Memorial Weekend Bank Bag: Part-One

The spring evaluation period is coming to an end and the summer camp season is upon us, so this is a great time to take a look at life in the Ohio State world. Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers in this edition of Bank Bag.

southcampus: Late this winter, you said Vonn Bell was ready to make the jump and was really showing out. Who are some other guys that have made some "nice gains?" Along those lines, any surprise contributors this fall?

BG: I've heard only great things about Erick Smith on the defensive side of the ball, and I don't see how he doesn't have a role this season even with two starters back at safety. Offensively, I was impressed with Brionte Dunn at the practice that was open to the media. I know he's blocked by Ezekiel Elliott, but I think Dunn is proving he can play. As a surprise, I've got a feeling Marcus Baugh finds a way to contribute this season. Too much talent to not be a factor.

WuTang4Eva: Which Month is Nick Bosa Committing? Who Gets Rashan Gary in the end?

BG: How about July, and Michigan?

GreatBraffsby: What will the transition from Herman to Beck look like? Does it benefit any particular position group? How does it affect the QB race?

BG: I don't think the transition from Herman to Beck will be all that noticeable for one good reason. That offense belongs to one Urban Frank Meyer, and I don't see him letting Beck take off and run with it. No position group will benefit, because if you can make things happen you're going to get the football. Regardless of your position. The quarterback race is going to be fascinating, but if there's a disagreement between Meyer and Beck over who starts, I know who I'm betting on to win the argument.

clay11: Who does OSU end up with in the next two classes at WR? Lots of talent !!

BG: For 2016, Austin Mack is IN. Not feeling good about Corley, Victor or Craig-Myers, but they will pull someone good. For 2017, Trevon Grimes is IN. The interesting point for 2017 would be the three in-state talents that are pretty special. I really like all three of Danny Davis, Jaylen Harris and JaVont'e Richardson. Will be fun to see who they take from that group, and how many.

JeffOSU: Why can you predict HS talent to college so well but not college talent to the NFL?

BG: Great question, but I'm not sure I have that answer. It should be easier for everyone to predict college to the NFL, but it surely isn't. Four years older should make it easier, and so should the body of work against like competition, but it's just not that easy. The NFL spends millions on scouting, and they hit 50% of their first round draft picks. I'm not sure why it's so tough, but it sure is.

TeddyHeisman: WR and DB recruiting is going to be a big focus between now and February. Outside of Austin Mack, things seem to be changing almost daily. Which WRs and DBs do you think OSU ends with? Do you think the NCM recruitment feels a little bit like Gibson's? Get him to Columbus this summer, win him over, then hold on tight until NSD?

BG: First off, I should ask you to answer these because you're as good at this as anyone anymore. Seriously. For wide receiver, they can chase the best ones all the way to the first Wednesday in next February. K.J. Hill popped up late. THey can do that again. For defensive back, I believe the guys they're targeting would be Nigel Warrior, Damar Hamlin, Andrew Pryts, Wayne Davis, Jordan Fuller and Tony Butler. I'm guessing they would like three from that group, with Butler as the last one of the group. As for Craig-Myers, I think it goes pretty much like Gibson's did, and I would think Ohio State has a shot, but I don't see it happening.

NorthPoleBuckeye: who does this class finish up with? Who is the starting QB?

BG: Mack, Bosa, a defensive tackle, a linebacker, a wide receiver and two defensive backs. I'm going with Cardale Jones, because I know he's healthy.

Dave22W: DL (especially tackle position) seems to be the weakest link in the chain going into the Fall - does the staff feel good about its plan to shore up this area and if so, how?

BG: Not so sure I agree with that. Joey Bosa by himself gives them a heck of a line. Adolphus Washington will be an All Big Ten type of player. I think Donovan Munger can play, and along with Tommy Schutt that sets up defensive tackle pretty well. On the edge, it shouldn't be too hard to replace Steve Miller with Jaylen Holmes, Tyquan Lewis and Sam Hubbard. That's a lot of quality in the position group.

poodseedy: Can you recall a summer where expectations have ever been higher for a buckeye squad? If so, when? What is Meyer's biggest coaching challenge entering this fall?

BG: I do not ever recall a season where expectations have been so high, and you probably have to go back to the 1969 season when all those great sophomores were returning from a national championship season. Meyer has everything going right now, so I'm not sure what could derail things right now. There are no cracks in the foundation I can see. His greatest challenge might be blowing too many folks away, and entering the teeth of the schedule without being tested.

buckeyebones: How does "Ask the Insiders" compare to other team premium boards? Who else has really active sites?

BG: This site would be considered an extremely active site. There might be others comparable in subscription numbers, but this site has an unbelievable amount of active posters. The page views and replies are as good as it gets on the Scout network. The Michigan site is very active as well, as is Penn State, Ole Miss and Mississippi State, but I think North Carolina would be the flagship site on the network.

curt414: Bill one question three parts. a} The best overall college coach in your lifetime. b} The best college QB in your lifetime. c} The best college RB in your lifetime.

BG: Amazing question. As for the best coach, I've been a HUGE college football fan since the late 1960's, and I'm going with Bear Bryant as the top one in my book. The six titles and over 300 wins are out of sight to me. Not to mention he won with a power running attack, a wishbone attack and he always played great defense. He never had a Heisman winner either, and won with great coaching and team play. Easy choice for me as the greatest coach. The best college quarterback was Tim Tebow, but I loved what Tommy Frazier accomplished at Nebraska. Tebow's numbers are out of this world, and he was a part of two championship teams playing in the greatest league in America at the time. How about 88 passing touchdowns, and 55 rushing touchdowns? The best college runningback I ever saw was Bo Jackson, and we aren't going to see another one like him in forever. God won't make another combination of size, speed and power like that in my lifetime.

KentuckBUck: Is Danny Clark the only QB recruited in his class, or will they look to recruit the Texas kid (whose name escapes me right now)...Bonus Q: if you've ever golfed near Asheville or Fayetville, NC do you have any courses you'd recommend?

BG: I just don't see how they could turn down someone like Shawn Robinson out of Texas, but Clark could be it for his class. We have to see how Ohio State looks at the position going forward, and it's an interesting discussion point. I have never spent any time in the state of North Carolina at all.

drewlaw00Buck: Any Ohio kids we may not have heard of yet....? From any class?

BG: There are three freshmen (2018 prospects) that I really like that I'm sure not many folks are aware of. Nordonia runningback Tye Evans might have some Zeke Elliott to his game. Two kids from Springfield, linebacker Antwuan Johnson and tight end Leonard Taylor are all pretty special players.

Chidragon: What do you think about this year's head coaching changes at Northeast Ohio high schools - such as Lombardo to St. Ed's, Moore to Massilon, Reardon to McKinley, etc.

BG: Tom Lombardo heading to St. Eds is great for that school, because he can flat out coach. Succeeding an Ohio coaching legend in Rick Finotti, but Lombardo is big-time. Right now, neither Massillon or McKinley have a Division-I recruit walking either hallway and that hasn't happened since 1768. I think the world of Dan Reardon, but he's up against it at McKinley. Nate Moore is also in a tough spot, because there isn't great talent at Massillon and I'm not sure there's anything heading his way with the younger kids either. All three can coach, but only Lombardo has the horses to win this year.

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