Memorial Weekend Bank Bag: Part-Two

The spring evaluation period is coming to an end and the summer camp season is upon us, so this is a great time to take a look at life in the Ohio State world. Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers in this edition of Bank Bag.

BuckeyeL: Top 12-15ish in Ohio in 2017?

BG: Some of the players I like the most would be the three receivers: Danny Davis, Jaylen Harris and JaVont'e Richardson. Then you would have the Ohio State commits: Josh Myers, Danny Clark, Marcus Williamson and Todd Sibley. Quarterback Dustin Crum is another guy I think is big-time, but he has no offers to date. The two Warren Howland players, Tyriq Ellis and Victor Williams, are both good. Others would be Trey Pugh, Thayer Munford, Sam Gerak and James Hudson.

Thatunmguy: What do you know about Braxton's recovery and do you see him being healthy enough to compete for the starting job as of Fall camp?

BG: I have not heard anything that's all that good right now. I can't see him waiting until fall camp to start cutting it loose throwing the football after not having thrown a ball since the Clemson game over a year ago. Until I hear something good, I'm not optimistic at all.

BadHabit48: In your opinion, how would Jonathon Cooper stack up as a prospect against Jamel Turner going into their senior years?

BG: Man, I just thought the world of Jamel Turner back in the day, but Cooper has all the same attributes without the off-field baggage. And Coop would be a few inches taller and 30-pounds heavier, hence the better prospect in my eyes.

DogBoner15: Craziest South Florida recruitment that involved Ohio State that you can remember? (Not including Torrance Gibsons)

BG: Almost ALL the South Florida stories that involve ANY SCHOOL are crazy. And none of them can be repeated for publication, but make for great stories on the golf course, as many members can attest to. Some things you just want to have plausible deniability, so I might say them but won't write them. HAHA.

pissedpuppy: who ya got for this year's playoffs?

BG: It's WAY, WAY, WAY too early for that in late May, but I would guess Georgia (my annual pick), Ohio State, Florida State and Auburn.

Thatunmguy: Do you think Michael Thomas can be a first round talent?

BG: I do not see him as a first round type at all. He's a good player, and a guy that's gotten better every year. I would think rounds 3-4 would seem right to me. He's a possession guy, and a darn good one, but the lack of speed will keep him out of the first round.

Beano1967: Did you ever think you would see the day where OSU would pull more recruits out of the state of Michigan than tsun would pull recruits out of the state of Ohio? I'm amazed that Hoke could land 4 stars like Butt, Gedeon, Bolden, etc. and Harbaugh is sitting empty handed.

BG: Brady Hoke was a heck of a recruiter, and had success going head to head with Meyer in Ohio. But to answer your question, NO, I never thought that could happen at all. Pretty shocking in a lot of ways.

Luckeyes47: Who is this years Urban Meyer special ?

BG: I just have so much admiration for the talent of Marcus Baugh, that it's very hard for me to envision him not making a contribution at Ohio State. Maybe this is the year?

Buckeyebeef: It's always so hard to repeat. You get everyone's best shot, players aren't as hungry, etc etc. Can we and will we repeat?

BG: Too early to be making any kind of guess on the "will they" part. On the "can they" part? Absolutely they can. Top shelf talent. Top shelf coaching. They are squarely in the mix to win it all.

mancow3: Which Buckeye has the best chance to win the Heisman this coming year? Best NFL prospect on the roster for both offense and defense. Would you have faith to draft Cordale Jones and build an NFL team around him?

BG: For the Heisman, I've got Ezekiel Elliott. Best NFL guy for offense? Taylor Decker or Zeke. For defense? How about that guy that shrugs his shoulders all the time? Regarding Cardale: NO.

victor64: They are still at 87. Will they get to 85 this summer? I know you won't say who but has the decision been made just not announced?

BG: I see no chance they carry two long-snappers on scholarship next year. No clue on another one leaving, but math tells us it has to happen. Have to be at 85.

bucks02: On paper, this is the best OSU team since?

BG: This is the team everyone was excited about a year ago, and they have come so far in one year. This is absolutely the best team of the Meyer era on paper, and potentially as good on paper as the 1968 returning champions.

InTresselTrust: How would you assess Cardale's spring, both on and off the field? I recently heard some national talking heads saying he had an "average" spring and that Meyer doesn't approve of his Twitter persona/lack of leadership. (I'm not buying either, just curious on your thoughts)

BG: I think it's clear that Meyer is a little worried about all the attention Cardale received and the potential for him to handle it poorly. They rode him pretty hard in the spring. I loved what I saw at the open practice, but I could see why they're a little concerned. It would be very hard to handle sudden fame, and they are going to help him with that.

mrbigbux: Are you surprised at Harbaugh apparently not being a "rock star" recruiter? What do you believe to be his shortcomings?

BG: I'm the ultimate believer in relationship building, so he needs to be given a chance. But overall, Yes I am surprised he hasn't made more of a splash in the recruiting world. I don't see any shortcomings at all, and it could be the transition from NFL to college might be tougher than people think. Let's see what this class looks like next February.

buckeyeFL: Your way too early, gut feeling, best GUESS at Braxton's stats: Passing. Rushing. Receiving. Also, do you see an SEC team making the playoff this year? Will this year's OSU/Mich St game be the biggest Big Ten game since '06 OSU/Mich?

BG: You're right it's too early to make guesses on Braxton. I would go zero passing, 300 rushing, 700 receiving, but lots of touchdowns. To me, the SEC is still the best conference, so they will have at least one in there. It's hard for anyone to get two, with the ridiculous "have to win your conference BS." I have Michigan State as a national, elite program, and YES, this game is going to be a monster matchup. Best since the game they played two years for the Big Ten title.

Cork1: Will the 2017 OSU class be better than 2016's already stellar effort? If so, who are some names other than Grimes and the ones already committed that will lead to that?

BG: Not sure 2017 will be better, but it's going to be a special class for sure. Hard to say names right now, but watch out for Emmanuel Greene from IMG to commit in the next few weeks.

BuckeyeDefender: If/when Ed Warriner moves on can you see Urban taking Hiestand from Notre Dame?

BG: How could you not? Harry Hiestand is looked at nationally as one of the top offensive line coaches in America. It only makes sense that Meyer would go that route once again, like he has the past few years.

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