

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