Memorial Weekend Bank Bag: Part-Three

The spring evaluation period is coming to an end and the summer camp season is upon us, so this is a great time to take a look at life in the Ohio State world. Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers in this edition of Bank Bag.

woodyl: I read somewhere on this site that tOSU only has four spots left for 2016 . . . supposedly a prospect was told this by someone on the staff. If that is true, who are the "locks" in addition to the 15 we have already committed. 23 (est.) total in this class minus 15 already committed = 8 more spots available. If there are only 4 spots left, who are the 4 unknown "locks" who have not yet committed? Follow? This is really a test of your predictive talents.

BG: The absolute locks for Ohio State would be Nick Bosa and Austin Mack. Those two are done and have been for a while. I would think Luke Farrell is still in the picture, but who knows with him? Tony Butler would commit on the spot if offered. The "unknown" ones should include a wide receiver, maybe a Nate Craig-Myers or Sam Bruce. And two high level defensive backs, like Jordan Fuller and Wayne Davis. Or a linebacker, possibly Caleb Kelly. They also want another defensive lineman, but I don't have anyone I could throw out for that spot. But it's VERY early. A lot of these big time kids don't even get serious about recruiting until after Thanksgiving.

no7rws: do you feel the cavs are in trouble vs GSW with kyrie being so hobbled? pryor and LeBron are drowning and you can only save one, whos it gonna be? Is there a better public course than The Quarry around Stark County?

BG: I actually saw the Cavs beat Golden State in person last winter, and came away thinking the Cavs were the better team should they match up in a seven game series. Cleveland punished them with LeBron in the low box, and even though he hates playing there, Golden State has no answer to him down low. Kyrie actually handled Steph Curry easily that day, was just as quick and much stronger. They played Klay Thompson straight up, and his man never considered leaving him to help. Now Kevin Love played that game, but the Cavs actually hurt Golden State with Tristan Thompson cleaning up garbage inside when they had to double LeBron down low. I don't think Timofey Mozgov is anything special, but he looks like a player going against a similar stiff in Andrew Bogut. A lot depends on Kyrie of course, but I would have the Cavs winning in six if he can be 75%. Putting the Dellavedova clown show out there for 40 minutes against Curry would tilt things back to the Warriors in my eyes. Atlanta has no shot in this series, so I would not put Kyrie back on the floor again, unless the Hawks got it to the seventh game. That should have Kyrie ready for Golden State.

BG: Neither Pryor or LeBron would be personal favs of mine, but I'm a Cavs fan and James is so huge to the area, so it would be him. I would like to see Terrelle have success in the NFL, but I don't think it's going to happen for him. The Quarry is without question the best public course in Stark County. Nothing close.

BraveFan: What role, if any, do you see T Gibson having in the 2015 offense?

BG: I think they know they just cannot redshirt him this year, and hope things go well for him. When some players aren't playing it can lead to trouble off the field, so I would not sit him out at all. I would have him play wide receiver, and I think he just might be as good as anyone else they put out there. Then, give him a few plays at quarterback, just to keep him involved with that position.

LebnBuckeye: Does Jaelen Gill commit soon after being offered next month?

BG: I can definitely see both happening as you asked it. He's a great talent, and I think he will be getting offered at some point. The question would be when would he take it? I could see him waiting a while, because he's only a freshman, but he might jump on it.

OSU81: Who will be the Republican nominee for POTUS?

BG: There actually used to be a time where that would be very important to me, but that day has come and passed. I find politics very boring anymore, and all discussion results in the same end. If you're a Democrat, Barack Obama can do no wrong. If you're a Republican, then you feel George Bush was the greatest president in history. To be a good party member, everything your party does is correct, while the other side is destroying the country day by day. Boring to me. But since you asked, I will go with Marco Rubio. He will lose a close election to Hillary Clinton, in what could be the answer to the question "Who were the two worst candidates to ever square off for the presidency of the United States?"

gulfbuck: Who will be the WR recruits in this class?

BG: They're getting Austin Mack in a few weeks. They're going to chase big time guys like Nate Craig-Myers and Sam Bruce for a while. They want two outside guys, and they will get two good ones.

BuckeyeBash22: 1 - what will Braxton's role be this year? 2 - if he came to you and asked for advice on what he should do to give him the best shot at playing in the NFL (compete for starting QB job at OSU, change positions, look at transfers options where he can start at QB on a good team/offense), what would you advise him to do?

BG: I do not think his shoulder will allow him to play quarterback, but nobody knows that right now. As of today, he cannot throw the football. I don't think he can play quarterback in the NFL. He couldn't throw it well enough before. Now, he's had two MAJOR shoulder surgeries. I really like the kid, so I want all the success in the world for him. I think he needs to be a wide receiver at the next level, and I think he could be pretty good at that position. He could take Evan Spencer's spot this year and be ready for the NFL next season.

BuckeyeBash22: - 3 years from now, how will Tom Herman be viewed in the college football world? - do you think this will be Chris Ash's last year at OSU? If so, do they give Fickell another shot or look outside the program for a new DC?

BG: Tom Herman will need to be a great recruiter to succeed in the college football world. Based off this week's news, I think he can recruit. It's all about talent acquisition at that level. The guy with the most toys wins. There's no doubt he knows football, and if his recruiting continues like this he's going to be leaving Houston in a few years for a better job. Ash wants to be a head coach. Not a guess. He would take a MAC head coaching job if offered. I think his chance comes after this season. The key question to Ash leaving is what do they do with Fickell? I love the guy, but have to think Urban is going to go national to replace Ash, and leave Luke right where he is now.

buckeyeinsc: Are you going to predict 3 losses this year? LOL...Actually in all seriousness - You mentioned Ash would leave in a second for a head gig, who would you go out and get to replace him?

BG: Probably not going to be predicting three losses this season, HAHA. I would have no clue where Urban would look to replace Ash, but a guy I really like is Marshall defensive coordinator Chuck Heater. He has worked for Urban in the past as well.

sampsonthemighty: where do you see Prince Sammons ending up?

BG: Man, this one sure seems wide open. I would guess Ohio State has a shot, but something tells me it might not be the Buckeyes. Tough one to read.

workstinks: Best High School teams in Ohio this coming year?

BG: I really think Dublin Coffman is loaded this year in Division-I, and Cincinnati La Salle returns a ton of kids.

awhite991: Who will replace Coach Holtz on ESPN?

BG: They could hire anyone and it would be an improvement. I thought he was flat out awful in every way possible with ESPN. Having Lou in the studio commenting on a game being covered by Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway is the worst way to watch a college football game in the history of the sport. Listening in the car on the radio, with the signal fading in and out, would be a much better experience.

sswagg22: Tell us an interesting recruiting story from years past that we haven't heard before.

BG: This one might have been told earlier, but it's a good one because it involves a current recruit. Tony Butler was at a camp in Cleveland last summer that college coaches were allowed to attend. At the time he was an unknown sophomore I was trying to promote as a top 2017 prospect. He held no offers at the camp, but performed well. The Toledo coaches told me they were going to offer him after the camp, in case I wanted to interview him about the offer. After they spoke with Tony, I went over to him to do the interview. First offers are great, but Toledo isn't Alabama, so I was shocked by Tony's reaction. He was nearly in tears, and very emotional. He told me that his mom has been so worried about how she could get him to college, and she works three jobs. Tony promised her he was going to be able to earn a scholarship for her. To see that unfold in front of my eyes was pretty remarkable. These types of stories are what I love most about this business.

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